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  1. Thousands Of Civilians Militants Transferred Out Of Syria's Aleppo
  2. Trump Nominates Hardline Zionist As Us Ambassador To Israel
  3. Foreign Support For Militants Must End: Iran To UK
  4. Greek Parliament Approves Bonuses Despite EU Objections
  5. Chinese Battle Group Conducts Live-fire Drills
  6. Over 200 School Shootings In Us Since Sandy Hook Massacre
  7. Aleppo Battle: Evacuation Continues As Truce Holds
  8. Obama Vows Action Against Russia Over Election Hacks
  9. Airline Pilots Anonymously Report Suicidal Thoughts, Study Finds
  10. Philippines Drug War's Wide Net Claims 6-year-old Shot Dead In His Sleep
  11. Philippines President Duterte Should Be Impeached For 'mass Murder': Critic
  12. How Russia's Playbook Transformed The War In Syria
  13. Egyptair Crash: Traces Of Explosives Found On Victims
  14. No Country Can Be Exception To One China Principle: Chinese FM
  15. White House Backs Claim Putin Directed US Election Hack
  16. Iraqi Air Force Kills 20 Daesh Commanders Near Mosul
  17. Bond Between Israel And US Runs Deep: Trump
  18. Trump Spokesman Won’t Even Try To Defend Trump’s Latest False Tweet
  19. Trump Won't Divest Business, Reporter Says
  20. Anti-trump Electoral College Revolt Faces Steep Odds
  21. Man Wrongly Jailed For 31 Years Gets Just £60 For His Troubles
  22. Putin Throws Billions At Kremlin Navy & Air Force As Russia 'prepares For Deadly Invasion'
  23. 1000 Muslims Block London Streets Chanting Allahu Akbar To Demand Islamic Caliphate
  24. China Installs Weapons On Contested South China Sea Islands
  25. Can Putin, Abe Change Asia-pacific Power Dynamic?
  26. Michael Flynn Quietly Deletes Fake News Tweet About Hillary Clinton's Involvement In Sex Crimes
  27. Did Donald Trump Need An Apology From Mitt Romney?
  28. Viral Story Of Boy Who Died In Santa's Arms Unravels
  29. Finally: Fed Raises Rates For First Time In 2016
  30. Putin's Dog Gives Japanese Journalists An Earful
  31. Spanish Police Arrest 200 Chinese Nationals In €16m Fraud
  32. Top Us Republican Senator Graham Accuses Russia Of Hacking His Email
  33. 'One Billion' Affected By Yahoo Hack
  34. Chinese Imperial Seal Sold For Record $22m At Auction
  35. Brexit Trade Deal Could Take 10 Years, Says Uk's Ambassador
  36. Aleppo Battle: Hopes Rise For Evacuation Of Rebel-held Areas
  37. Palestinian Hunger Strikers Nearing Death: Rights Groups
  38. Kissinger Praises Trump's Pick Of Tillersron For Secretary Of State
  39. Yemeni Forces Pound Saudi Positions With Artillery Shells
  40. Colombia Gives Free Pardon To 110 FARC Rebels
  41. Chinese Sovereignty Not A Bargaining Chip: China’s Envoy To US
  42. Syrian Govt. Soldiers Make Gains In Eastern Aleppo Neighborhood
  43. Abbas Foe Dahlan Sentenced To Three Years In Jail For Corruption
  44. Forbes Names Putin World’s Most Powerful Man
  45. Daesh-linked Militants Execute 16 Civilians In Sinai Peninsula
  46. US Claims Of Russian Hacking Part Of Infighting: Moscow
  47. Terminally-ill Boy Dies In Santa's Arms After Granting His Last Wish
  48. Italian Banking Crisis: Unicredit To Raise €13bn
  49. The Brilliant Answer To What The World Would Look Like Without Muslims
  50. Iran In Provocative Mood As Trump Presidency Looms
  51. Trump's Pick For Top US Diplomat Has Close Ties To Russia
  52. Turkish: Unknown Warplanes Attack Syrian Army Positions In Lattakia
  53. UN Alarmed Over Aleppo Atrocities
  54. Syrian Army Takes Over Aleppo Areas Quit By Rebels
  55. Christian Charities Help Launch Emergency Appeal For Yemen
  56. Scots Aid Agencies In Major Fight Against Hunger In Yemen
  57. Yemen Is The 'Forgotten Crisis'
  58. Oil Tanker Explosion Kills At Least 42 - Aid Worker In Kenya
  59. New UN Chief Guterres To Be Sworn In Amid Uncertainty Over Trump
  60. Paolo Gentiloni Completes Long March To Power In Italy
  61. IS Retakes Palmyra After Army Withdrawal In Syria
  62. In Gabon Lawyer Of Ping Reported Missing
  63. In Turkey Govt Detains Over 100 pro-Kurdish Party Officials
  64. In Aleppo Over 10,000 Civilians Flee East Region In 24 Hours
  65. In Greece Police Detonate Bomb Outside Ministry
  66. Ashton Carter US Defence Chief In Iraq To Review Mosul
  67. Paolo Gentiloni Completes Long March To power In Italy
  68. In Ghana New Leader Urges Respect For Democracy In Africa
  69. Dutch populist Leader Wilders Rises In Polls After Conviction
  70. IMF Chief On Trial In France Over Tycoon Case
  71. Mali , EU Sign Deal To Return Migrants
  72. In Brazil Bribery probe Hits Projects In Other Countries - Report
  73. Emboldened By President-Elect's Victory, Abortion Foes Vow Onslaught
  74. In Mexico Drug Lords Beat Heat In Air Conditioned Tombs
  75. In New Zealand Bill English Sworn In As PM After Key Exit
  76. Brexit 6 Months On, Rift Among Britons Remains Wide
  77. US Doesn't 'Have To Be Bound' By 'One China' Policy
  78. Japan Protests After China Slams Dangerous Mid-air Confrontation
  79. ISIS Retakes Ancient Syrian City Of Palmyra
  80. Turkey Strikes Back With Airstrikes, Arrests After Twin Bombings
  81. Bill English Becomes New Zealand Prime Minister
  82. Kenya Tanker Explosion Kills 39
  83. Trump On China: Beijing 'Seriously Concerned' Over Policy
  84. 'US Using Terrorists As Chess Pieces To Push Own Agenda'
