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  1. Two Young Nigerians Suspected To Be On Their Way To Join ISIS
  2. ISIS Executes 19 Girls For Refusing To Have S*x With Fighters :PHOTOS
  3. Gunmen Shoot Leading Burundi Human Rights Activist
  4. UK To Jail illegal Migrants’ Landlords
  5. Sierre Leone Records Two New Cases Of Ebola
  6. US Set To Lift Arms Embargo On Nigeria
  7. Former Saudi Soldier Jailed For Joining ISIS
  8. Anti-Houthi Forces Recapture Yemen’s Largest Army Base
  9. 16yr old girl who was stabbed at Jerusalem Gay Pride dies from her wounds
  10. 22yr Old Turkish Woman Commits Suicide After Being Raped By Her Brother
  11. Bill Gate's wife carries water on her head and washes dishes in Malawi
  12. CEO who set his firm's minimum wage to $70K hits hard times
  13. Leopard Injured 5 Indian Villagers Before Being Killed :PHOTOS
  14. Private Jet Owned By Bin Laden Family Crashes In London, 4 dead
  15. Mark Zuckerberg The Owner Of Facebook Shared This Romantic & Motivating Words
  16. Palestinian prisoner becomes a father after smuggling out his sperm to his wife
  17. Photos of Buhari at state dinner in Cameroon
  18. Tony Elumelu met President Obama in Kenya :Photos
  19. Video: Cameroonian TV Hails Buhari Impeccable Timing Of Arrival
  20. American Dentist Paid $55,000 To kill Zimbabwe’s Famous Lion
  21. Breaking News Earthquake Strikes U.S.
  22. Young Nepalese boy slain in human sacrifice ritual
  23. Wedding shootout in Afghanistan kills 21 people
  24. Nigerian man writes bounced cheque to his client, then kills her in LA after she complains
  25. President Obama Arrives Ethiopia :PHTOS
  26. Patrick Leahy, US Senator Calls Nigerian Soldiers ‘rapists’
  27. Photos of Obama in Kenya, has lunch with his extended family members
  28. Burundi's President Nkurunziza Wins Controversial 3rd Term
  29. Pregnant ISIS suicide bomber arrested just before she could detonate bomb on her
  30. Nigerian Man Allegedly Killed By South African Police
  31. Obama’s grandmother arriving at the Jomo Kenyatta International airport :PHOTOS
  32. 13yr Old Female Suicide Bombers Attack Cameroon Central Market, 13 Killed
  33. Saudi Military Plane Arrives In Yemen Airport
  34. Burundi election: Votes counted as Pierre Nkurunziza seeks third term
  35. Beijing Arrests 5 For Uniqlo s*x Tape That Went Viral
  36. Grooveshark Co-founder Found Dead At 28
  37. BVN: Central Bank Sets Up Centre In South Africa
  38. US Marines Name Victims In Chattanooga Shootings
  39. Seven Mexico Prison Officers Charged Over Guzman Escape
  40. Nigerian, Ghanaian & Egyptian Migrant Kidnapped By ISIS :PHOTOS
  41. Italian Prime Minister Wears Bullet Proof Vest To Meet Kenya's President :PHOTOS
  42. Obama Becomes 1st Sitting president To Visit Prison, Pushes Reform
  43. ISIS Releases Video Of A Child Beheading A Syrian Army Captain :PHOTOS
  44. Deadly Typhoon Kills Two, Grounds Flights In Japan
  45. UN Commends Libya For Signing Peace Agreement
  46. I Believe Jesus Would Approve Of Gay Marriage - Ex U.S President
  47. Gunman Kills 4 Marines At US Military Sites
  48. Cameroon Bans Use Of Muslim Veil After Series Of Boko Haram Attacks
  49. Nigerian Jailed In UK For Falsely Used Online Photo Of US Soldier To Dupe 2 Women
  50. 7 Killed In Anti-Drug Raids In Philippines
  51. China Begins Construction Of ‘World’s Tallest’ Dam
  52. Germany Minister To Visit Iran
  53. British soldier who raped a 6yr old girl in her home in Austria while drunk is jailed for 9 years
  54. New York City has settled with the family of Eric Garner for $5.9m
  55. Breaking News 5000 Naked People To Protest In Nairobi Ahead Of Pres. Obama's Visit
  56. Iran, World Powers Clinch Nuclear Deal
  57. Nairobi Prepares For Nude Protest Against Obama's “aggressive support for homosexuality”
  58. ISIS Blows Up A Booby-trapped Baby While Teaching Militants how to use explosives
  59. Boko Haram Kills 14 In Twin Suicide Bombings In Cameroon
