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  1. Nigeria’s Electricity Infrastructure Ageing, Degraded – General Electric
  2. ELECTRICITY: 15 Days Without Power Supply, No Monthly N750 Fixed Charge - FG
  3. Epileptic Power Situation Beyond Our Control – DISCOs
  4. Endless Agony On Power Sector
  5. Contractor Gets 60 Days Ultimatum From FG On Power Project
  6. Over 30 Million Nigerians Lacks Electricity
  7. FG Hands over Olorunsogo to SEPCO Pacific
  8. Power Generation May Exceed 4,000MW in June
  9. Power Reform: Electricity Mess Persists As Consumers Lament Extortion
  10. DISCOS over high service charge, estimated bills, Group tackles NERC
  11. Why can't we Use 110V in Nigeria
  12. Electricity In Nigeria
  13. FG Resolve In Hiking Fuel Price By 50%
  14. Polls Show Decline In Power Supply By Fourth Quarter of Last Year
  15. Electric Power System Needs Massive Investment — OWOLABI
  16. ‘Private Sector Seek N960bn to Invest in Electrical Power Supply’
  17. Nigerian Scientists Found HIV Cure
  18. Power Upgrade - FG Target $1.5bn On Transmission Network
  19. Electricity Workers Threatens Black Out For Witheld Entitlement
  20. 43,375 PHCN staff to Receives N361bn From FG
  21. Electricity Workers Begin Strike On Tuesday
  22. Nigeria Consumers and Tariffs Paid On Electricity
  23. View on Managing Expectations in Emerging Electricity Market
  24. 2013/2014 Admission into Affordable Universities in Ghana is on Apply Nigerians
