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  1. 8 More Nigerians Reportedly Waiting To Be Executed In Indonesia
  2. Kenyan Universities Launch Anti-terror Studies As Attacks Rise
  3. Breaking News US Offers $20m In Rewards On IS Leaders
  4. Xenophobia: Senate Majority leader begs Jonathan to reconsider the suspension of Perm Secretary
  5. 14 Year Old Indian Girl Dies After Being Gang-raped, Thrown From Moving Vehicle
  6. Facebook Users Donates $10million for Nepal Earthquake Victims
  7. Breaking News Xenophobic: Why Are You Not In Your Countries? South Africa President Blames Victims
  8. Disaster-hit Malaysia Airlines offloads A380 superjumbo fleet
  9. Group Presses Paraguay To Allow Abortion For Raped 10 Year Old Girl
  10. Nepal Earthquake: 101-year-old Man Recued By Police After One Week
  11. 2 killed after they open fire at Mohammed cartoon event
  12. 1,000 European Union Citizens Still Missing :Nepal Earthquake
  13. 24 Injured As Police Clash With Protesters In Turkish
  14. 40 Members Of An Anti-Israel Group Attack The Jews
  15. Barack Obama Administration To Provide $20 Million For Police Body Cameras
  16. Kate Middleton Gives Birth To 2nd Child Following 3-hour Labour
  17. Nigerian Witch Doctor Sentenced To 14years Imprisonment In US
  18. UK Citizen Arrested In Lagos For Defrauding 7 Nigerians Of N70m
  19. Chile's Calbuco Volcano Erupts For The 3rd Time In Less Than 2 Weeks
  20. 27 Year Old Female Hacker Charged To Court For Spying
  21. South Africa To Start Placing Tattoo On Privates Of People With HIV/AIDS
  22. ISIS Smashes Thieves’ Heads With Concrete Blocks :PHOTOS
  23. Goggled Products In African Countries In One Crazy Map
  24. Irish Priest Jailed For Using IRA To Intimidate Nephew
  25. Breaking News Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe Refuses To Shake Hand With Zulu King’s
  26. Zimbabweans Angry Over Mugabe’s Tribal Comments
  27. Eight Dead In Mexico As Police Battle with Vigilantes
  28. Boko Haram Lands In Zimbabwe, en route South Africa
  29. Colombian Ex-Secret Police Head Jailed For 14 Years For Spying
  30. Indonesian Envoy Defends Execution Of 4 Nigerians
  31. 14 French Soldiers Implicated In Central African Republic Child Rape Probe
  32. 10 Men Involved In Assassination Of Malala Yousafzai Jailed For Life
  33. Xenophobic Attacks: President Zuma Calls President Jonathan
  34. Breaking News 15 Killed, Six Missing In Kenya Flash Floods
  35. France Investigating Child Abuse In Central African Republic
  36. South African women narrate discrimination they face for marrying Nigerian men
  37. List Of All Migrants Who Died In The Mediterranean :PHOTOS
  38. North Korean Leader Has Reportedly Executed 15 people This Year
  39. UN Peacekeepers Repel Rebel Attack In Timbuktu
  40. Teenage Boy Rescued After 5 Days Following Nepal Earthquake
  41. Egyptian Woman's Disguised Herself For 42 Yrs To Make Ends Meet
  42. Togo's Defeated Opposition Leader Rejects Election Result
  43. FG Ordered The Return Of Corpses Of 4 Nigerians Executed In Indonesia
  44. Prince Mohammed bin Nayef Appointed The New Crown Prince Of Saudi Arabia
  45. Drones Used To Help Aid Relief Operations In Nepal
  46. More Nigerians Will Still Be Executed In Indonesia, Says Hon. Abike Dabiri
  47. Australia Withdraws Her Ambassador From Indonesia After The Execution Of Bali 9
  48. Togo's President, Faure Gnassingbe Wins 3rd Term
  49. Xenophobic: Normalcy Gradually Returns To Multichoice
  50. Togo Re-elected Faure Gnassingbe As President
  51. Xenophobia: ICC To Probe President Zuma & Zulu king
  52. Indonesia Convicts Sang Praise To God Before Execution
  53. 4 Month Old Baby Found Alive After 4 Days In Nepal Earthquake Rubble :PHOTOS
  54. Indonesian Firing Squad Head To Prison Island Where 9 Men Were Executed :PHOTOS
  55. Indonesia Executes 8 Prisoners Including 4 Nigerians, Spares Filipino Woman At Last Minute
  56. Burundi Government Blocks WhatsApp & Viber Access
  57. 22-Year-Old Woman Married To 5 Brothers :PHOTOS