  60. President Obama Reduces Sentences Of 46 Convicts
  61. Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata Dies At 55
  62. Son Of Boston Police Captain Arrested For Planning Terrorist Attack
  63. Six Nigerian Nationals Extradited from South Africa to Mississippi to Face Fraud Charges
  64. Tibetan Monk Tenzin Delek Rinpoche Dies In China prison
  65. Prince William Starts New Helicopter Rescue Job
  66. Boko Haram Attacks Kills 12 In Cameroon
  67. Republican Rubio raises $12 million for 2016 White House bid
  68. Over 500 Nigerian Refugees Return From Chad :PHOTOS
  69. Mexican Drug Lord Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman Escapes From Prison
  70. Breaking News ISIS Threatens US. Shares A Photo Of A Beheaded Statue Of Liberty
  71. Disguised Boko Haram Fighter Arrested Near Suicide Attack In Chad :PHOTOS
  72. Turkey Detains 21 On Suspicion Of Belonging To Militant Group
  73. Official photos from Royal baby, Princess Charlotte's christening
  74. Chile Legalizes Marijuana
  75. Prince William and Kate Middleton loved up at Wimbledon :PHOTOS
  76. Police Say This Baby-faced 12 Year Old Is An Assasin
  77. North Korean Leader Executes Aquarium Boss After Baby Turtles Starve To Death
  78. Beyonce's Body Made Into An Architectural Design :PHOTOS
  79. Dozens Of ISIS Fighters Killed From Poisoned Food After Breaking Ramadan Fast
  80. German kickboxer, Valdet Gashi killed in Syria 6 months after joining ISIS
  81. Nigerian Man Sentenced To Life In Prison For Drug Trafficking In Indonesia
  82. British-Nigerian Woman Wins Six-figure Payout Against Her Employer
  83. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Refuses To Dismiss Murder Case Against Suge Knight
  84. Breaking News Air Strike Kills IS Leader In Syria
  85. US Gay Marriage: Robert Mugabe Asks Obama To Marry Him
  86. Yemen conflict: 'Islamic State car-bomb' strikes Sanaa funeral
  87. Japan Bullet Train Self-immolation Fire Kills Two
  88. Indonesia Transport Plane Crash: At Least 37 Killed
  89. Catania President Paid £71,000 To Fix Five Matches
  90. UK Anti-Doping Confirms Investigation
  91. NY Prison Escapee Shot Twice & Captured Alive By State Trooper
  92. 18 Year Old SA Girl Burnt To Death by boyfriend's ex-girlfriend & her friends :PHOTOS
  93. Popular Beach Hotel in Tunisia attacked by terrorists, at least 27 tourists killed
  94. Breaking News U.S Supreme Court Legalizes Same-sex Marriage Nationwide
  95. Family Suffers Harassment for 5-year-old Daughter's Name
  96. All Photos From The Suicide Bombing Which Killed 27 In Kuwait Mosque
  97. Former presidential aide Reno Omokri lands US TV deal
  98. Indonesian Vice President Seeks To Curb mosque noise
  99. Eight Killed In Syria Car Bombing
  100. Retrial of Al Jazeera staff to resume in Cairo
  101. Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Apologises To Victims After He Was Sentenced To Death
  102. Pakistan Heatwave Death Toll Rises To 1,200
  103. Police Raid Toyota Headquarters After Julie Hamp Arrest
  104. Queen Could Move Out Of Buckingham Palace
  105. France summons US Envoy Over Spying Claims
  106. Jamaica Government Website Hacked By Islamic State Hackers
  107. Breaking News Cholera outbreak kills 18 in south Sudan
  108. Cote d’Ivoire Frees 48 Child Slaves, Arrests Traffickers
  109. Queen Elizabeth Visits Germany
  110. North Korea Bans Instagram
  111. Pakistan Calls For Urgent Measures As Heatwave Toll Tops 450
  112. Rwandan Spy Chief Karenzi Karake Arrested In London
  113. Breaking News Taliban Attack Afghanistan Parliament In Kabul
  114. Queen Of England Honours Four Nigerians
  115. China Arrests After Hundreds Attack Police In Hunan province
  116. India Toxic Alcohol kills 84 In Mumbai
  117. Obama Condemns 'Blight' Of Racism
  118. ISIS Breaking New Ground As New Leader In Terror Groups
  119. Dylan Roof Smirks Again As He's Escorted In Chains Onto A Plane To Be Extradited :PHOTOS
