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  1. Mrs Trump Threatens To Sue News Outlets
  2. Iraqi Military Troops Approaches ISIS-Held Mosul
  3. US Top Commander Warns Russia, Syria
  4. Trump Campaign Manager Explain Forced Deportation
  5. NSYNC Manager Lou Pearlman Dies
  6. Al-Shabaab Claims Responsibility For Somali bombings Which Left 23 Dead
  7. Indian Man Had 40 knives Removed From His Stomach Through Sugery
  8. Irish Women Tweet Live Abortion Journey To Great Britain
  9. ISIS Is The Prime Suspect Of Turkey's Wedding Blast - Erdogan
  10. Donald TrumpThe American One-night Stand
  11. Singapor Prime Minister Trembles And Falls During National Day speech
  12. Three Severe Storms Hits Japan
  13. Merkel Sees No End To EU Sanctions Against Russia
  14. John Kerry To Visit Nigeria, Kenya, Saudi Arabia
  15. We Regrets Aid Group's Withdrawal In Yemen
  16. 4-Year-Old Child Says Her Name Is 'Idiot' After Been Abused
  17. Drug Trafficking Fugitive Disguises Himself As An Elderly Man - Police
  18. Clinton Leading Narrowly In Latest Pew Research
  19. US Seal Who Wrote 'No Easy Day' Which Was About Osama Bin Laden Agrees To Pay US
  20. Waiter Receive Tip Of $500 For Act Of Kindness
  21. This Is What Aleppo Parent Tell Their Children About War
  22. Trump To Black Voters: 'What The Hell Do You Have To Lose?'
  23. State Department Used Iran Cash As Leverage
  24. Death Toll Rises To 11 Dead, Nearly 300 Injured In Turkey Bombings
  25. Senior North Korean Diplomat's Defection Label A 'Unique Situation'
  26. China's Global Spending Spree Has Attracted Backlash
  27. Trump's Lawyer Reacts When The Say Say Trump Is Losing
  28. Philippines President Duterte Calls Female Senator 'Immoral Woman'
  29. Little Aleppo Boy, A Reminder Of War's Horror
  30. Louisiana Flood Is Worst US Disaster Since Hurricane Sandy - Red Cross
  31. Voices From Manus: 'They Want To Kill Us
  32. 27 Days On, Indian Missing Plane Still Not Found
  33. See NYC Parks Dept. Response To Naked Trump Statue
  34. I Regret Some Choices - Trump
  35. Louisiana Flood Victims Receive $1 Million Relief Donation From Taylor Swift
  36. UN To Investigate Juba Compound Raid In South Sudan
  37. Official: North Korean Diplomat Defects To South Korea
  38. World's Largest Aircraft Completes First Flight
  39. Two Children, Man Dead After Sharp Kite Strings Slit Throats In India
  40. Donald Trump Evokes Cold War To Boost Campaign
  41. About 80,000 To Evacuate Califonia Due To Raging Fire
  42. Two Explosions In Turkey Leaves 3 Dead
  43. North Korea Shrinks US Warning Time For Nuclear Attack On America
  44. Inside Syria's Murderous Prisons
  45. Donald Trump's 27-Day Spiral
  46. Neteller Announces New Fees Structure Worldwide
  47. Trump Start Major Overhau To Campaign Team
  48. Malaysian Oil Tanker Hijacked
  49. Australia To Close Manus Island Refugee Detention Center
  50. Philippines' Police Chief Set To Release More Names
  51. Official: El Chapo Son Kidnapped
  52. Trump 'Extreme Vetting' Of Immigrants: What Is The US Doing Now?
  53. Johnny Depp And Wife Finnaly Settle Divorce
  54. Son Of Jabara Family Killed By Neighbor Who Called Him 'Dirty Arab'
  55. Wendell Pierce Loses Home During Baton Rouge Flooding
  56. Russia Succesfully Launced Airstrike On Syria From Iran Base
  57. For Supporting SIS, Britain's 'Most Hated Man' Anjem Choudary Is Convicted
  58. We Will Consider UN Troops - Salva Kiir
  59. Lets Introduce Extreme Vetting Of Immigrants To U.S - Trump