  85. Turkey Arrests Pro-kurdish Party Officials
  86. Japan Denies Its Fighter Jets Endangered Chinese Aircraft
  87. Muslim Man Targeted In Hate Attack Near California Mosque
  88. Syrian Forces Retake 90 Percent Of Eastern Aleppo: Monitor
  89. Saudi Warplanes Bomb Yemeni Capital For Hours: Media
  90. Thousands Protest Over Cairo Church Bombing
  91. Bahraini Appeals Court Confirms Salman’s 9-year Sentence
  92. Who or what are the Illuminati?
  93. American Dream Died Because Of Plutocracy: Noam Chomsky
  94. Intelligence Reports Russia Influenced US Election 'Ridiculous': Trump
  95. Bill English Elected, Sworn In As Prime Minister Of New Zealand
  96. Iran Condemns Deadly Attack On Cairo Church
  97. Trump To Be Israel’s Good Friend: Netanyahu
  98. Uk Man Accused Of Photographing 49 Women Changing In Australia
  99. Trump Faces An Early Test With Republicans Over Russia
  100. Trump Confirms He Will Violate Constitution His First Day In Office
  101. Trump’s Attacks On Unions Are A Betrayal Of American Workers
  102. Trump Bashes ‘Nightly News
  103. Donald Trump Takes Aim At US Intelligence
  104. Rotterdam: Man Held In Suspected Terror Plot
  105. Missing American Journalist Alive In Syria, Senator Says
  106. Breakdancing Added To Youth Olympic Games For 2018
  107. Aleppo: Un Fears For 100,000 Trapped Civilians, Missing Men
  108. Murdoch's 21st Century Fox Buys Sky In $23 Billion Deal
  109. Female Suicide Bombers Kill 31 In Nigeria Market
  110. Trump: No Cabinet Post For Rudy Giuliani
  111. US To Send Troops To Help Seize Raqqa From IS
  112. UN Envoy Urges Political Solution To War
  113. Cryogenic Storage Offers Hope For Renewable Energy
  114. 45,000 Displaced By Indonesia Quake Amid Relief Efforts
  115. Bulgarian Freight Train Derails And Explodes, Killing Four
  116. Turkish Warplanes Bomb Northern Iraq, Kill 19
  117. Israel Admits Tweeting Fake Lebanon Map Marked With Hezbollah Positions
  118. Turkey Court Rules To Stop Legal Cases Against Israelis Over Flotilla Raid
  119. Gambia Ruler Rejects Presidential Poll A Week After Conceding Defeat
  120. Rudy Giuliani Won’t Be Next US Secretary Of State: Trump
  121. Ghana’s Opp. Leader Wins Presidential Poll, Vows Prosperity
  122. Trump Shutters Four Of His Saudi-tied Companies
  123. Pakistanis Rally Against Persecution Of Rohingya Muslims
  124. Boris Johnson Raises 'Profound Concern' At Suffering Of People In Yemen Conflict
  125. The CIA Concluded That Russia Worked To Elect Trump. Republicans Now Face An Impossible Choice.
  126. Clinton Aide Hints At Electoral College Mischief
  127. Michael Moore: Donald Trump Will Not Be President When The Electoral College Casts Its Votes
  128. ICC To probe S.Africa's Refusal To Arrest Bashir
  129. Government Arrests Top Human Rights Activist In Sudan
  130. In Italy President Starts Quest To Form Caretaker Government
  131. In Aleppo White Helmet Rescuers Call For Safe Passage
  132. White Men Accused Of Forcing Black Man Into Coffin Denied Bail
  133. Israeli PM Rejects Abbas Peace Talks In Paris: office
  134. Heavy Security At EC As NPP Protests To Demand Election Results
  135. Brexit Landmark Court Ruling Due In New Year
  136. In Aleppo Russian FM Announces Halt Of Strikes
  137. In Brazil Senate Speaker Spared Sacking By Judges
  138. In Myanmar UN Calls On Suu Kyi To Visit Crisis-Hit Rakhine
  139. In Germany Govt Launches €150M Aid Package For Returning Migrants