  25. Lagos Residents To Stop Burying Corpses in Residential Areas
  26. Eni Shut In 47,000pd Production Due To Pipeline Fire
  27. Gas Supply: The Big Challenge to Power Advancement
  28. POWER: Consumers Decry Tariff System
  29. Launch Creader VI Car Diagnostic OBDII Scanner
  30. PHCN: Labour Compiles Lists Of Sacked Workers
  31. Illumination Information Official Website
  32. Nigerians To Go Through 1 Week Of Darkness
  33. Top 10 Latest Science Inventions
  34. How To Embed A Youtube video
  35. What Makes Grass Green
  36. What Makes A Greek Yoghourt
  37. What Makes Cloud Dark
  38. What Causes Bitter Cucumber
  39. What Makes Beer Bitter
  40. What Makes Brown Sugar Brown
  41. What Is Boogers Made Of
  42. What Makes Bruises Go Away
  43. What Causes High Blood Pressure
  44. What Makes Blue Colour
  45. What Makes Brown Colour
  46. Which Is the biggest network In Nigeria
  47. List Of Gas Companies In Nigeria
  48. Investors To Take Over PHCN Firms Next Year
  49. PHCN: FG, Unions Resolve Crisis
  50. Nigeria Broadband Implementation - Ready FG Announces Framework
  51. Crude oil falls below $102
  52. PENGASSAN Denies Increase In Electricity Tariff
  53. PHCN Workers Protest Non-Payment Of Entitlements
  54. FG To Hands Over Power Plants To Investors
  55. Who Invented Aeroplane & In What Year?
  56. WWW Means What?
  57. Who Discovered Oxygen?
  58. Nigeria Spends N25bn Annually On Generators - Group
  59. Multi-Billion Naira Meter Assembly Plant Soon To Be In Lagos
  60. Tension As PHCN Properties Vandalisation Gets Rampant
  61. Miniature 'Human Brain' Grown In Lab
  62. Power Supply To Be Increase To 9,000 Megawatts- NERC
  63. Professor Andrew Nok Wins Alexander Humboldt Prize For 2013
  64. Nigeria Will Have Astronauts by 2015 - Mohammed
  65. PHCN: FG Gain N358.04bn
  66. Scientists Carries Out First Liver Surgery With Tablet Computer In Germany
  67. FG To Generate 30% Electricity From Coal – Jonathan
  68. FG Pays N119.2bn Severance Benefit To PHCN Staff
  69. Scientist Discovers New Species Of Mammals Named "Olinguito"
  70. Scientist Creates Death Test That Tell Us How Long We Will Live
  71. FG To Hand Over PHCN To Private Sectors Next Month
  72. Amazing Facts About Mars
  73. Why Should The Sky Be Blue?
  74. Over 48.3M Telephone Subscribers Browse Internet On Mobile Phones
  75. Scientists To Launch Artificial Earthquake
  76. Scientists: How To Control A Rat With Your Mind
  77. FG To Set-up $16b Petrochemical Plant In Delta State
  78. Power Supply Increases To 16 Hours Per Day In Nigeria- Minister
  79. Customers Owe PHCN N9bn
  80. FG Signs Solar-Power Deal With India
  81. Shocker: Machine Turns Sweat Into Drinking Water- Check Out Photos
  82. Only Quality CCTV Cameras Render Adequate Security- Experts
  83. Transmission Company of Nigeria Restores Electricity Supply
  84. Unbelievable: Machine That Detect The Reason Why Babies Cry
  85. FG To Generate 4,000MW Electricity From Coal
  86. American Company Invents Pork-laced Bullets To Fight Boko Haram
  87. Amazon Launches Autorip Service
  88. 43,400 PHCN Workers Cleared For Payment Of Severance Entitlement
  89. Sony To Launch New Smartwatch
  90. Power Generation In Nigeria Drops By 1,598 Megawatts
  91. Scientists Inaugurate First 3D Digital Brain
  92. PHCN Restores Electricity Supply To 2 States, Niger Republic
  93. First Motorcycle Produced In Nigeria- Pictures
  94. FG To Recruits 20,000 PHCN Casual Staffs
  95. Japan Tests 4K Television Streams
  96. Minister Of Power Inaugurates 13-Man Panel To Probe Power Sector
  97. Investors Criticize NCC For Nigerian Economy Rip-Off
  98. Foreigners Won’t Dominate Power Sector- Minister Of Power
  99. Scientist Discovers Blue Lake In Australia
  100. House Of Reps Examine $40m Internet Surveillance Contract
  101. Sharp Launches World Largest 90 Inch Television In Nigeria
  102. What Is The Power Situation In Your Area?
  103. Moon May Harbour Alien Minerals
  104. Power Outage Grounds Murtala Mohammed Airport Activites
  105. FG To Handover PHCN Companies To Private Owners In July
  106. PHCN Assures Customers Of Stable Power Supply
  107. FG To Generate 10,000 Megawatts By December
