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  1. Hillary Shades Donald Trump In Points-Win
  2. I'd Skip Next Debates If I Were Trump - Giuliani
  3. Scandal Of US Weapons Dropped To Daesh
  4. Trump Launches Crooked Hillary Snapchat Filter For Debate
  5. UN Security To Hold Emergency Meeting On Syria
  6. ISIS Kills Its Members Who Fled Sharqat Battle Using A Bulldozer
  7. Trump Should Not Be US President: NYT - Washington Post
  8. Election In November Is Plain Scary
  9. Cumbria's Labour MPs Calls For Unity As Corbyn Wins Re-election
  10. Kim Kardashian Quit trump And To Vote For Hillary Clinton
  11. US-Turkey Lurch To World War In Syria
  12. Dollar Dips Ahead Of US Presidential Debate
  13. NASA Denies Announcing To Find Aliens TODAY
  14. Why are non-Americans so worried about Trump winning?
  15. Hillary And Her Top Allies Plan Post-Debate Blitz
  16. Kim Kardashian Suddenly Considering Voting For Donald Trump
  17. Intense Syrian, Russian Strikes Kill 25 In Aleppo
  18. Government forces gain ground near aleppo
  19. Syrian Forces Advance In Eastern Aleppo
  20. Jeremy Corbyn Re-elected As Labour Leader
  21. Now Labour Must Unite And Turn Fire On The Tories
  22. Trump doesn’t want cnn’s anderson cooper as debate moderator
  23. Trump An Embarrassment Springsteen Tells Norway
  24. 160 ISIS Terrorists killed In Iraqi
  25. Author fights back at isis with gay jihadi erotica
  26. ISIL Tests Worst Execution Methods In Mosul
  27. Briton Charged For Dismembered Body Found In Freezer In Bangkok
  28. France Aims To Move Calais Refugees To Reception Centres
  29. Dozens Feared Dead After Bus Plunges Into River In Pakistan
  30. South Korea Shows Plan To Assassinate Kim Jong Un
  31. Vehicles And Tanks For ISIS Terrorists Destroyed In Deir Ezzor
  32. Ten Percent Fall In Finance Job Openings After Brexit Vote
  33. Rocket Projectile Fired From Syria Hits Kilis
  34. After islam, a painful return for residents of iraq's fallujah
  35. A New Combatant Unite With The ugly Civil war In Syria
  36. Isis Has Chemical Weapons
  37. FBI Evaluating Plane Row Claims - Brad Pitt
  38. Why Hillary Clinton Is Still Going To Win
  39. Donald Trump On Charlotte Protests
  40. ISIL, Fatah Al-Sham Terrorists Pinned Down in Homs
  41. ISIS Terrorists Being Eliminated Particularly In Iraq: UK Defense Secretary
  42. Boris Johnson Didn't Want Brexit To Evolve
  43. Lloyd’s Of London Facing A Perfect Storm As Brexit bites
  44. Trump Cuts Into Clinton’s Lead In Virginia: poll
  45. Hillary Clinton Is Winning
  46. Over 700 Terrorists Lay Down Arms In Sweida
  47. President Assad Accuse US For Syria Truce Collapse
  48. Army Intelligence Detains Daesh Prince Imad Yasseen
  49. Myanmar's Invisible Child Servants - Beaten And Burnt
  50. Hundreds Of Scientists Blast Trump’s Stance On Climate
  51. Cruz warms To Donald Trump
  52. Hong Kong Reveils What Post-Brexit Britain Looks Like
  53. Scots Deals Showcases Brexit Fears Receding
  54. Singapore Pair Tried to Purchase iPhones At Airport Without Flying
  55. State Of Emergency Amid Protests In US
  56. Clinton Leads Trump New WSJ/NBC Poll
  57. Obama Appreciates Merkel For Open Refugee Policy
  58. Syrian Army Repels Terrorists Attack On Gov't Forces Positions In Western Ghouta
  59. Obama Praises Portugal For Refugee Commitment
  60. Trump’s Stupid Excuses On Taxes
  61. Facebook Post Says About George HW Bush To Vote For Clinton
  62. Five Cuban Volleyball Players Jailed For Gang Rape
  63. South Korea, US to simulate Attack On Nuclear Facility
  64. President Obama Warns Against Trump's Anti-refugee Rhetoric In Final UN Speech
  65. Number Of Undocumented Immigrants Donald Trump Wants Out Of The Country