  60. Turkey Gives EU October Ultimatum Over Visa Freedom
  61. Republican Sends Letter To Party Urging To Cut Trumpís Funding
  62. South African Baby Snatcher Bags 10 Years In Prison
  63. Manafort Named In Ukrainian Probe
  64. Indian Man Take Off For Honeymoon Without Wife
  65. Hacker Say They Are Selling Stolen NSA Spy Tools
  66. NY Imam Killing, Suspect Charged
  67. Guantanamo Bay Record Highest Prisoners Transfer Under Obama
  68. The Truth About Afrophobia In China
  69. In Ohio: Boy Tries To Sell Toy Dog For Food - Police
  70. Trump Was 'Serious' About Obama And ISIS - Pence
  71. Man Sets Fre On Train, Kills Passenger
  72. Hundreds Protest Burial Plan For Former Filipino Dictator, Says He's Not A Hero
  73. After NY Killing Of Imams, Here Are 2 Muslims Fear
  74. Protests Intensify After Deadly Milwaukee Shooting By Police
  75. Two Hong Kong Student Leaders spared Jail
  76. Trump Set To Unveil Plans For Dealing With Islamic Terrorist
  77. After Fired Shot, JFK Airport Given All-Clear Report
  78. 7 reasons Americans are unhappy
  79. List Of Countries Where Prostitution Is Legal.
  80. Father Banned From His Children School For Turning Up With Illegal T-Shirt
  81. Virginia Plane Crash, 6 Dead
  82. See Aleppo's Angel
  83. Bollywood Superstar Detained For Third Time At US Airport
  84. In Afghanistan: ISIS Leader Killed
  85. Trump, Clinton And Nuclear War
  86. Hackers Shock House Democrats With More Secrets
  87. Its On By Cheating Will Clinton wins Pennsylvania - Trump
  88. New Terror Group Emerges In Sirte, Lyya
  89. Erdogan Ultimatum To US: Hand Over Exiled Cleric Gulen
  90. Top ISIS Leader Killed In Oil Fight
  91. Tension Brewing In Ukraine Again
  92. Is Philippines Heading Towards Dangerous Isolation?
  93. No, Obama Never Founded ISIS - Clinton
  94. Yes Literally Obama Founded ISIS - Trump
  95. British Girl Who Went To Join ISIS Feared Dead By Family
  96. Syrian Volunteer Killed In Aleppo
  97. Eleven Bombs Hit Thailand In One Day
  98. In which country do you feel the most free: the USA or the UK?
  99. Trump Gun Rights Remarks Raises Anger
  100. UK Brexit Leader Got Booed At EU Parliament
  101. Water Park Witness: I Saw The Blood After He Slides Down
  102. Turkey Hospital Blast, 8 Dead
  103. Democacy: Philippine President's Attack On U.S. Ambassador
  104. 14 Year Old Boy Shot Dead By Los Angeles Police
  105. Rebels Dancing In Aleppo, But For How Long
  106. Trump Slams Clinton, Repeats Her Mistake Next Day
  107. Donald Trump Accuses Clinton Again
  108. Secret Service Spoke To Trump Over 2nd Amendment Comment
  109. Parents Of Benghazi Victims Parents File Lawsuit Against Clinton
  110. China Warns U.K. Over Nuclear Project
  111. Return Our Assets, Ex Iran President Writes Obama
  112. Irom Sharmila Ends Her World Longest Hunger Strike
  113. Spanish Man Makes A Mad Dash Across Tarmac To Stop Plane
  114. Breaking News US troops Surrenders Weapons To ISIS During Firefight
  115. ISIS Super Jihadi Treated Like A God
  116. Clinton Emails Reveals More Between State Dept. and Clinton Foundation
  117. Brazil Suspended President Gets Votes For Impeachment Trial From Senate
  118. Anyhow People Can Deal With Clinton - Trump
  119. This is a big rival to Amazon.com
  120. Trump's Biggest Weakness
  121. Why Trump's Economic Policy Will Be Disastrous
  122. Man Killed In London While Leaning Out Of A Train Window
  123. African Takeover Of U.S. Firm, Investors Make Doubles
  124. Quetta Bombing: Pakistan Taliban Group Claims Responsibility
