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  1. Microsoft's New App Lets Colorblind People See What They're Missing
  2. Twitter Is Falling In Love With Marc Gasol's Strut
  3. Hybrid Cloud Storage Use To Double In The Next 12 Months
  4. Oneplus 3t Teased Ahead Of Launch, Snapdragon 821 And Android Nougat 7.0 'confirmed' In New Leak
  5. Most People Would Rather Have Wi-fi Than Sex
  6. Certikos: Yale Develops World's First Hacker-resistant Operating System
  7. Snapchat Heads For Stock Market Debut With Confidential IPO Filing
  8. Shazam Is Going To Kill Its Always-on Apple Mac Microphone Feature
  9. Samsung Pay On The Gear S3 Will Work With Any Device Running Android 4.4+
  10. Vodafone To Launch Nb-iot Network In Eu Early Next Year
  11. Twitter Tackles Cyberbullying And Trolls With New Anti-harassment Features
  12. Snapchat’s New Partnership With Foursquare Could Open The Geofilter Floodgates
  13. 10 Web Designers’ Business Cards You'll Want To Keep
  14. Microsoft Fights Against Ransomware With Windows 10 Anniversary Update
  15. Whatsapp To Extendshout Down Of App On Blackberry And Other Phones
  16. 3 Ways Trump Can Slap Tariffs On China And Mexico
  17. The 5 Best New Features Coming To Your iPhone In Ios 10.2
  18. How Can Facebook Fix Its Fake News Problem?
  19. Anger Rising Over India's Bungled Cash Exchange
  20. Zuckerberg Pushes Back On Fears Over Fake News On Facebook
  21. Samsung Buys Harman, A Titan Of Premium Audio And Car Connectivity
  22. The Android 7.0 Nougat Beta On My Samsung Galaxy S7 Is A Revelation
  23. Best iPhone 2016: how to choose the right one for you
  24. Climate Change Temperature Hikes Could Be Worse Than Thought
  25. Facebook Apologises After Error Announces Users Including Mark Zuckerberg Are Dead
  26. Unicode Signs Off On 51 New Emojis Including Breastfeeding, A Hijab And More
  27. Huawei Premium Smartphones Gaining More Momentum in Nigeria … As the HUAWEI Y3 II and Y3 Lite smartphone
  28. Blue Coral Galaxy S7 Edge Now Available In South Korea
  29. Tech Evangelists See The Devil In Donald Trump
  30. Hollow Out Back Skin Sticker For iPhone 7
  31. Russia To Block Linkedin Over Data Domiciling Issues
  32. Samsung Launches The Gear S3 Classic And Gear S3 Frontier In South Korea
  33. Microsoft President And Clo Brad Smith Responds To Presidential Election Results
  34. Huawei's P9 Passes 9 Million In Sales
  35. Hands-on With Pixel, The Most Googley Android Phone Ever
  36. Google: If You Think We're Bad, You Should Take A Look At Apple
  37. Facebook Flash Takes On Snapchat In Emerging Markets
  38. Windows 10 To Get A Virtual Touchpad For External Displays
  39. The Galaxy Note 8 Could Already Be In The Works
  40. Google Hits Incorrigible Sites With “Repeat Offender” Tag
  41. Microsoft Reassures That Office Will Work On Chrome Os
  42. Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge Owners Can Now Get Android 7.0 Nougat Beta