  66. Why Europe Secretly Roots For Donald Trump
  67. Russian aircraft destroyed Syria aid convoy - US officials
  68. Russian, Syrian Air Forces Did Not Strike UN Aid Convoy In Aleppo
  69. Turkey Can Destroy DAESH Without US Help
  70. Russia Astonished As US Blames It For Syria Aid Strike
  71. The 100 Rules for Being an Entrepreneur (Confidential)
  72. Air Strikes Hit Aid Convoy As Syria Declares Ceasefire Over
  73. Russia-Syria Land Offensive In Aleppo underway - sources
  74. Trump Gains Momentum
  75. Halerious Internet Responds To Trump Jr's Comparison Between Refugees And Skittles
  76. EU President Warns Sparks Concern For Migrant Roles In Farming
  77. It is time to shine a light on the islamic state’s hidden executions
  78. Saudi Arabia Arrests 17 Islamic State Attack Plotters
  79. Austria Lays Groundwork For Hungarian Border Fence
  80. Cessation Of Hostilities Is Indispensable
  81. World Must Get Tough With Refugees - Britain's right-wing PM
  82. Syrian Army Regains Control Over South Aleppo Outskirts With Russian Air Cover
  83. International Court To Hear Kenya-Somalia Border Dispute
  84. The Trump Surge
  85. Ex-Diplomat Predicts-Trump Win Could Lead Obama To Back 2-state Move At UN
  86. New York bombing: Five Suspects Detained After Manhattan Explosion
  87. Erdogan-Turkish Military Plans A Safe Zone In Syria
  88. US-Made Bomb Used In A Deadly Strike On Yemen hospital
  89. Politics Takes Over At Emmys Alongside Winners
  90. Dangers In Trump’s Deal Making [David Ignatius]
  91. Australian PM Regrets Loss Of Life In US-led Strike - Syria conflict
  92. Revenge: Syrian Army Shoot Down US Spy Drone Over Deir ez-Zor
  93. Rockets Strike Rebel-Held Areas In Aleppo Amid Fragile Ceasefire
  94. Preparing To Retake Mosul From Islamic
  95. ISIS Uses PLASTIC BAGS To Hide Mines In Latest Attempt To take Down Aircrafts
  96. Turkey military: Daesh Positions Bombed In Syria
  97. Turkish Air Strike Hits Daesh Targets In Northern Syria
  98. Soap Actor Drowns After Cries For Help Are Mistaken For Acting
  99. British Embassy In Turkey Is CLOSED Over 'ISIS Plot To Attack Uk And Garman
  100. Half A MILLION Refugees Using 'Covert' Routes To Get Into Europe
  101. Police Distroys New Paris Tent Camp Housing 1500 Migrants
  102. Moving Migrants Out Of France’s ‘jungle’
  103. Russia Talks With US To Reveal Syria Ceasefire Pact At UN Security Council
  104. Moscow Keeps No Secret Plans To Resolve Syrian Conflict
  105. Hillary Dance Her Way Back Into Tighter Presidential Race
  106. Electile Dysfunction: From Landslide To Loser
  107. Hillary On Trump’s Latest Birther Remarks: ‘This Is Who He Is’
  108. Trump campaign: Obama Was Born In US
  109. ISIS Declares Iraq’s Mosul State Of Emergency
  110. Jewish Woman Flee ISIS
  111. Fighting Fire Via Fire
  112. Jewish Man Arrested For Torching Omar Mateen’s Mosque
  113. We Cannot Be The Little Brown Brothers Of America- Philippines
  114. Michelle Obama: What We Will Miss Most About The White House
  115. One Foreigner Dead And 14 Others Injured After Tourist Boat Explodes In Bali
  116. Israeli Air Force Launches Three Raids On Gaza Strip
  117. Openwork Sees Mortgage Transactions Fall Post-Brexit
  118. The UK Wants To Split Single Market
  119. Talking About Lawsuits Accusing Donald Trump Of Sexually Assaulting A Child
  120. BBC Chair Stops Amid Shake-up Of British Broadcaster
  121. Trump’s Job Loss Exaggeration
  122. Hillary Clinton's Recent Illness
  123. Wada Confirms Another Batch Of Athlete Data Has Been Leaked
  124. Russia Reject Leaking Four US Athletes' Medical Files
  125. Israeli Air Force Launches Three Raids On Gaza Strip
  126. Israeli Planes Hit Gaza After Rocket Fire
