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  1. Landmine Kills 3 Soldiers In Mali
  2. Hong Kong To Investigate Police Warning Shots
  3. Donald Trump Storm With Victory In New Hampire Primary
  4. North Korea Restarts Plutonium Reactor
  5. Top South Africa Court To Rule On Zuma Residence
  6. 8 Dead, 150 Hurt In German Train Crash
  7. Australia Allocates $3m To Feed Displaced Persons In Africa
  8. Haiti President Step Down Without Successor
  9. Turkey Sets New Border Camps For Syrian Refugees
  10. Two Rescued In Taiwan Earthquake
  11. Iraqi Refugee Rapes 10yrs Old Boy, Blames It On Sex Starvation
  12. Guinea Journalist Killed In Clashes Between Opposition Factions
  13. US Election: Clinton And Sanders Debate In New Hampshire
  14. Fouty Injured In Train Derailment In India
  15. German Spy Agency Says ISIS Sending Fighters Disguised As Refugees
  16. Buhari Sympathises With Syria, Applauds Initiative
  17. U.S. Will Act Against Islamic State In Libya If Needed -White House
  18. Congo, U.N. Troops Fire In Air To Stop Ethnic Clash
  19. India Mob Beats, Partly Strips Tanzanian Student
  20. Switzerland Denies Funding Fight Against Boko Haram
  21. Zuma To Repay $23m Spent On Personal Home
  22. Buhari In London To Attend Syria Donor Conference
  23. Japan Military On Alert Over North Korea’s Planned Rocket Launch
  24. Cameroon President Approves The Use Of Witchcraft To Fight Boko Haram
  25. Guatemala Military Trial Starts
  26. US Election: Ted Cruz Wins Iowa Republican Vote
  27. Ethiopia Seeks Donor Support To Meet Drought Needs
  28. Buhari To Seek More Global Unity Against Terrorism In France, Britain
  29. Three Killed In Suspected Islamist Attack In Northern Kenya
  30. 16 Starved To Death’ In Madaya
  31. Syrian Opposition Sets Terms For Geneva Peace Talks
  32. Central African Republic Children Abused By EU Troops - UN
  33. Italian Police Arrest Two Fugitive Mafia Bosses In Underground Bunker
  34. Ex-Ivory Coast President Gbagbo Denies War Crimes
  35. Mosul Dam Could Face Catastrophic Collapse In Iraq
  36. Kenya Judge Phillip Tunoi Probed Over $2m Bribe
  37. Why Rat Poison Is A Big Business In Nigeria
  38. Sudan's Bashir Orders Border With South Sudan To Reopen
  39. Sweden To Expel 80,000 Failed Asylum-seekers
  40. One Killed In Oregon Clash
  41. Lawmakers Seek Firm Action On Murder Of Nigerian In South Africa
  42. All Non English Speaking Muslim Women Will Be Deported - David Cameron
  43. US And EU Finally Lift Iran Nuclear Santion
  44. Buhari Arrive UAE For World Future Energy Summit
  45. Jonathan Receives Award In Atlanta For Advancing Human Rights
  46. Chapo Guzman, The World’s Most-Wanted Drug Lord Recaptured
  47. Breaking News Donald Trump: I Will Lock Museveni And Mugabe In Prison If I Become President
  48. Oil Tycoon Gives $100,000 Christmas Bonus To Each Of His 1,400 Employees
  49. New Obama Appoints A Nigerian As Deputy National Security Adviser
  50. Oh!!Oh. UN To Begin Capacity Training Programme For Women IDPs
  51. New ECOWAS To Implement Common Currency In West Africa
  52. Breaking News 'Muslims To Be Stopped From Entering US'- Donald Trump
  53. ISIS Affliated Terror Group Beheads Three Men Accused Of Spying In Iraq (Photos)
  54. California Attack: We Will Destroy Any Group That Tries To Destroy Us - Obama
  55. Barrack & Michelle Obama hold hands as they arrived looking great at White House reception
  56. Coalition bombing raid kills four soldiers in Syrian