  120. Faces Of Some Of The People Who Died In Charleston Church Massacre
  121. UN Appeals for $1.6bn for war-ravaged Yemen
  122. Donald Trump Wants Oprah Winfrey As His Running Mate
  123. Canadian Government Websites Go Dark After 'Cyber Attack'
  124. Chad Bombs Boko Haram Bases In Nigeria
  125. Chad Bans Islamic Face Veil After Suicide Bombings
  126. What Is The Full Meaning Of IMF
  127. Full Meaning Of AU
  128. What Is The Full Meaning Of UN
  129. Full Meaning Of UNO
  130. UN vows to support African efforts to end South Sudan War
  131. Rwanda's ruling party says wants Kagame to run again
  132. Uganda's Amama Mbabazi Challenges President Yoweri Museveni
  133. Sudan leader Bashir flies out of South Africa
  134. Chad suicide attacks kill many in N'Djamena
  135. Queen to attend Magna Carta commemorations
  136. Colombian ELN commander 'killed by army'
  137. South Africa court to rule on Sudan's Omar al-Bashir arrest
  138. Malawi Release coach Young Chimodzi from contract
  139. North Korea soldier walks over DMZ and defects
  140. Madagascar constitutional court throws out impeachment
  141. Sex, lies, & Debt potentially exposed by the latest hack of US data from China
  142. Hong Kong Police Seize Explosives Ahead Of Political Reform Vote
  143. Tanzania Govt Hailed On Taxation of Imported Sugar
  144. Fresh MERS Death Reports In South Korea
  145. Ex-al-Qaeda Leader Killed In US Strike
  146. US military, intelligence personnel records hacked
  147. Six dead, 100 injured in India gas leak
  148. Burundi opposition denounces election commission
  149. China Govt Denies Its Missiles Being Used By Militants
  150. At least 6 Killed In Yemen As Saudi-led Air Strikes Hit Ancient Sanaa
  151. Chinese Government Calls For Border Stability After Myanmar Ceasefire
  152. World's 1st Penis Transplant Patient To Father A Child
  153. U.S. Conduct 23 Air Strikes Against IS Group :PHOTOS
  154. Indonesia companies operating in Nigeria make about $628,005.443
  155. Malaysia Airlines Makes Emergency Landing In Melbourne
  156. Ghana suspends Ebola vaccine trial
  157. Russia Warns US Against Deploying Missiles In Europe
  158. EU Leaders Oppose Cameron On Migrant Reforms
  159. Zimbabwe Phasing Out Local Currency
  160. US Police Officers To Face Charges Over Boy’s Shooting
  161. AU Summit Nigerian delegate robbed in Jozi, South Africa
  162. MERS Outbreak In South Korea Signals Alert To U.S
  163. Russian Cybersecurity Firm Reportedly Hacked
  164. Suicide Bomber Attacks Egypt’s Karnak Temple
  165. President Obama To Send 500 More Troops To Iraq
  166. Malaysian Govt Arrests Nude Tourists, Accuse Them Of Causing Earthquake With their Nudity :PHOTOS
  167. Egypt Announces Plans On Reducing overpopulation
  168. Burundi’s Opposition Parties Rejects New Election Date
  169. ISIS Captures 88 Eritrean Christians In Libya
  170. White House Press Room Evacuated During Televised Conference After Bomb Threat
  171. Reward Offered In New York Jail Break
  172. Gay men forced to sleep with mother, lesbians raped by brothers
  173. Chinese Businessman pays $2.35 million to eat lunch with Warren Buffett
  174. 86 Eritrean Christians heading to Europe kidnapped in Libya :VIDEO
  175. 19 militants, 7 soldiers killed In Dattakhel
  176. Deadly Virus Storms South Korea, 6 killed
  177. Syrian Rebels Give Shout-out To Caitlyn Jenner
  178. Prince George & His Little Sister, Princess Charlotte :PHOTOS
  179. ECOWAS Court To handle 32 Cases Involving Nigeria, Cote D’Ivoire, Others
  180. Romania's President Urges Prime Minister To Resign Over Corruption Allegations
  181. Syrian Warplanes Bomb Islamic State Near Hasaka
  182. Kenyan President, Uhuru Signs Division Of Revenue Bill Into Law
  183. Princess Charlotte To Be Christened Next Month
  184. Greece Postpones IMF Payment, Snap Elections Possible
  185. Earthquake Strikes Malaysia