  140. In Philippine Undertaker Misery On Frontlines Of Drug War
  141. Liberia Country Asks UN To Extend Mission For Another Year
  142. In US Man Charged With 1978 Killing Of British Couple
  143. In Brazil Italian Tourist Shot Dead By Drug Traffickers In Rio
  144. In Mexico Unnatural' For Military To Fight Drug Trafficking - Minister
  145. Wilders Faces Verdict In Dutch Hate Speech Trial
  146. In Kenya Smoking Chimp From Iraq Finds Refuge
  147. Angola Awaits Successor To Long-Ruling Leader
  148. In Syria UN to vote on 'too little, too late' ceasefire
  149. In Malawi Police Arrest Exiled Rwandan Genocide Convict
  150. Marine Le Pen: Illegal Migrants' Children 'should Not Get Free Schooling'
  151. Michael Jordan Wins His Chinese Name Back
  152. John Glenn, First American To Orbit Earth, Dies Aged 95
  153. Syria Conflict: Army 'suspends Aleppo Fighting'
  154. Italy President Starts Talks Over New Government
  155. Ashton Carter Makes Unannounced Visit To Afghanistan
  156. Some 8,500 Civilians Flee To Government-Held
  157. Fukushima Nuclear Plant Costs Have Doubled: Japanese Government
  158. 300 Commandos To Join Turkey’s Operation Euphrates Shield In Syria
  159. UN Brands Israeli Bill To Legalize Settler Units As 'Unequivocally Illegal'
  160. 50,000 Islamic State Fighters Killed In Iraq, Syria Since 2014: US Official
  161. One-time Trump Opponent Attends Trump Fundraiser
  162. UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson Puts His Foot In It With The Saudis
  163. Ghana Election: Vote Counting Underway
  164. In Ghana Citizens Anxiously Wait Election Results
  165. NPP Fans Celebrate Projected Victory In Adenta
  166. Aleppo win 'huge step' towards end of Syria war - Bashar al-Assad
  167. Nduom Concedes Defeat, Congratulates Nana Addo
  168. Trump Stacks Top Government Posts With Retired Generals
  169. 75 Years Since Japan Took The City
  170. New Zealander To Head UN Mission
  171. UN Chief Concerned By Arrest Of Egyptian Rights Lawyer
  172. UN Court Fails To Halt French Trial Of Equatorial Guinea Leader
  173. Renewed Fighting Hits Country's Key Oil Region In Libya
  174. In South Sudan Daredevil Pilot's Ordeal After Crash
  175. How Germany and America Differ on Job Training
  176. Trump Nominees
  177. Climate Change Could Render Sudan 'Uninhabitable'
  178. Vladimir Putin, Hope Donald Trump Will Be A Friend To Russia
  179. US aircraft Carrier Readies For ISIS Fight
  180. Bob Dole's Role In Trump's Taiwan Call
  181. Trump Unleashes Tweet On Carrier Union Boss Who Blasted Him
  182. UN: Fight Against Hunger Slowing In Asia-pacific
  183. Michelle Obama: I Went To Bed Before Trump Won
  184. Dow Zooms Over 1,200 Points Since Trump Victory
  185. Linda Mcmahon Picked To Be Small Business Administrator
  186. Caddie Dies During Dubai Ladies' Golf Tournament
  187. Pakistan Crash Pilot Made Mayday Call After Engine Problem
  188. Assad: Victory In City Would Be 'Huge Step'
  189. Boris Johnson Accuses Saudi Arabia Of 'Playing Proxy Wars'
  190. Indonesia Quake: Search For Survivors Continues
  191. Indonesia Calls For Medical Help After Devastating Quake
  192. Federal Judge Shuts Down Vote Recount In Michigan
  193. Bill English Poised To Become New Zealand’s New Prime Minister
  194. US Border Agents Killed Thousands Of Migrants: Report
  195. Israel Bucks, Palestinians Embrace France Conference
  196. Cuba Negotiating 12 More US Deals Before Trump