  57. Charlie Sheen's ex-fiancée sues, alleges assault, battery, failure to disclose HIV
  58. Obama's wish list for 2016
  59. Petrol Bomb Kills 12 In Cairo Restaurant
  60. Nigeria, S’Africa, Ghana Poorest In Anti-graft War - Report
  61. US Marine Convicted For Killing Transgender Filipino
  62. Lebanese Hostages Released In Prisoner Swap
  63. Gunmen Kill Four In Egypt
  64. Three Die In U.S Clinic Shooting
  65. North Korea Defends Human Rights Record
  66. Muslim marine's response to Donald Trump goes viral
  67. Explosion Hits Bus Carrying Presidential Guards Tunisia's Capital
  68. World Bank Plan $16bn Deal To Help Africa With Climate Change
  69. Schools & Metro Reopen In Brussels After Paris Attack
  70. Chicago Police Release Dashcam Video Of Fatal Shooting
  71. Hospital In Kunduz Mistaken For Taliban Site
  72. Missing Russian Jet Pilot Alive & Well
  73. Canada Resettle 25,000 Syrian Refugees
  74. Houston School Bus Driver Honored For Saving Students In Bus Fire
  75. Release All Nigerian Detainees Or Face Disband, British Party Warns UK Govt
  76. Suicide Bomb Belt Dumped On Paris Street
  77. Zimbabwe's Mr Ugly Contest Winner Too Handsome
  78. Clock Boy, Ahmed Mohamed Seeks $15m From City & School
  79. Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane On Syria Border
  80. US Republicans Claim American Muslims Cheered 9/11 Attacks
  81. Fiji Police Probe Plot To Destabilise Govt
  82. 90 Dead In Myanmar Jade Mine Landslide
  83. Ghana Millionaire Says He Does Not Pay Tithe
  84. UN To Mobilize Against Boko Haram
  85. Obama Places $5m Bounty On Head Of Key ISIS Terrorist
  86. Muslim Employee Who Saved Lives At Supermarket In Paris Granted Citizenship
  87. Georgia Executes Man Convicted In 1994 Slaying
  88. We wish he had burnt to death, say family of bomb ringleader
  89. IS Sets Up Chemical Weapons Research Unit
  90. British IS Fighter Planned Imminent Attack
  91. Profile Of Man Behind Paris Attacks 'Abdelhamid Abaaoud'
  92. Police Warn Cuts Will 'Impact' Terror Response
  93. Jonathan Pollard Finally Leaves Jail
  94. 170 Hostages In Mali Luxury Hotel
  95. Paris Killers 'Used Refugee Crisis To Slip In'
  96. EasyJet Flight Evacuated Over Bomb Claim
  97. Paris Plotter 'Drank And Smoked' After Attacks
  98. Beijing Vows Justice As ISIS kills Chinese, Norwegian Hostages
  99. ISIS publishes photo of what it says is bomb that downed Russian plane
  100. ISIS Claimed The Killing Of Two More Hostages
  101. Rescued Tanzanian Miners Families Presumed They Died
  102. Senegal To Ban Women Full-face Veil
  103. Was Abdelhamid Abaaoud Killed In Paris police Raid?
  104. India Deploy Troops In South As Floods Kill Dozens
  105. 9 Killed, 100 Injured As Pakistan Train Derails
  106. Egypt Plane Crash, Brought Down By Bomb - Russia
  107. Forty Countries Funding Islamic State – Putin
  108. UN's Ban Ki-moon To Visit North Korea
  109. Angolan Rapper Luaty Beirao Accused Of Rebellion
  110. Breaking News France Are At War - President Hollande
  111. Islamic State Mentions Nigeria In Paris Attacks
  112. France Has Vowed Revenge For The Attacks
  113. France Made Vows: We Will Deal With ISIS
  114. US Confirmed IS Militant 'Jihadi John' Is 99% Captured
  115. 100 Killed In Paris Concert Hall 'Carnage'
  116. France Borders Closed Down After More Than 140 People Die
  117. Bombings & Shootings Across French Capital
  118. UK Govt Denies That Jailed Ex President Charles Taylor Is Dead