  108. Lagos State To Inaugurate 10.4MW Power Plant In August
  109. PHCN Cables Electrocutes 3 In Makurdi
  110. Over 900 CCTVs Deployed In Lagos State
  111. Minister Of Power Demand Immediate Use Of Technology For Improved Revenue Collection
  112. Lagos Power Transmission Station Razed By Fire!!
  113. Minister Of Power Okays 5,000 Engineers, Craftsmen Training Programme
  114. MasterCard Set To Power Nigeria’s Identity Card Programme
  115. Entrepreneurs Unveils SPARK For Nigerian Tech Companies
  116. Signal Alliance Partners With SAP On Enterprise Assets Management
  117. FG Okays $3.7bn To Transmit 20,000mw
  118. Tragedy: PHCN Worker Electrocuted In Niger State
  119. Stay Up Aviation Institute Partners With American Skymates On Training
  120. FG Confirms Plan To Get 10,000MW By December
  121. Lagos Demands UK Assistance On Energy Development
  122. Accugas Raises N36Bn Facility To Increase Gas Supply
  123. Lagos Residents Blasts PHCN Over Poor Services
  124. NDPHC To Donate 4,200MW To National Grid
  125. Nigeria Faces $380Bn Capital Flight
  126. FG Urged To Impose Sanction Defaulters: Electricity Targets
  127. Scientists—3 New Planets Could Host Life
  128. FG Expects $2.6Bn From Sale Of Power Assets
  129. Scientists Unveils Laboratory-Grown Kidney
  130. FG Unveils Online Portal
  131. CAPMI Scheme: Electricity Users To Pay N50,000 For Pre-paid Metres
  132. NASA Launches Plan To Catch Asteroid As Step To Mars Flight
  133. Ministry of Power- Low Gas Supply Causes Poor Electricity Supply
  134. North Korea Loads Missiles Onto Launchers
  135. PHCN Denies Embarrassing President Jonathan
  136. Minister Of Power Intervenes In PHCN, Manitoba Disputes
  137. PHCN Alerts General Public Over 4- Day Power Outage
  138. FG Plunge N5Trn In 2,500MW Power
  139. NARSDA Set To Utilize Radar Satellite Not Impeded By Cloud!
  140. COREN Acquires New Registrar
  141. FG Settles $104.2M Debt, Acquires Omotosho Plant!
  142. For Men: How To Improve Fertility
  143. Organised Labour Threaten To Shut Down Electricity Supply And Air Force By April 2
  144. Scientists Create Artificial Sperms For Stems Cell
  145. Bidders Pay N87.8bn For PHCN - Abuja
  146. Investors Have Paid N73bn For PHCN Successor Firms
  147. FG Resolve To Explore Abundant Renewable Energy To Rural Dwellers
  148. PHCN Customers Cry Of Abominable Electricity Bill
  149. Power Projects Site Across The Country: FG Begin Inspection
  150. Indication Of An Increase In Electricity Tariff - BPE DG
  151. Organised Labour Rejects N384bn Settlement
  152. FG Signs Agreements With Bid Winners - Power privatisation
  153. Nigeria Lost A Total Of 620 Megawatts Of Electricity In 3 Months
  154. Petroleum Industry JOA In Post Financial Meltdown (3)
  155. Meter Manufacturer Seeks Support From Local Banks
  156. Quest For Nuclear Power Energy In The 21st Century (5) - Nigeria
  157. Cross River State: General Electric To Inaugurate Manufacturing Plant
  158. PHCN Staff, Security Guard Electrocuted In Lagos
  159. Labour Threatens To Shut Down Electricity Supply
  160. Namadi Sambo Gives NIPP Contractors Full Support
  161. North Korea Launches Long-range Rocket, New Nuclear Test Against U.S
  162. TCN- Some States To Experience Two Days Black Out
  163. PHCN Inaugurates Mobile Recharge Of Prepaid Metres
  164. SIEMENS Denies Bidding For PHCN
  165. Oracle Set-up New Technology For Cloud Data Management
  166. Minister Guarantees Nigerians Of Stable Electricity
  167. N3.5Trn Is Spent Yearly In Nigeria On Power Generators- GGI
  168. FG Confirms Verification Of Bank Gurarantees: Power Privatization
  169. How You Can 'Take Over' A Brain
  170. Samsung,LG Fined By China For LCD Price Fixing
  171. Dagogo-Jack: 5,000MW, Jonathan Did Not Lie About It
  172. Facebook Will Disappear By 2020, Says Analyst
  173. Breaking News Scientists Create Cancer-killing Cells
  174. Global Electricity Advisory Council, NERC Chairman Appointed Member
  175. 2013 Resolutions For Technologies
  176. 3D Christmas Broadcast, Queen Elizabeth II Gives First Of It
  177. A Smart Wrist Watch With A Touchscreen - Apple Rumoured To Be Developing iWatch