  58. Nigerian Man Arraigned In UK Court For Stealing Mobile Phones
  59. South Africans Are Full Of Anger & Pains -SA President, Jacob Zuma
  60. Nigeria Didn’t Recall South Africa Ambassador -Minister
  61. Jacob Zuma: S'Africa Is Not A Xenophobic Nation In An Open Letter To Mozambican Writer
  62. Letter From Mozambican Writer Mia Couto To South Africa President Zuma
  63. 20 Year Old Nigerian Shot Dead In UK
  64. Families & Supporters Of 9 Drug Traffickers In Indonsia Say Their Final Goodbye
  65. Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir Has Been Re-elected
  66. 12 Yemeni Rebels killed In Saudi-led Strikes
  67. Nepal Earthquake Kills More Than 2,500 People & Hundreds Missing :VIDEO
  68. Facebook & Google Lend A Helping Hand
  69. 4 Nigerians To Be Executed In Indonesia For Drug Trafficking :PHOTOS
  70. Breaking News President Obama’s Email Hacked By Russian Hackers
  71. S'African Govt Express Displeasure Over Nigerian Govt Decision To Recall Her Envoy
  72. Hon Patrick Obahiagbon Response To South Africa Xenophobia Attacks
  73. Earthquake Struck Nepal 876 People Confirmed Dead
  74. Top 10 Happiest & Unhappiest Countries In Africa
  75. Top 10 Unhappiest Countries In Africa
  76. Top 10 Happiest Countries In Africa
  77. 2 Gay Stoned To Death After A Hug From The Executioner :PHOTOS
  78. Pakistani Woman Burnt Alive By husband, father-in-law For Going Out Without Permission
  79. Four Nigerians To Be Executed In Indonesia Today
  80. South African Minister Denied Visa To Visit Israel
  81. AU Wants Creation Of United States Of Africa
  82. SERAP Drags South Africa To ICC Over Xenophobia Attack
  83. Over 103 Nigerian Products Rejected Globally, Says FG
  84. Obama Takes Blame For Strike That Killed 2 Hostages
  85. Indonesia To Execute Nigerians, Others By Firing Squad
  86. 86 Year Old Nun Gang-raped & Murdered In South Africa
  87. UK Home Officer Ordered To Bring Back Mother & Son Deported To Nigeria
  88. Swaziland King Fires Minister Of Justice, Shongwe
  89. Australia Ordered For Return Of Fake Durex Condoms In Circulation
  90. PHOTOS Of South Africa's President Jacob Zuma Beating A Foreigner
  91. OPC Gives South African 48 Hours To Stop Xenophobic Attacks
  92. Breaking News 11 Men Jailed In Guinea For Life Over Anti-Ebola Officials Killing
  93. Turkey Rescues 30 Syrian Migrants From Sinking Boat
  94. Prince William Goes On Leave Ahead Of Birth
  95. South Africa Deploy Army To Quell Anti-immigrant Attacks
  96. Agbakoba Asks Jonathan To Recall Ambassador to S'Africa :Xenophobic
  97. Greek Police Arrest Two Suspected People Smugglers Over Shipwreck
  98. Xenophobic: Three Arrested For The Murder Of Emmanuel Sithole
  99. Zulu King Pleaded With South Africans To Stop Attacking Foreigners.
  100. Xenophobia: HRG Barricade MTN Office in Edo, To Shut Down South African Businesses In Nigeria
  101. Xenophobia: Video Of South Africans Telling Reporter That They'll Kill Foreigners
  102. Disaster In Mediterranean Sea As Another boat Sinks, 20 Feared Dead
  103. South Africa Arrests 307 Over Xenophobic Attacks
  104. Dabiri-Erewa Blast Zuma, FG On Twitter Over Xenophobia Attack
  105. Russia Denies Selling MiG-29 Fighter Jets To Nicaragua
  106. Three Egyptian Soldiers Killed In Sinai Bomb Blast
  107. Nigeria’s Economic Ties With S’Africa Set To Be Broken: Xenophobia Attack
  108. 700 Migrants Feared Dead In Boat Accident
  109. South African King Zwelithini, Says Foreigners Must Pack & Leave :VIDEO
  110. Zimbabwe Start To Evacuate Its Citizens From South Africa
  111. World's Most Powerful Passports
  112. South Africans Photographed Stealing From Attacked Foreign Stores :PHOTOS
  113. Congo, Malawi Stops South Africans From Entering Their Country
  114. Woman Killed Man For Injuring Her Cervix During S*X :PHOTOS
  115. Foreign-owned Shops Close In Joburg Amid Fears Of Attacks
  116. Nigerians Arm Themselves In Durban From Rampaging Zulu South Africans
  117. Nigerians In UK Get New Chairman
  118. Twitter Blocks 10,000 ISIS Sympathisers’ Accounts