  186. Death toll in Ghana disasters now 150, 3 days mourning declared
  187. Breaking News China Hacks U.S. Government
  188. China Hacks U.S. Government, 4 Million Identities Compromised
  189. Rick Perry Confirms He Is Running For Us Presidential Seat
  190. Jeb Bush Enter US Presidential Race
  191. Ukraine Miners Trapped Underground Are Being Evacuated
  192. Mauritius Appoints First Woman President
  193. Indonesia Military Website Hacked By Nigeria Hackers
  194. Former Egyptian President To Be Taken Back To Court
  195. Ghana Petrol Station Inferno Kills 90 In Accra
  196. Telegraph UK Hails Sahara Reporter’s Journalist For Roasting Mugabe
  197. Two Confirmed Dead In Ghana Flood
  198. U.S Launch 18 Air Strikes Against Militants In Iraq
  199. Indian Police Arrest Pigeon Accused Of Spying For Pakistan
  200. Zimbabwe Hits Back At Nigerian “Boko Haram” Scribes
  201. Madagascar President Challenges Impeachment In Court
  202. 545 People Die Of Meningitis In Niger
  203. Egypt Court Postpones Mursi Death Sentence
  204. Lion Kills American Woman In South African Wildlife Park :PHOTOS
  205. Buhari Has Started Like Jonathan, Says Sagay
  206. East African Leaders Urge Burundi To Delay Elections
  207. Beau Biden:U.S Vice President’s Son Dies Of Brain Cancer
  208. John Kerry,US Secretary Injured In Bike Crash
  209. Burundian President Suffers A Big Blow As Burundi Election Official Flees
  210. Zimbabwe Court Bans Arrest of S*x Workers
  211. U.S Removes Cuba From sponsors of terror list
  212. India Heat Wave Tests Water Supply, Kills 1,800
  213. Strong Earthquake Hits Off Japan Coast
  214. Spain Charges Boko Haram Abubakar Shekau With Crimes Against Humanity
  215. Saudi Arabia To Build World’s Largest Hotel In Mecca
  216. Kenyan Lawyer Offers Livestock To Marry Obama’s Daughter
  217. Pentagon Mistakenly Shipped Live Anthrax To Labs
  218. Singapore Airlines Airbus Plunges 13,000 Feet As Both Engines Fail In Bad Weather
  219. Cameroonians Raise 3m Euros To Help Army Fight Boko Haram
  220. Bird Flu Hits Ghana, Confirmed On Two Farms
  221. Libya Prime Minister Escapes Assassination Attempt In Tobruk
  222. British Ex-convict Wanted For Alleged $8.8m Fraud In Nigeria
  223. Organisation Releases 500,000 US Diplomatic Cables From 1978
  224. Madagascar MPs Vote To Impeach President Rajaonarimampianina
  225. Hamas Gaza Has Killed & Tortured Palestinian Civilians - Amnesty
  226. ISIS Burn Woman Alive For Refusing To Take Part In Extreme S*X Act :PHOTOS
  227. Heat Wave In India Kills More Than 500 People
  228. Kenyan Police Clash With Al-Shabab In Garissa County
  229. Mexico Tornado Kills At Least 13 In Seconds
  230. US Marine & His Bride Play Before Wedding :PHOTOS
  231. ISIS Execute 400 Women, Children In Syria City Of Palmyra
  232. Chinese Restaurant Were Short Skirt Means Cheap Meal
  233. Alina Kabaeva Pregnant For Russian President, Vladimir Putin
  234. Al Shabaab Attacks Village In Kenya’s Garissa
  235. Indian Mum Places Advert For A Husband For Her Son
  236. ISIS Executes A Man With Rocket-propelled Grenad In Shocking New Video
  237. Over 900 Migrants Rescued At Sea In Italy
  238. Burundi President Playing Football While His People Are Protesting Over His 3rd Term Bid :PHOTOS
  239. Kim Jong-un Orders Execution Of Military Officers For Failure To Give Soldiers Bigger Rice Portion
  240. MTN Staff Protest In South Africa :PHOTOS
  241. Nigerian Soldiers Undergo Special Training In Russia
  242. Earthquake Hits The Solomon Islands
  243. Yemen Set For Peace Talks – UN
  244. 10 Canadians Arrested For Trying To Join Jihadist Groups
  245. Indian Nurse Dies After 42 Years In Coma From Rape
  246. Palestinians Banned From Riding Same Buses As Israelis
  247. South Africa New Sensational Murder Case
  248. Burundi’s President Delays Parliamentary Elections
  249. Kenya Massacre Mall Set To Reopen In July
  250. Algerian Army Kills 21 Extremists Who Planned To Hit Capital