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  1. Trump Check Right On Saddam
  2. Obama Makes Afghanistan U-Turn
  3. Taxi Driver In Boston Returns $187,000 Left In Cab
  4. BREXIT: Pound Set New Low Record
  5. Trash Piled Up In China Beach
  6. After 13 Years. British Role In Iraq War Is Not Felt
  7. Sierra Leone Kidnapped Diplomat Released In Nigeria
  8. Israel PM Visits Entebbe To Mark Hostage Rescue Anniversary
  9. Police Clash With Rioting Minibus Drivers In Zimbabwe
  10. Overhaul French Intelligence Services Now
  11. Australian PM Accepts Full Election Blame
  12. Suicide Bombing In Saudi Arabia Near Prophet's Mosque In Medina & Qatif
  13. UK UKIP Leader Nigel Farage Steps Down
  14. Saudi Arabian Suicide Bomber Detonates Explosive Near U.S. Consulate
  15. China Largest Radio Telescope Gets Final Piece
  16. Hillary Clinton Posible VP choices
  17. Taiwan Set So Legalize Gay Marriage
  18. Death Toll Rises To 165 In Baghdad Suicide Bomb Attack
  19. Australia Conducts Federal election
  20. Chad Gang Rape Rapists Jailed
  21. Kenyan Lawyer Found Dead After Reported Missing
  22. Two ISIS Leader Killed In US-Led Air Strike
  23. Twenty Died In Bangladesh
  24. Uk Prime Minister: Ken Clarke Begs Michael Gove To Quit
  25. Why Are Huge Amount Of Diamonds Discovered Recently?
  26. Istanbul Airport Attacker Identified
  27. Why Black America Won't Miss Obama
  28. Bill Clinton A Headaches For Hillary
  29. Obama Raises Alarm On Global Growth After UK Brexit Vote
  30. Grizzly Bear Kills Cyclist In Northern US
  31. Rodrigo Duterte Is New Philippines President
  32. Wold Largest Uncut Diamond Still Unsold
  33. Johnson And May To Contest For UK Prime Minister Position
  34. Police Arrest 3 In UK After Racist Outburst On Tram
  35. U.S. Says Russian Warship Came Too Close To Navy Ship
  36. Last Place Where Dodo Is Found
  37. Brexit Fallout: No Cameron During EU Leaders Meeting
  38. 41 dead, 230 Hurt In Istanbul Airport Attack
  39. Trade Agreements: Clinton Hit Hard
  40. Is Trump Backing Down On?
  41. After Brexit Rout, Market Pressure Eases
  42. Exchanges Of Blow As EU Parliament Debates Brexit
  43. Helium Discovered In Tanzania
  44. BREXIT: UK Economy In A Position Of Strength
  45. Israel And Turkey Finaly End Rift
  46. Two Killed In Madagascar Stadium Blast
  47. A Town With Only Two Inhabitant
  48. Former Senegalese President’s Son Released From Prison
  49. UK, U.S. Bond Remains Special Despite Brexit, Says Obama
  50. South African Court Blocks Appeal By Zuma Over corruption Charges
  51. Buhari Praises Cameron’s Statesmanship, Courage
  52. hmmmm UK Finally Vote To Leave EU
  53. David Cameron Resigns After Britain Voted To Leave EU
  54. Military Cadets Caped As Initiation
  55. Politicians Making Final Push For EU Referendum
  56. Rio 2016 Jaguar Shot Dead
  57. 79 Killed By Lightning In Indian States
  58. Jailed German Nurse Killed Dozens More
  59. British Man Tried To Assasinate Donald Trump At rally - Police
  60. Tributes Continue To Flow For Jo Cox
  61. Chei !! Trump Campaign Suffers Loss
  62. Bahrain Revokes Isa Qassim's Citizenship
  63. Refugees Level At Highestl, Says UN
  64. Migration Policy: Charity Rejects EU Funds
  65. Second Egypt Flight Crash flight Recorder Recovered
  66. Tributes Paid In Memory Of Jo Cox
  67. How The GOP Deal With Trump
  68. Orlando Gunman's Wife May Be Charged To Court
  69. Gold Search: Egypt Looks At Ancient History
  70. Clinton, Sanders Meet After Clinton Wins D.C. primary
  71. 2,000-Year-Old Lump Of Butter Discovered In Ireland