  119. South Africa Claim To Deny Nigerians With Criminal Records Visas
  120. 31 killed In Disastrous Bus Accident In Morocco :PHOTOS
  121. Pro-Islamic State Hackers Hit French TV Station
  122. One killed, 18 injured As Sudan Gas Tanker Explode
  123. More Than 20 Yemen Rebels Killed In Air Raids, Ambush
  124. Boston Marathon Bomber Found Guilty, Faces Death Penalty
  125. ISIL Group Released 200 Yazidi Captives
  126. Indian Police Kill Five Terror Suspects On Their Way To Court
  127. Kenyan Air Strikes Destroy Al-Shabab Camps In Somalia
  128. South African President 'April Fools' Local media
  129. Al-Shabaab Threatens More Attacks In Kenya
  130. 185 Dead As Fight For Control Of Aden Heightens In Yemen
  131. Story On The Child Sex Trade in Cambodia
  132. 7 Men Accused Of Raping A Nun In India Appeared In Court
  133. US Man Freed After 30yrs On Death Row
  134. France Parliament Approves Measure Making Use of Anorexic Models a Crime
  135. French President Invites Buhari To Paris Talks
  136. Germanwings crash: Second Alps flight recorder found
  137. 9 Britons Arrested At Turkey Border With Syria
  138. Suicide Bomber Kills 17 Protesters in Afghanistan
  139. Breaking News Al Qaeda Fighters Storms Prison, Free 270 from Yemen
  140. Baby Born With Elephant Trunk Deformity Is Now The New god In India :PHOTO
  141. China Denounced Google For Deciding Not To Recognise The Agency’s Authority
  142. Palestine Formally Attained Membership Of The ICC
  143. 20 Killed, 36 Injured In Afghanistan Suicide Bombing
  144. 9 people killed in fatal storm in Germany, Austria
  145. UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon Congratulates Buhari
  146. Obama Praises Nigeria’s President For Conceding Defeat
  147. Tony Blair Praises Nigeria's Conduct Of Polls
  148. Gunman Storms Turkey Ruling Party Office
  149. 23 Killed In Yemen Factory Airstrike
  150. Obama to Attain GES in Kenya
  151. Top 15 Wealthiest Royals
  152. Guinea declares 45-day health emergency
  153. Airbus A320 Air Canada plane crashes on runway at Halifax airport
  154. Top 10 construction companies in the world
  155. US Declare Health Emergency Following HIV Outbreak
  156. Russian President’s New Luxury Super Sized Jet :CHECK PHOTOS
  157. Germanwings crash: Co-pilot 'Treated For Depression
  158. US Unleashes Terror On ISIL In Tikrit
  159. German Police seize co-pilot's Possessions, Significant Clue Allegedly Found
  160. Yemeni President Escapes To Saudi Arabia
  161. Breaking News Many Injured As Building Collapse In New York
  162. Ex-Liberian President Charles Taylor To Remain In UK Prison
  163. British Prime Minister Writes Jonathan Ahead Of Saturday’s Elections
  164. French Cut Its Budget Deficit
  165. Ukraine Government Officials Arrested For Corruption On Live TV(VIDEO)
  166. Journalists Receives Execution Threat From Thai Prime Minister
  167. French Economy Sheds More Jobs Ahead Of Local polls
  168. EU Set To Blacklist Iranian Shipping Companies
  169. Somali Pirates Move Towards India
  170. Pilot Locked Out Of Cockpit Before Germanwings Plane Crash
  171. France Open Germanwings Black Box, Seals Off Crash Site
  172. Pakistan Praise Nigeria Troops Over Fight Against B’Haram
  173. Egypt Plans £30bn New Capital Structures In Desert
  174. South Sudan Extends Term Of President & Parliament
  175. Russia Set To Build Jordan’s First Nuclear Power Plant
  176. Latest Updated On Germanwings Plane Crash
  177. Crashed Plane was ‘in good condition’ -Lufthansa
  178. Beef Ban Stirs Controversy In India
  179. Afghan Woman Lynched Over Koran-burning Innocent -Interior Minister
  180. US Too Late On Drone Rules -Amazon
  181. UNICEF Reports Children Freed By Cobra Fraction
  182. Israel Denies Spying On US-Iran Nuclear Talks
  183. UK Inflation Rate Falls To Zero In February
  184. France President Expresses His Sympthy To Germanwings
  185. Breaking News Germanwings Airliner Crashes In French Alps
  186. Gunmen Kill 13 Bus Passengers In Afghanistan
  187. One Tunisian Soldier Killed, Two Injuried In Landmine Blast