  43. Android Wear: Everything You Need To Know
  44. Apple Is Growing The Size Of Its Siri Team In Cambridge
  45. Technology Industry Reacts To Trump Takeover Through Gritted Teeth
  46. Apple's Best Mac App Of 2015 Is Now Available On Windows
  47. There’s A New Oneplus Phone Coming Next Week
  48. 5 Ways To Manage Cashflow Effectively
  49. Android Nougat Update Launch Date Confirmed For The Samsung Galaxy S7
  50. Littergram Allowed To Keep Name After Instagram Complaint
  51. Using Tech To Help Smallholder Farmers Control Their Destiny
  52. The 40 Greatest Free Web Fonts
  53. 10 Tricks To Make Yourself A Soundcloud Master
  54. Trump Elected Us President: What It Means For Tech And Science
  55. The New World Of Artificially Intelligent Security
  56. Moto Z Play review
  57. Microsoft To Shield World Chess Champion From Russian Hackers
  58. Twitter Is Reportedly Vetting Several Offers To Buy Vine
  59. In Defense Of Dongles On Macbooks
  60. Facebook Takes On Linkedin With New Job Offer Features
  61. Facebook Is Bringing Artsy Neural Networks To A Phone Near You
  62. Lg And Sky Team Up For Free Sky Q Offer
  63. Adobe Experiment Slips New Words Into Your Voice Recordings
  64. Twitter Went Down
  65. China Censors Online Video Streaming
  66. The Science Behind How GPS Connectivity Works
  67. Password Reset Warrior Arrested
  68. Google’s New Hardware Strategy: Actually Make Money
  69. Need Tech Support? Call Snowden
  70. BMW i Motorrad Beta R Prototype Completed, is Tron Lightcycle Meets Motorcycle
  71. Apple Reduce The Price Of MacBook Pro USB-C Accessories
  72. Hacker Cut Internet Access In Liberia
  73. $73 Million Bombardier Jet Makes First Flight
  74. New Note 7 Updates Revealed
  75. Facebook Is Gearing Up To Serve Ads On Apple TV And Roku
  76. Microsoft launches Teams – A Workplace Messaging Service To Rival Slack
  77. Dell Shows Off Their Own Futuristic All-In-One PC
  78. Decoding The Medical Cost Mystery
  79. New Zealand To Blacklist The Galaxy Note 7
  80. Samsung Is Reviewing Options To Limit The Environmental Impact Of Discontinuing The Galaxy Note 7
  81. Samsung Starts Taking Pre-Orders For The Gear S3 In South Korea
  82. Google Rejects EU Antitrust Charges, Says Accusations Lack Merit
  83. Windows 10 Update Download Are About To Get Smaller
  84. If iPhone 8 Looks Like THIS, You Should Start Queuing Outside The Apple Store Now
  85. New MacBook Pro Controversy Deepens As Thunderbolt 3 Problems Surface
  86. Air New Zealand Windows Phone App Discontinued
  87. Adobe Photoshop Now On Android
  88. The Tyranny Of Terrorists On Twitter
  89. Mobile Phone Internet Usage Has Finally Overtaken Desktop
  90. Is Apple Working On A Foldable iPhone?
  91. SKT, Facebook To Launch Telecom Startup Incubator In Korea
  92. Science Ministry Forges Ties With Overseas Startups
  93. Pro-Isis Hackers Claim Shutting Down Telegram Channel
  94. Galaxy A3 (2017) Surfaces On Geekbench
  95. Why You Might Want To Wait Until Next Year To Upgrade MacBook Pro
  96. Apple Drops SSD Upgrade Prices On Older Mac Computers
  97. Samsung’s Executives Kneeling To Apologize For Note 7 In China Backfires
  98. Pokemon Go Halloween Event End Time Today
  99. Windows 10 Growth Has Stalled Since Free Offer Expired
  100. Report Claims AirPods Still On Track For 2016 Release
  101. Microsoft Flow IFTTT Rival Is Now Open To All
  102. Is This When We Can Expect Apple's AirPods To Finally Drop?
  103. Black Friday Sales 2016 - Top 5 Gadgets You Should Avoid Buying Now
  104. 5 Ways To Tap Into The Mindfulness Trend With Technology
  105. Win A PS4 Pro With The Accountant
  106. The iPhone 8 May Have Wireless Charging
  107. Apple Rumored To Be Considering 20% Decrease In Apple Music Price
  108. Chrome For Android Could Be Moving Address Bar To The Bottom
  109. UK Games Fund Enters Its Third Round
  110. Dangers Of Using The Phone Whilst Driving.
  111. Apple Handed Microsoft The Keys To The Kingdom