  127. Trump Campaign Sides With Netanyahu: Palestinians Seek 'Ethnic Cleansing' Of Jews
  128. Poroshenko To Meet With Clinton, Trump
  129. Mother Of 10-year-old 'Searched For Men To kill Her Daughter'
  130. Pastor Upstruct Trump To Hold Attack On Clinton
  131. Foot Fetishists Are Freaking Out Over Hillary Clinton's Feet
  132. Obama To Lift Sanctions Against Myanmar
  133. Trump Foundation Under Investigation For Suspected 'Indefinatey'
  134. Search Hillary Clinton Collapses At 9/11 Ceremony
  135. Trump’s Puzzling Foreign Policy
  136. Could Dems Plans For Hillary Health-Related Exit?
  137. Thousands March For Independence Across Catalonia
  138. Death Rises in Bangladesh Factory Fire Rises
  139. US Teensforced To Trade Sex Work For Food
  140. Mexicans March For Gay Marriage
  141. North Korea Ready For Another Nuclear Test
  142. Hillary Clinton Diagnosed With Pneumonia
  143. What are the differences between the Chinese dream and the American dream?
  144. Terror Arrests In France
  145. Desperate ECB To Pull Out All The Stops To Save Eurozone From Brexit Shock
  146. The EU's Retreat From US Trade Deal Leaves The Field To Britain
  147. Theresa Is Warned By Chief Donald Tusk That New Trade Deals Will Take A DECADE
  148. Energy Aide To Make Oill Flow Through Dakota Access Pipeline
  149. Hillary Clinton And Trump Self-Destruct At Commander-in-Chief Forum
  150. Japan Warns Brexit
  151. Britain Makes Free Trade Group With Australia Ahead Of Leaving EU
  152. Trump faces national security test with speeches
  153. Children Panting For Air After Suspected Gas Attack In Aleppo
  154. First Face Transplant Patient, Isabelle Dinoire, Dies At 49
  155. Duterte's Tongue The Least Of Obama's Philippine Problem
  156. Russian Women Strip And Ask For Money In Bid To Find A Husband
  157. Clinton Calls Trump Mexico Trip 'Embarrassing International Incident'
  158. People Trapped In Tel Aviv Building Collapse
  159. Explosion Follows Deadly Bombings In Afghan Capital
  160. Syria Rocked By Bombings Claimed By Islamic State As US-Russia Talks Stall
  161. Migrants Dead As 'Jam-Packed' Boat Sinks Off Libyan Coast
  162. Philippine Leader's Remorse For Obama 'Son Of A Whore Insult
  163. 80 Million Unexploded US Bombs Did To Laos
  164. Ibrahim Boubacar Keita Fires Defense Minister After Gunmen Seize Village
  165. Deadly Blasts Hit Government And Kurdish Areas-Syria war
  166. Police Use Tear Gas At Pro-Dilma protest-Brazil
  167. Robert Mugabe Lambasts Zimbabwe Judges Over Protests
  168. EU Migrant Crisis: Calais Protest To Demand Jungle Closure
  169. Youth Protest leaders Win LegCo Seats- Hong Kong election
  170. Angola Yellow Fever Outbreak, Still A Serious Issue – W.H.O
  171. Angola Yellow Fever Outbreak, Still A Serious Issue, Says W.H.O
  172. Gabon Presidency Accuses Ping’s Camp of ‘Coordinated Attacks’
  173. Brazil’s Senate Removes Dilma Rousseff From Office By Impeachment Vote
  174. Kenya’s Anti-graft Chief, Accused Of Conflict Of Interest, Quits
  175. Why did the British people vote Winston Churchill out of office?
  176. Gabon Presidential Election: Ping Asks Bongo To Acknowledge Defeat
  177. Is China colonizing Africa?
  178. Yemen Suicide Attack Claims Dozens’ In Aden
  179. Ceasefire Takes Effect In Colombia After 52 Years
  180. Turkish Air Strikes Kill 25 In Syria
  181. Clinton Attacks Trump’s Outreach To Black Voters
  182. Italy Grieves As State Funeral Held For Victims Of Powerful Quake
  183. Executing Of 22 in Michoacan, Mexico Commission Accuses Police
  184. Turkey Launches Attacks On IS
  185. Clinton Emails To Be Searched As Judge Gives Order
  186. Presidents Nixon And Ford Did Received CIA Secrets Briefings
  187. 10-Year-Old Girl Killing Describe As "Horrific" Crime.