  119. University of Bradford scientists predicts what Prince George will look like at ages 7, 20, 40 & 60
  120. United States, EU Report Nigeria To World Trade Organization
  121. US Reward Sor Somalia's Al-Shabab Leaders
  122. David Cameron Sets Out EU Reform Goals
  123. Afghan Hazara Killings Spark Kabul March Of Thousands
  124. Argentina's Underwater Town That Was Submerged For 30 Years
  125. US White Supremacist Sentenced To Death
  126. Syria/Russia Peace Plan Revealed
  127. Camilla Brandishes Knife At Prince Charles During Australia Tour
  128. El Nino Threatens Millions In East & Southern Africa
  129. China's Alibaba Breaks Singles Day Record
  130. Myanmar: President Congratulates Suu Kyi
  131. Trump's Immigration Plan Savaged By Rivals
  132. Ex-child Soldier Fought Sierra Leone's War Against Ebola
  133. Private Jet Crashes Into Ohio Homes
  134. EU Heads To Offer Africa Aid At Malta Summit
  135. South African Police Jailed For Murder
  136. South African Police Jailed For Murder
  137. Syria: Who Are The Groups Fighting Assad?
  138. Senegal Arrests Five Boko Haram Allies
  139. Shootings At Mexico Cockfight, Football Field Kill 14
  140. France Proposes UN Resolution To Halt Burundi Violence
  141. EU Report Slams Turkey Over Rule Of Law, Free Speech
  142. Ben Carson Goes Hip Hop For Black Voters
  143. Israelis Decry Netanyahu’s Choice For Media Spokesman
  144. Syrian Army Foils IS Attack On Eastern Airbase
  145. Romanians Hold Mass Protests Despite Prime Minister’s Resignation
  146. South African Lawmakers Worried About What Could Happen To Shoprite, Stanbic, Others
  147. ISIS Planted Bomb In Russian Crashed Plane - US Intelligence Suggests
  148. Police Arrest IS Suspects Over Attack Plots
  149. Michelle Obama Wants Honest Conversation On Girls Education
  150. 12 Alleged Drug Traffickers Killed By Colombian Military
  151. Russia, US Planes In Safety Test Over Syria
  152. More Than 40 Killed In South Sudan Plane Crash
  153. Islamic State Claims Deadly Attack On Sinai Police
  154. Romania Prime Minister Resigns Over Nightclub Fire
  155. Plane Crash In South Sudan
  156. Woman Molested By Passenger While Sleeping During Flight From Dubai
  157. US Dept Of Education Says School Violated Transgender Student's Rights
  158. South Africa Asks Appeal Court To Convict Pistorius Of Murder
  159. T.B Joshua Predicted Crash Of Russian Plane :VIDEO
  160. Man Jailed For Forwarding Text Message Containing A Joke About Pres. Mugabe To Neighbours
  161. Toddler Dressed As Pope at White House Halloween Party :Photos
  162. South African Women Protest Against Zuma ‘S*x Act’ Painting
  163. California Doctor Convicted In Overdose Deaths Of Three Patients
  164. Russian Plane With 224 Passengers Onboard Crashes Over Sinai, Egypt
  165. India Offers N2.25tr Concessional Credit To Nigeria, 53 Others
  166. Refugees On Their Way To Germany Through Slovenia :PHOTO
  167. Refugees On Their Way To Germany Through Slovenia :PHOTO
  168. Buhari Meets With Some of His Old Coursemates In India :PHOTOS
  169. Magnitude 7.5 Earthquake Hits South Asia
  170. Breaking News Hurricane Hits Mexico
  171. Shocking Photos Of An Immigrant Child Washes Ashore
  172. South Korea's Suicide Prevention Program :PHOTOS
  173. Swedish Man In 'Star Wars' Mask Attacks School With Sword, Killing 2 People
  174. China's 1st Lady Suffers Embarrassing Make-up Fail :Photos
  175. Robert Mugabe Wins China's Nobel Peace Price