  112. Neon Genesis Evangelion Brings The Apocalypse T Universal Studios
  113. Smartmobe Made 'Intermittent Bright FlashesAnd A Hissing Noise' In Biz Class Seat
  114. New Technologies Tap Into Cafe Culture
  115. UK Apple Users Targeted With Phishing Campaign As The Clocks Go Back
  116. Is Apple Halloween 2016 Trick Or Treat?
  117. Vivo X9 And X9 Plus Renders Leaked
  118. 50 Tech Jobs To Go At AirServices Australia
  119. Obey Google, Web-Masters, Or It Will Say You Can't Be Trusted
  120. Review: PC Specialist Fusion Curve
  121. World Deepest Swimming Pool
  122. 7 Things You Should Never Do Online
  123. Virgin Media Costs Balloon By MEEELLIONS In Wake Of Brexit
  124. Tech Opens The Door For People With Cognitive Disabilities
  125. Deny It All You Want, Apple, But Macs And iPads Need To Fuse
  126. Facebook Wants You To Vote Online For US election candidate
  127. iPhone 7 vs Google Pixel
  128. The MacBook Dilemma: Pay More, Or Get An Old Machine
  129. Aerocool DS 230 Review
  130. Microsoft To Do A Better Apple Impression Than Apple Is
  131. Apple’s Touch Bar Rules For Developers Seem A Tad Strict
  132. Uber Loses Right To Classify Drivers As Self-Employed
  133. How Security Flaws Work: SQL Injection
  134. 13 More Illegal Movie And TV Streaming Sites Blocked In The UK
  135. 'Apple Of China' Just Released The Best Looking Phone Ever Made
  136. iPhone 8 Is Probably Going To Have A Glass Back
  137. Great Barrier Reef North Of This Line Is Almost All Gone
  138. Windows 10 PC Build 14393.351 Now Available For Release Preview
  139. Naver's Quarterly Sales Exceed W1 Tril.
  140. OnePlus' upcoming OnePlus 3T to replace existing handsets
  141. Apple Delays Shipping Wireless AirPods
  142. OnePlus 3T Rumored To Be $80 More Expensive Than OnePlus 3
  143. Microsoft’s New Paint 3D App Is Now Available To Download And Test
  144. Here’s How To Get Started In Drone Photography
  145. How Mobile Payment Adoption Can Pick Up Speed
  146. Microsoft Releases Updated Cognitive Toolkit
  147. Facebook Messenger Adds PayPal Integration
  148. Samsung Pay Makes Inroads Across Asia
  149. Interest Rate Hikes To Fuel Bonfire Of The Unicorns
  150. Apple Could Be Developing Car Operating System In Canada
  151. Bob Needs A Social Mediator
  152. BT Will Soon Let Us All Make Free Phone Calls
  153. Port Harcourt Electricity Company Records 27.6bn Naira Loss
  154. Apple's Annual Sales Fall For First Time Since 2001
  155. Apple Watch Shipments Collapse
  156. iPhone 7s Reported Stolen
  157. WhatsApp Begins Rolling Out Video Calling Feature
  158. GTA Online Cheats Are Finding Their In-Game Cash Has Been Removed
  159. Pokémon Go Halloween
  160. Why Apple Watch Sales Are Down 71 Percent
  161. Happy 15th Birthday iPod
  162. Samsung Delays Galaxy S8 Development Due Note 7 Fire
  163. iPhone 7/7+ Review Naked Case
  164. Refugees Cling To Wi-Fi In The Jungle Of Calais
  165. Samsung’s Rush To Save The Galaxy Note 7 May Have Hastened Its Demise
  166. Samsung Denies Bid To Buy French Speaker Company Focal
  167. iPhone Gadget Can Detect CancerWith 99% Accuracy
  168. Intel Blamed For Poor Apple iPhone 7 Plus Network Reception
  169. Whatsapp iOS Update Fix To Change Sound Notification
  170. Sky Mobile Plans Will Be Officially Available October 31
  171. Galaxy C9 Pro Hands-on Reveals More Details About This New Samsung Phone
  172. iPhone secret one-handed keyboard Revealed
  173. Nintendo NX To Be Officially Revealed TODAY
  174. Skype App For Windows Phone 8, No Longer Supported
  175. FG To Concession Eight Dams
  176. Jigawa Solar Power Plant To Generate 80 Megawatts
  177. Microsoft Is Working On A New version Of Paint
  178. Samsung Freeze Note 7 Production
  179. Faster Charging Battery Technology Developed
  180. Restore The Control Panel Link In Windows 10’s Win+X menu
  181. Google App For Video Ad For YouTube
  182. Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Google Over aAge Discrimination