  178. US, Toyota Agrees To $1.1billion Settlement
  179. LG To Unveil Mammoth 100 Inch TV In January
  180. Toyota Poised To Reclaim World's Biggest Carmaker Title
  181. 1,030 MW, Egbin Power Plant Generates
  182. Power Generation Peaks 4,500 Megawatts
  183. Minister Tasks Media On Reportage Of Science And Technology
  184. Nigeria Requires $16bn To Fix Energy Problem
  185. Power Generation Peaks At 4,350MW
  186. StarTimes Unveil DVB – T2 Technology
  187. FG Shifts Ground, Agrees To Pay Off 54,000 Staff - PHCN
  188. F.G. Unveils Techlaunchpad For Young Entrepreneurs
  189. Will The World End In December 21 2012?
  190. Science Inventions That Should Have Not Be Invented
  191. Female Fish Attracted To Males That Exhibit Gay Behaviour
  192. Iran Launches Mehr, Own Version Of YouTube
  193. Climate Change: NEMA Blames For Worst Flood In Nigeria
  194. Scientists Investigate How Rice Bran Can Reduce Cancer Incidence
  195. Electricity: FG Targets 6,873mw By 2013
  196. PHCN Transformer, Man Dies After Vandalising
  197. Power Sector: General Electric Explains Partnership With FG
  198. Brussels: Electronic Tree Sparks Controversy
  199. Scientist: By 2013 GM Pigs Could Provide Human Organs
  200. Climate Talks Are Like Stalled Doha Trade Round, Chamber Says
  201. NASA: The World Will Not End In 2012
  202. NERC: New Electricity Tariff Coming Soon
  203. Electronic Tracking System For Women, Saudi Arabia Implements
  204. LG Launches Anti-Mosquito Air Conditioner
  205. FG: 9 Industrial Cities To Enjoy Uninterrupted Power Supply From 2013
  206. Electricity: Jonathan Promises Stability By June 2013
  207. LASG: Everybody Should Embrace Climate Change Realities
  208. Scientists Use Nose Cells To Heal Dog’s Paralysis
  209. PHCN: Task Force Foils N24 bn Fraud
  210. PHCN, Challenges Before New Owners
  211. African Scientists Ask To Tackle Climate Change
  212. Handygo Technologies launches 'Gadget Guide' exclusively for Airtel customers
  213. 'Not So Special As Thought' - Solar System
  214. By December, FG Targets 5,000 MW
  215. An Icon Rebirth
  216. Apple Adds Raw Suport For Nikon D600, Other Photokina Models
  217. GAPCorp FNI, Etisalat Enter Partnership For GPS Vehicle Tracking, RFID-Based Solutions
  218. Four Suns Discovered In A Planet
  219. PHCN Distribution Companies (DISCOs), Government To Make N197.25 Billion From The Sales Of It
  220. What is Social Media Marketing?
  221. Social media...
  222. What is Information Technology?
  223. Federal Government Denies the significant Drop in Power Supply
  224. FG Moves to Reactivate Rural Electrification Agency
  225. NLC commences solidarity strike next Wednesday
  226. Federal Government set Improves Gas Supply to PHCN
  227. Federal Government to Raise Power Output to 9,000MW
  228. Labour asks PHCN workers to disregard Minister over missing pension.
  229. 25 investors bid for PHCN power generation coys
  230. 8 member committee to probe N200bn PHCN's pensions
  231. NERC Insists On Open Transaction
  232. NERC, has denied allegation by NUEE, that PHCN, was valued for N200 billion
  233. Jonathan - Nigeria power supply will be among best 20 by 2020
  234. PHCN Staff Fled To Avoid Angry Youth Attack In Ibadan
  235. Federal Government To Reap N200bn From Sale Of PHCN
  236. LCCI Introduced New electricity tariff
  237. India to give $100 million for Nigeria’s power sector
  238. From Prof Ekpa: Palm oil is another black gold
  239. Mitt Romney's new iPhone app misspells America
  240. Power Blackout Arouse Residents Protest In Minna Suburb
  241. NLC Opposes FG Execution Of Electricity Tariff
  242. Nigeria: FG to Generate 30 Percent Electricity With Coal in 2015
  243. FG Aim To Patronise By Banning Foreign Computers
  244. We Have invested over N1 trillion in Enhancing networks —Telecoms operators
  245. Facebook falls flat in US NASDAQ market debut
  246. Pre- paid meter will halt ‘crazy bills’ – Nigerians
  247. Government Releases Final Transaction Documents - PHCN Privatization
  248. Nnaji Apologises With Promise of Better Days Ahead For Erratic Power Supply
  249. North Korea Ready To Launch a Rocket
  250. Vandals Threaten Electricity Stability