  125. Kenya Deport More Taiwans To China
  126. Delta Flights Delayed For 2nd Day Again
  127. Putin Set To Meet With Erdogan After Damaging Rift
  128. Trump Blames Clinton For Iran Nuclear Scientist Executioning
  129. I Wont Vote Donald Trump - GOP Senator
  130. Clinton Lays Down Challenge For Trump
  131. GOP National Security Experts Opposes Trump
  132. ISIS captures Over 3,000 People In Iraq - UN
  133. Thailand Votes In Favor Of More Military Power
  134. Two Foreigners Kidnapped In Afghanistan.
  135. Anti-Islamic Senator Pauline Hanson Take Control Of Australia Senate
  136. Islamic Rebel Breaks Aleppo Siege
  137. Iran Executes Nuclear Scientist For Spying
  138. Airbus Under Criminal Investigation
  139. Trump Offered Me VP - Kasich
  140. Age Fear Grips Japan's Emperor Akihito
  141. George Bush Urges Republicans To Support Trump
  142. Tragic Bar Fire Leaves 13 People Dead In France
  143. Dozens Injured At Snoop Dogg Concert
  144. Thailand To Vote On New Constitution Yhat Empowers Military
  145. Trump Finally Endorses Paul Ryan
  146. I Have Not Seen Any Iran Video - Trump
  147. BREXIT: New York Replace London As Most Expensive City
  148. We Attacked Afghanistan Tourists - Taliban
  149. Turkeys Fethullah Gulen Dismisses Arrest Warrant Over Failed Coup
  150. US Wont Pay $300 Million To Pakistan Over Terrorism Fight
  151. Mike Pence Put On The Edge By 11-Year-Old With Trump Question
  152. Boko Haram's Names Executed Founders Son As New Leader
  153. ISIS Leader Killed By Egyptian Army In Sinai
  154. Russian Man Shoots And Kill Rubber Who Tried To Rob Him In Rio
  155. 'Chinese Taipei' Olympics Moniker Causing Anger In Taiwan
  156. Trump's Election Rigging Claim Is 'Ridiculous' - Obama
  157. California Bus Nearly Splits In Half In Crash As 4 Dies
  158. US Sending Combat-Tested Bombers To Pacific
  159. France President Criticize Donald Trump
  160. We Blame U.S. For Hong Kong Independence Push - China
  161. Crazy India Tax System Just Getting Much Simpler
  162. First US Police Officer Charged With Helping ISIS
  163. Kenyan Man Cuts Off Wife's Hands Because She Failed To Have children
  164. Trump Supporters Begining To Get Frustrated
  165. London Man Embarks On Knife Killing Rampage, 1 Dead
  166. Philippines Drug War, Is It Out Of Control?
  167. Emirates Plane Forced To 'Crash Land' After Catching Fire In Mid-Air At Dubai International Airport
  168. Turkey Captures Fugitive Soldiers
  169. Beijing Vows To Deal With Trespassers Of South China Sea
  170. South Korea And U.S. Report: North Korea Fired 2 Missiles
  171. South Sudan Violence: 60,000 To Flees Away
  172. ANC Faces Stiff Competition As South Africa's Municipal Elections Opens
  173. Trump Is 'UNFIT' For Presidency - Obama
  174. Hot Air Balloon Pilot Had 4 DWIs
  175. Chemical Gas Attacks Recorded In 2 Syrian Cities
  176. I Will Vote For Only Hillary Clinton - Meg Whitman
  177. Australia Are Abusing Refugees
  178. Beijing Vows To Prosecute South China Sea 'Trespassers'
  179. Former FBI Found Guilty Of Being 'Agent Of China'
  180. Dr. Luke Have California Case Dropped By Kesha
  181. Typhoon Nida Downgraded, Hong Kong Soaked But Safe
  182. Miami Zika Outbreak In The Waiting - CDC Warns
  183. Woman Shot In Baltimore After Brandishing Shotgun
  184. Syria's Aleppo: 30 Found Dead From Rebel Shelling
  185. US Launches Airstrikes Targeted At ISIS In Libya
  186. Dylann Roof Lawyers File Challenge To Federal Over Death Penalty