  188. Miners Beat Bolivian Minister To Death
  189. In Mississippi: After Fatal Stabbing Of Two Nuns, Man Arrested
  190. Dhaka Terrorist Killed - Bangladeshi Police:
  191. Doctor: It Took Me Only Five Minute To Declare Trump Medically Fit
  192. Italy Earthquake Survivors Reactions
  193. Brazil President Rousseff's Impeachment Trial Begins In Brazil Senate
  194. After 52 Years Of War, 220,000 Dead, Colombia Now At Peace
  195. Crossbow Killed Three In Toronto
  196. London Protest France Burkini Ban
  197. Trump Calls Clinton 'Bigot' And Defends It
  198. Again: Trump Releases Another Criteria For Immigrant
  199. After Missing For One Month, Czech Tourist Recalls Ordeal
  200. US fires First Warning Shots At Iranian Vessel
  201. In Turkey: 11 Police Killed By Bomb Blast At Checkpoint
  202. After Earthquake, Italy Declares State Of Emergency
  203. In Philippines Over 2000 Dead After Two Months Of Having New President
  204. Barrel Bomb Attack In Syria Leaves Children Dead
  205. Significant Of Turkey Sending Tanks Into Syria
  206. Donald Trump Shift On Deportation Suggestion
  207. US Destroyer Intercepted By Iranian Vessels
  208. Delaware Woman Dies As A Result Of Zip Line Fall
  209. Can Putin Really Broker Peace Between Israel And Palestinians?
  210. Clinton We Are Sure, But What About Trump's Health?
  211. Brexit Leader Farage Backs Trump 'American Independence' Plan
  212. Secret Resistance Fighting ISIS
  213. By Banning Burkini, France Is Following Iran
  214. Survivors Search On As Italy Earth Quake Toll Hits 241
  215. Would-Be ISIS Child Bombe Stopped By Iraq
  216. Israel To Win Election For Donald Trump?
  217. Sex Traffickers Targeting Indigenous Canadians
  218. Trump's Immigration Policy Proposal, Then And Now
  219. North Korea Ballistic Missile From Submarine
  220. Is Chinese Cyber Spies Watching Us?
  221. ISIS: Turkish Troops Launch Into Northern Syria
  222. Earthquake Hits Italy
  223. Is this the biggest traitor in the U.S. history?
  224. North Korea Threatens Nuclear Strike
  225. New Court Documents Reveal More Details About Dylann Roof Case
  226. Trump Lucrative And Controversial Time As An Activist Investor
  227. Businessman Pays Women's Bikini Fines
  228. El Chapo's son freed a week after kidnapping, sources say
  229. Blood Everywhere After Turkey Wedding Blast
  230. Disney Alligator In Florida Saw Boy As Prey
  231. Canada Flood: About 1,500 Americans Wrecked
  232. Mrs Trump Threatens To Sue News Outlets
  233. Iraqi Military Troops Approaches ISIS-Held Mosul
  234. US Top Commander Warns Russia, Syria
  235. Trump Campaign Manager Explain Forced Deportation
  236. NSYNC Manager Lou Pearlman Dies
  237. Al-Shabaab Claims Responsibility For Somali bombings Which Left 23 Dead
  238. Indian Man Had 40 knives Removed From His Stomach Through Sugery
  239. Irish Women Tweet Live Abortion Journey To Great Britain
  240. ISIS Is The Prime Suspect Of Turkey's Wedding Blast - Erdogan
  241. Donald TrumpThe American One-night Stand
  242. Singapor Prime Minister Trembles And Falls During National Day speech
  243. Three Severe Storms Hits Japan
  244. Merkel Sees No End To EU Sanctions Against Russia
  245. John Kerry To Visit Nigeria, Kenya, Saudi Arabia
  246. We Regrets Aid Group's Withdrawal In Yemen
  247. 4-Year-Old Child Says Her Name Is 'Idiot' After Been Abused
  248. Drug Trafficking Fugitive Disguises Himself As An Elderly Man - Police
  249. Clinton Leading Narrowly In Latest Pew Research
  250. US Seal Who Wrote 'No Easy Day' Which Was About Osama Bin Laden Agrees To Pay US