  72. Democrats' Research On Trump Stolen By Russian Govt Hackers
  73. How Many Countries Can Bill Gates Buy?
  74. Soldier Killed In Gun Attack At Regional Police Base In Uganda
  75. Vigils Held Around World To Honour Victims Of Orlando Shooting
  76. Performer Claims Olando Gunman Was Familar Face At The Club
  77. Trump Insist He Will Ban Muslims From US
  78. Killing Of Police Officer, Partner Is A Terror Attack - French President
  79. Dutch Woman Jailed In Qatar
  80. ISIS leader Baghdadi On The Move
  81. Asia Stocks Plummet, Yen Soars
  82. $122 mln To Be Returned By Egypt’s EFG-Hermes To Shareholders
  83. South Africa Rand Is Steady But Vulnerable To Risk Aversion
  84. ISIS Responsibe For Nightclub Massacre
  85. Pilots Strike To Affect Euro 2016
  86. Two Bombings Rock Sayyida Zeinab In Damascus
  87. Solar Plane Flies Over Night-Time New York
  88. Bill Gate Is Worth Just $1,956.. Check Out
  89. Singer Christina Grimmie Shot Dead After Performance At Orlando concert
  90. North Korean President Found Smoking During Anti-Smoking Drive
  91. After Hometown Tour Muhammad Ali Will Be Buried Today
  92. The American ISIS Man Charged
  93. Who Said India Is Developing?
  94. The Disease That Killed Muhammad Ali
  95. You Got The Wrong Man, Mered Medhanie Is Innocent
  96. Shooting In Tel Aviv, Israel Suspends Palestinian Permits
  97. Bill Gates Launches Raise Chicken Scheme
  98. For Eloping: Zeenat Rafiq Finally Buried
  99. Base Of EthiopiaIn Somalia Attacked By al-Shabab
  100. BBC ReporterJailed In Myanmar
  101. Chinese Jet Intercepted Our Plane In An 'Unsafe' Manner - U.S
  102. $100 million Of Stolen Artifacts Returned By U.S To India
  103. Police In Papua New Guinea Open Fire On Student Rally
  104. Finally Thailand Eliminates Mother-To-Child HIV Transmission
  105. Stanford Rape Case: Outrage Over Six Mont Sentence
  106. Oh!!Oh. 30 Yr Old Man Jailed For 22 Yrs In Britain
  107. Reasons For India Prime Minister Visit To Washington Again
  108. Hillary Clinton Is Democratic Presidential Nominee
  109. China Ghost Town A Waste
  110. Thrump Self Obssesion May Lead Us To War - Hilary Clinton
  111. Chei !! Boat Capsizes Off Greece, Hundreds Missing
  112. Missing Japanese Boy Yamato Tanooka Found Alive
  113. Three US Soldiers Drown In Texas Flooding
  114. Kenyan Court Frees 43 Accused Of Being Secessionist Group Members
  115. For Beating Wife's Would-Be Rapist To Death, Man Charged To Court
  116. Former Somalia War Crimal Now Works SScurity At U.S. Airport.
  117. Masterminders Of Kenya University Attack Killed In Somalia
  118. Oh!!Oh. Man Who Bought Yazidi Slave For $9k From ISIS
  119. Calls To UN For Air Drops Of Humanitarian Aid To Help In Syria Conflict
  120. Golf Tournament Move To Mexico Angers Trump
  121. Top Syrian Negotiator, Mohammed Alloush Quits Peace Talks
  122. War Crimes: Chad’s Ex-ruler Hissene Habre Gets Life Sentence
  123. Muslims Behead Christian Children, Rape & Kill Their Mothers, Hang Their Fathers (Photo)
  124. Donald Trump’s Rally Triggers Fights In San Diego
  125. UK To Send Second Warship To Libya
  126. Obama Lifts US Arms Embargo On Vietnam
  127. EgyptAir Flight MS804 From Paris To Cairo Crashed, Says Hollande
  128. Debris Found From EgyptAir Plane
  129. Egyptian, European Stock Markets Dip
  130. France Returns Nigeria’s Stolen Artefact
  131. EgyptAir Flight MS804 From Paris To Cairo ‘Disappears From Radar’
  132. Russian Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny And Supporters Attacked
  133. United Nations Cries For Help Over Migrant Crisis
  134. U.S. Says Boko Haram May Be Sending Fighters To Islamic State In Libya