  183. Soft Silicone Back Cover For iPhone 7/7 Plus
  184. End Of Road ForThe Samsung Galaxy Note7
  185. Samsung: Note 7 Production Being Adjusted
  186. Expectations Of Microsoft Hardware
  187. Things Apple Will Definitely Be Making Soon
  188. LG Electronics Increases Smart Home Biz
  189. Tecno Mobile Plans To Open A Manufacturing Plant In Lagos Nigeria
  190. Top Android Apps For Recording Phone Calls
  191. If Earth were to explode in 10 hours, what would you do?
  192. Google To Release Its New Set Of Smartphones October 4th
  193. What would happen if Earth never existed?
  194. The First Camera Phone
  195. iPhone 7 Is Now Exploding
  196. AT&T Sues Nashville To Keep Google Fiber At Bay
  197. In-depth iPhone 7 Camera Review Exposes All Its Hidden Secrets
  198. Amazon Upgrads Its Most Popular Media Streamer- Features
  199. Why Human Brains Hold The key To Smarter Artificial Intelligence
  200. BlackBerry Throws In The Towel On Building Its Own Smartphones
  201. Mastercard To Pay Your Tube Fare This October
  202. Google Translate Update Makes It Pretty Much As Good As A Human Translator
  203. YouTube Launches Offline Videos, Monetization Program In Pakistan
  204. New Galaxy Note 7 Explodes In China
  205. How To Jump Start A Car
  206. Apple To Create A Stunning New HQ At Battersea Power Station
  207. Digital Transformation A Miracle Worker For Businesses
  208. How do you Approach continuous Security?
  209. Free Dragon Ball Fusions Update Adds Online
  210. Windows 10 Instagram Mobile Updated With 'Pinch To Zoom' For Images
  211. Galaxy Note 7 Comes Back Hilariously
  212. BlackBerry Is Done Designing And Building Its Own Phones
  213. QWERTY Keyboards Will Soon Die Out
  214. BlackBerry To Stop Making Its Own Phones
  215. Security Defences Are Holding
  216. 10 Tips To Make Yourself An Apple Messages Master
  217. Yahoo Is Still Vulnerable
  218. Self-Driving Chairs Merit
  219. How To Shape Sound In 3D
  220. Google Pixel Image Leaked, Revealing New Home Screen And Rounded Icons
  221. Free eBook Will Help You Optimize Windows 10 Setup
  222. Snapchat Changes Name, And Launches First Bonkers Hardware Spectacles
  223. EFF Calls Mn HP To Disable Printer Ink Self-destruct Sequence
  224. Microsoft And Bank Of America Partner To Create Blockchain Applications For Trade Finance
  225. Apple iPhone 7 Review
  226. Bad News For Riping Music From YouTube
  227. Samsung Set To Release Galaxy C9 With 6GB RAM
  228. Pokemon Go Windows Phone App PoGo-UWP Is Broken Again Due To More API Changes
  229. Microsoft Launches SharePoint Preview App For Windows 10 Mobile
  230. Google Planning Superthin, 2-in-1 Laptop Running New OS
  231. iPhone Manufacturing CEO: Consumers Do Not Care What Analysts Say
  232. Google's birthday Date
  233. 2016 Best Free YouTube To MP3 Converter
  234. Samsung Galaxy S8: Rumours, Leaks, Specs & Launch
  235. Tiny Device Allows You To Track Your Vehicle Using Your Smartphone
  236. Amazon Discontinues Unlimited Photos Plan
  237. Samsung To Exchange All Galaxy Note 7 Replacements Before Sale
  238. YouTube Looking To Clean Itself Up And Needs Your Help
  239. Instagram's Advertising More Than Doubled In Six Months
  240. Top Twenty Inventors Killed by Their Inventions
  241. The Note 7's Battery Charge Limit Can Be Pushed To 80%
  242. Robots Don't Have To Behave Or Look Like Humans
  243. Tinder's iMessage App Involves Swiping
  244. Who Cares about 5G Wireless
  245. 11 Dating Apps
  246. Ethical Hacker Bonus Bundle Is Just $49 Right Now!
  247. Panasonic P77 Gets Listed With 4G VoLTE
  248. Edward Snowden Has Named The One App You Shouldn't Be Using
  249. Lenovo's New Z2 Plus Flagship Smartphone
  250. Mark Zuckerberg Wants To Rid The World Of Disease