  197. New Poll Shows Americans Believe Us Moving In Wrong Direction
  198. Russia Finalizing Deal On Syria Naval Base: Lawmaker
  199. Which is the best country in the world to become a citizen of?
  200. Earthquake In Indonesia's Aceh Province Kills 52
  201. Heisman Trophy winner Dies At 42
  202. Angela Merkel Calls For Full-face Veil Ban In Germany
  203. Nigerian Nobel Prize Winner, Gives Up Green Card Over Trump
  204. Trump Wants To Cancel Air Force One Order From Boeing
  205. India: US Tourist Alleges She Was Gang-raped In New Delhi Hotel
  206. Polls Open With Tight Race Predicted
  207. Bolivia Arrests LaMia Airline Boss
  208. Australian Teenager Gets 7-year Jail Term For Mother’s Day Terror Plot
  209. 60 Yemenis Feared Drowned After Boat Goes Missing In Arabian Sea
  210. Bangladesh Court Upholds Death Sentence For Militant Leader, Two Followers
  211. Iran Can Become Global Tech Player: UN
  212. Bolivia Arrests Lamia Boss As Part Of Plane Crash Probe
  213. Mining Incident In China Leaves Several Dead
  214. Israel Lawmaker Suspended For Voting Against Outpost Legalization Bill
  215. Civil Servants, Police Clash In Brazil’s Rio Over Austerity Plans
  216. Multiple Casualties As Earthquake Rocks Indonesia's Aceh Province
  217. Obama Calls Guantanamo Bay Prison ‘Waste Of Money’
  218. Syrian Army Fully Controls Old City Of Syria's Aleppo
  219. Israel Blamed For Strikes On Hezbollah Sites Near Damascus
  220. Clinton Is Throwing A Party – You Won't Believe The Reason Why
  221. Trump Fires Transition Team Member For Spreading Fake News About Clinton
  222. US Secretary Of State Warns Of Anxietie Driving Western Politics
  223. 21,000 Rohingya Flee To Bangladesh From Country - IOM
  224. Interior Minister Named French PM After Valls Quits
  225. Heavy Flooding Kills 14, Inundates Tourist Isles In Thailand
  226. In India US Tourist Says She Was Gang-Raped In Delhi Hotel
  227. In Syria Army Closes In On Key Aleppo District
  228. German Chancellor To Win Party Support For New Term As Chancellor
  229. In Iran 2 missing, 6 Rescued In Helicopter Crash
  230. In Gambia Election Recount Awards Barrow Slimmer Win
  231. Putin Sends S-400 Air Defence Missiles Into Syria
  232. Denmark’s Decision To Withdraw From Airstrikes On Syria And Iraq
  233. Trump's Protection Policies Could Cost Jobs In Republic
  234. ISIS declare 'catastrophic war' on day Donald Trump becomes US president
  235. Trump Is ‘Much Worse’ Than We Realize
  236. Van Jones On ‘Daily Show’: Trump Is ‘much Worse’ Than We Realize
  237. Iran President: Trump Won't Be Able To Harm The Nuclear Deal
  238. Ghana's Fake Us Embassy Sealed After Decade Of Issuing Visas
  239. Oakland Fire Death Toll, At 33
  240. Carter Looks To Shore-up Us-japan Military Alliance
  241. Trump Now Considering More Than Four For Secretary Of State
  242. New Zealand Pm John Key Resigns: 'ten Years At The Top Is A Long Time'
  243. Dakota Access Pipeline To Be Rerouted
  244. Trump Takes Fresh Swipe At China After Controversial Taiwan Call
  245. Trump's Campaign Style Lost In Translation
  246. Matteo Renzi: Italy Pm Resigns After Referendum Defeat
  247. Supreme Court To Hear Government Appeal Over Brexit Powers
  248. Pizzagate: Gunman Fires In Restaurant At Centre Of Conspiracy
  249. Saudi Jets Attack Pakistani Boat Off Yemen, Kill Six Sailors
  250. Trump Not Valuing Our Consultations: John Kerry