  135. Egyptian Court Jails 152 People Over Islands Protest
  136. Lake Chad Basin Commission To Uphold Security Summit
  137. French Female Ministers Rise Against Sexual Harassment
  138. Russia Will Act To Neutralise U.S. Missile Shield Threat - Putin
  139. UK Court Jails Former NSMPC Boss
  140. US Lawmakers To Ask Obama To Withhold Abacha Loot For Boko Haram Victims
  141. Western Envoys In Uganda Walk Out Of Museveni Swearing-In
  142. Top Hezbollah Commander, Badreddine Killed
  143. Brazil’s Rousseff Bows Out Defiantly After Historic Senate Vote To Try Her
  144. Guinea-Bissau’s President Vaz Sacks PM, Dissolves Government
  145. Zimbabwean Prophet Prevents British Airways From London Airport Disaster After Prophetic Word
  146. Mystery As British Airways A380 Plane Lands In London With Square Tire
  147. David Cameron Tells Queen - Nigeria ‘Fantastically Corrupt’
  148. Russia To Test Unstoppable 'Satan 2' Capable Of Wiping Out An Entire Nation
  149. Trump Backtracks On Remarks On Raising Taxes On The Wealthy
  150. Cameroon's First Daughter, Brenda Biya Caught Smoking
  151. Trump Should Not Take Risk On An Unreliable Candidate - Hillary Clinton
  152. Probe Requested By Prosecutor Based On Lies - Brazil President
  153. Trump Wins Primaries As Ted Cruz Drops Out
  154. Cameroon President, wife Arrive Nigeria Today
  155. President Paul Biya Of Cameroon Begins State Visit To Nigeria On Tuesday
  156. Bombs In Baghdad Kill 14, Including Shi’ite Pilgrims
  157. Kerry Sees Hope Of Extending Truce To Syria’s Aleppo
  158. US Man Kim Dong-Chul Jailed For Spying In North Korea
  159. Is it normal for me to give money to a police officer as a means of appreciation?
  160. Criminal Charges Possible After Audit - Burkina Faso President
  161. Here’s the only biologically immortal living thing on this planet
  162. Russia To Price Its Own Oil
  163. UN Chief, Ban Ki-Moon Appoints Abiodun Bashua To Investigate South Sudan Mission
  164. Government Bars Vaccine Sales By Drug Wholesalers After Scandal In China
  165. President Sisi Warns Egypt Against Protests
  166. Barack Obama Rules Out Ground Troops In Syria
  167. Russian Forces Fired On Israeli Military Aircraft
  168. Russian Company Offers To Resuscitate Ajaokuta Steel Complex
  169. Solving Africa’s Challenges With Technology Tops Talks At Digital Summit
  170. 28 Killed, 320 Wounded In Afghanistan Blast
  171. Pope Francis Returns From Greece With 12 Migrants
  172. Ecuador Earthquake: Death Toll Rises To 350
  173. Syrians Vote For Parliament Denounced By Assad’s Enemies
  174. Ecuador Earthquake Kills Dozens
  175. Jerusalem Bus Explosion Leaves 16 Wounded
  176. What should be done to promote peace in Middle East?
  177. USAID Urges Political Parties To Strengthen Internal Democracy
  178. China Crane Collapse Leaves At Least 18 Dead
  179. Syrians Vote For Parliament As Diplomacy Struggles
  180. Two French Soldiers Die In Mali After Vehicle Hits Land Mine
  181. Taiwan Accuses China Of Kidnapping 8 Nationals From Kenya
  182. 105 Killed, 500 Injured During Hindu New Year Party In India
  183. South Africa’s Mantashe says Ruling ANC Losing Supporters’ Confidence
  184. Nigeria Considers Chinese Panda Bond To Plug Deficit
  185. Russian President Putin Discredits Link To Panama Papers
  186. German Police Detain Two Men Suspected Of IS Links
  187. A Frustrated Man Stabbed His Wife More Than 500 Times
  188. South Africa’s Zuma Survives Impeachment Vote
  189. China Announces Restrictions On Trade With North Korea
  190. Jacob Zuma Set To Be Impeach