  188. Brainwashed Foreign Medical Students Went To Syria
  189. Japanese Row Over U.S. Island Base Move Deepens
  190. Greece Must Pay Its Debts - Merkel
  191. Netanyahu Regret Comments Offended Israeli Arabs
  192. Ex-Senegalese President's Son Sentenced To 6 Years Imprisonment For Corruption
  193. Breaking News At Least 22 Dead In Peru Multi-Vehicle Collision
  194. MSF And WHO Trade Blame Over Slow Ebola Response
  195. Egypt Honours Woman Who Dressed As Man To Work
  196. Wife Flees With Kids To Join ISIS, Left Husband In Tears
  197. Measles Outbreak: Guinea, Liberia & Sierra Leone Riped
  198. Singapore’s 1st Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Dies At 91
  199. Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew Dies On At 91
  200. Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew Dies On At 91
  201. Our Army Of Hackers Are Ready For Any Cyber-Attack From Our Enemies -China
  202. Dozens Of Terrorists Dead In Pakistan
  203. Al Jazeera's Journalists On Trial In Egypt
  204. UK PM To Meet Party Leaders Ahead Of Election
  205. Libyan Army Promise To Take Back Tripoli From Terrorists Within Hours
  206. ISIS Releases 100 Names And Addresses Of US Military Members To Be Killed
  207. Libya Crisis Could Destabilise The Whole Region -UN
  208. Museum Attack Plotters Trained In Libya -Tunisia
  209. 20 Killed, 70 Injuried In Syria Twin Bomb Blasts
  210. 5 Babies Found Dead In Freezer
  211. More Than 10,000 Catfish Wash Offshore & Litter Streets Of Kaili City In China :PHOTOS
  212. Government Officials Fined N96,000 For Breeding Tigers Without Permission
  213. Racism: Protest Hits Virginia After Black Youth Was brutalized During Arrest
  214. Tunisian Authorities Have Arrested 9 People Linked To Museum Attack
  215. 1st Direct Flight Between US/CUBA Takes Off
  216. Mugshots That Show How US Police Handle Black & While Culprits
  217. The 15 Most Dangerous Cities In The World Are...
  218. Yemen President Flee Palace After Missile Was Fired At Compound
  219. Parents Climb School Wall To Assist Their kids Cheat During Exams
  220. Serial Rapist Sentenced To Life In Prison
  221. Wrongly Accused Woman Burnt To Death
  222. Robert Durst Arrested With Latex Mask In Attempt To Change Identity
  223. We'll Prosecute Any Nigerian Politician That Promotes Violence -UN
  224. Hard Rock Founder Peter Morton $10Mn Mansion Caught Fire
  225. Germany Bans Uber
  226. Tunisian President Vows War Against Terrorism
  227. Husband Organizes Friends To Gang-rapes Wife
  228. In Ogun PDP Members Fight Over Goodluck Jonathan's Campaign Money
  229. US:3 children Stabbed To Death In Community Attack
  230. Germany: Hundreds Injured And Arrested In Riot Against European Central Bank
  231. 20 Libyan Medical Workers Kidnapped By ISIS
  232. Ugandan Lady Stripped & Abused In India
  233. Indian Man Arrested For Tying 8-yr Old Daughter To A Motorcycle
  234. DR Congo Government To Deport Activists From Senegal and Burkina Faso
  235. 19 Tourists Shot Dead, 30 Held Hostages In Tunisia Museum
  236. Ex-Ivory Coast First Lady Appeals Jail Term
  237. China Is Now The 3rd Largest Arms Exporter
  238. Saddam Hussein's tomb destroyed in fight
  239. 3 kidnapped Canadian company workers found dead in Mexico
  240. South African Police offer 100,000 rands reward for arrest of robbers who attacked Vuyu Mvoko
  241. Vuyo Mvoko Update; 2 men arrested in connection to journalist's robbery
  242. Ebola Affected countries are likely to have a measles outbreak, US researchers warn
  243. 1 killed, 2 injured as medical helicopter crashes
  244. Haiti: Country sets election dates after 3 year delay
  245. Nigeria & Morrocco Spat Over Royal Phone Call
  246. Pakistan Restart Execution Of Death Row Prisoners
  247. 14 Year Old American Girl Killed After Facebook Argument
  248. Man Accused Of Fatally Stabbing Five Neighbors In Japan
  249. FG Makes Moves To Stop Execution Of 3 Nigerians In Indonesia
  250. Ivory Coast First Lady Sentenced To 20 Yrs Imprisonment