  187. Trump Calls Clinton 'The Devil'
  188. Turkey President Erdogan Set To Drop Lawsuits
  189. Yuriko Koike Becomes Tokyo's First Female Governor
  190. Is Donald Trump Going Too Far?
  191. Charles Koch Insist He Might Not vote For Clinton
  192. Typhoon Nida Now Heading For Hong Kong
  193. Lightning Strike Kills 5 Year Old Boy
  194. Britain Police Head Anticipating Terror Attack In UK
  195. Almonds Nuts Make Appetizing Targets For Thieves
  196. We Bombed The Hotel In Kabul - Taliban
  197. Turkey Frees Hundreds Of Soldiers
  198. US Navy intends to name ship after Harvey Milk
  199. Hidden Room With Freezer Found In Ohio Student Killing Suspect
  200. Number Of Arrested Turkish Citizen Since The Failed Coup
  201. US military plane makes emergency landing on Russian airstrip
  202. Prince's possible heirs narrowed down to six
  203. Mariana Islands Hit By A 7.7-Magnitude Quake Strikes
  204. Moment American Muslims Have Been Waiting For
  205. Indian couple Killed Because Of 22 Cents
  206. Two Dead As Bomb Hits Syrian Maternity Hospital
  207. Hilary Campaign Hacking, FBI Probing The Hack
  208. Hawaii's Lava Kilauea Volcano Reaches Pacific Ocean
  209. China Clamp Down On Great Wall Brick Thieves
  210. Amazon Publishes Its Fifth Straight Quarter Of Profits
  211. Morrocan Girl Killed By Zoo Elephant
  212. Australian Detenend Boy Was 'Broken,' Sister Says
  213. Why Latest Developments In The Aleppo siege Are So Significant
  214. Hillary Clinton Officially Received Democrat Nomination
  215. You Have Sacrificed Nothing - Muslim US Soldier Father Told Trump
  216. I Will Like To 'Hit' DNC Speakers Who Disparaged Me - Trump
  217. Indonesia Executes Four Drug Offenders
  218. Germany Rules Out Migrant Policy Reversal After Attacks
  219. France Church Attack, Second Suspect Found
  220. What Donald Trump Says, What Putin Hears
  221. Europe On The Ddge
  222. Turkey Shuts Media Down, Fires More Troops
  223. Trump Not Qualified To Be President - Former CIA Chief:
  224. Hunger In Aleppo City As Syrian Troops Encircle City
  225. Another Suicide Bombing By ISIS Kills Dozens In Syria
  226. America Is Already Great - Obama Blast Trump
  227. Mom Beats Daughter And Broadcast Nn Facebook
  228. Why ISIS Attacked Catholic Church
  229. Hollande Deadly Church Attack In France Was Carried Out By ISIS
  230. Michelle Obama Hit Out At Trump
  231. France Hostage Situation, One Killed
  232. At Least 19 Dead In Japan Knife Attack
  233. After Second Raping Attack, 14-year-old In India
  234. Airplane Flies Around The World Without Fuel
  235. Spain Record First Zika-Related Microcephaly Birth In Europe
  236. Did Bernie Sanders Just Seal Deal For Clinton?
  237. California Find It Hard To Contain Wildfire Near Los Angeles
  238. Ukraine Conflict With Pro-Russian Rebels Escalates, Solidiers Killed
  239. Stop Talking About My Dead Son - Benghazi Victim's Mother Warns Trump
  240. China Unveils The World's Largest Seaplane
  241. 12 Year Old Dies As A Result Of US Heat Condition
  242. Russia Hackers Helping Trump - Clinton's Campaign Manager
  243. Top Democat Wasserman Schultz Resigning As Party Leader
  244. Suicide Blast Kills 21 In Baghdad
  245. Shooting In Fort Myers Nightclub, 2 Dead
  246. Syrian Man Bombs Himself And Injures Others
  247. Explosion In Afghanistan Kills At Least 31
  248. Clinton Pick Tim Kaine As VP Choice
  249. Breaking News Munich Shooting: Suspect Researched About Going On Rampage - Police
  250. Munich Rampage: 9 Dead Including Gunman