  191. Syrian Forces Enter Islamic State-Held Town Near Palmyra
  192. South African Parliament To Debate Zuma’s Impeachment Motion On Tuesday
  193. Trump Predicts ‘Very Massive Recession’ In U.S.
  194. Popular Bollywood Actress Commits Suicide At 24
  195. The world at a glance!
  196. Police Arrest 13 Pakistanis Terrorist
  197. $10 billion manufacturing inves To propose By Hillary Clinton
  198. What are some facts about Facebook, Google, and Twitter that not many outsiders know about?
  199. Algeria Helicopter Crash Kills 12 Soldiers
  200. Explosion In Pakistan Leaves Scores Dead
  201. Troops Clear More Terrorists Out Of Madube And Cikin Njubul
  202. Belgian Police Arrest Six In Bombing Probe, French Foil Paris Plot
  203. Muslims Not Doing Enough To Prevent Attacks - Donald Trump
  204. Brussels Terrorist Attack Kill 26
  205. Australia Govt To Hold Early Election
  206. Obama Makes Historic Visit To Cuba
  207. Turkey Blames Islamic State For Bombing
  208. Burundi Is On Brink Of Civil War, UN Warns
  209. Plane Crashes In Russia As All 62 People On Board Feared Dead
  210. Police Capture Paris Attack Fugitive In Belgium
  211. Jacob Zuma Denies Outside Influence In His Cabinet Appointments
  212. South Africa’s Zuma Denies Outside Influence In His Cabinet Appointments
  213. Rwanda Rejects Arrest Claim By Burundi Police
  214. Cameroon Sentences 89 Terrorists To Death
  215. Brazil’s Lula Made Chief Of Staff
  216. Kremlin Condemns Donald Trump Pre-election Clip For Demonizing Russia
  217. South Africa Deputy Finance Minister Had Death Threat
  218. North Korea Sentences US Student To 15 Years’ Hard Labour
  219. Belgian PM Summons Security Chiefs After Gunman Killed
  220. Trump Knocks Rubio Out of Republican Race
  221. State TV Shows Russian Troops In Syria Packing Up
  222. Benin To Deploy Troops To Anti-Boko Haram Task Force
  223. Gang Member With Gucci Tattoo On His Forehead Captured In California
  224. Michelle Obama Looks Cute For Verge Magazine (Photos)
  225. Turkey Vows War On Terror
  226. Nigeria To Sign 2030 UN Deadline Agreement
  227. Kenya Politician Caught In Ladies' Hostel (Photos)
  228. Queen Elizabeth Rules Out Gay Marriage In UK
  229. Real-time, Live Data of Numbers of Abortions, Divorces, Deaths, Births, etc. Going on in the World
  230. US Election: Chaos As Donald Trump Cancels Chicago Rally
  231. Japan Marks 5th Anniversary Of Tsunami
  232. South Sudan Militias Rape Women In Lieu Of Wages - UN
  233. 172 Nigerians Deported From Libya
  234. US Republicans Debate In Miami
  235. Zimbabwe’s Mugabe Returns Home From India Over Security Fears
  236. Ghanaian Court Rules Against State In Woyome Case
  237. Killer of South African Anti-Apartheid Hero Hani To Be Freed On Parole
  238. Two Missing Booksellers Return, Hours After Re-appearing In Hong Kong
  239. Iran Test-fired Two Ballistic Missiles, Says Capable Of Reaching Israel
  240. Ethiopian Students Demand End To Police Crackdowns In Rare Protest
  241. Cameroon Takes Over Akwa Ibom Communities, Hoist Flag
  242. US Strike Kills 150 Somali Militants
  243. Israeli Prime Minister Declined To Meet Obama Due To US Election Campaign
  244. North Korea Hacked South Korea’s Key Officials Phones
  245. Zambian Opposition Official Denies Threatening President, Freed On Bail
  246. Australian Navy Seizes Huge Weapons Cache Headed For Somalia
  247. 30 Killed As Militants, Tunisian Forces Clash
  248. North Korea Threatens US, Seoul
  249. Former US First Lady, Nancy Reagan Dies At 94
  250. 12 Killed As Unknown Armed Men Stormed Central African Republic