  176. Indonesia To Use Chemical Castration To Punish Paedophiles
  177. Saudi Prince's sexual assault case passed to LA city attorney after the case was initially dropped
  178. Meet this Jihadi fighter nicknamed Al Chihuahua (photos)
  179. Ghana Agrees To Pay N33.8bn Gas Debt Owed Nigeria By Feb. 2016
  180. Canada New Prime Minister, he's tall, fine and only 43 years old :PHOTOS
  181. Child Bride Married At Just 11 Months Old In India finally wins her freedom
  182. Photos: Ahmed Mohammed, the 'Clock Boy' meets Pres. Obama
  183. British Woman Raped In Turkey Gets An Apology From The Rapist On Facebook
  184. UK Police Recruit 4 Yoruba-speaking Officers
  185. Zambia Leader Seeks God’s Help As Currency Freefalls
  186. US Considers Visa Ban, Financial Sanctions Against Alison-Madueke, Others
  187. ISIS Beheads Two Men & Executes Four Others On Charges Of Spying
  188. Gambian President Gifts Nollywood Stars Plots Of Land
  189. France Train Attack Hero Stabbed In California
  190. 99 Nigerians died, 215 missing in Mecca tragedy - NAHCON
  191. Russia Denies Claims Syria-bound Missiles Fell In Iran
  192. Osinbajo To Inaugurate Nigeria Consular Building In South Africa
  193. Jew Stabs 4 Arabs In Southern Israel
  194. Glass walkway 3,500 feet above ground cracks under tourists' feet
  195. Zimbabwe Blocks Chris Okafor, Nigerian Prophet Who Said Mugabe Would Die
  196. Volkswagen Korea Apologises, Considers Recall
  197. Majority Of Russian Strikes Not Targeting IS, Al-Qaeda - US
  198. Bloomberg List Aliko Dangote As The 41st Most Influential Person in The World
  199. Nearly 100 Migrants Reported Dead Off Libya
  200. Russian Military Officials In Israel For Syria Talks
  201. Tajikistan Arrests 23 Leaders Of Beleaguered Islamic Opposition Party
  202. NATO Warns Russia After Jet Strays Into Turkey
  203. Iran Lists 465 Nationals Killed In Saudi Arabia’s Stampede
  204. 244 Nigerian Pilgrims Yet To Be Accounted For
  205. Four Year-old Indian Boy Reportedly Beheaded In Human Sacrifice
  206. 10 Dead In US College Shooting
  207. 11 dead as US military plane crashes in Afghanistan
  208. Croatia Braces For Winter As Shivering Migrants Pour In
  209. Benin, Togo Calls For More Electricity From Nigeria
  210. Central African Republic Prisoners Escape In Bangui
  211. Afghan Forces Launch Bid To Retake Kunduz From Taliban
  212. Fleeing ISIS tyranny: Agony Of The Yazidis
  213. New Zealand To Turn Kermadec Into Vast Marine Reserve
  214. Saudi Arabia's Troubling Death Sentence
  215. Putin Steals Obama's Thunder On The World Stage
  216. Rwandan FDLR Rebel Leaders Sentenced In Germany
  217. Somaliland's Horn Stars Band Arrested Over Somali Flag
  218. Burkina Faso Coup Guards RSP Refuse To Disarm
  219. Paul Walker's Daughter Sues Porsche Over Fatal Crash
  220. 60 Injured In Indonesia Underwater Earthquake
  221. 717 Killed In Hajj Stampede
  222. Obama Agrees To Meet Putin After Repeated Requests
  223. Saudi Arabia set to behead & crucify young protester arrested when he was 17-years-old
  224. Mecca Stampede 150 Dead, 500 Injured
  225. Over 600 Muslims Killed and Injured While Trying To "Stone The Devil" In Saudi Arabia Hajj
  226. Burkina Faso Soldiers Enters Capital To Disarm Coup Leaders
  227. Kenyan Police Recovered Firearms From Norwegian Ship
  228. Police Raid Berlin Premises Of Suspected Islamists
  229. Nine Killed In Somali Presidential Palace Blast
  230. Burkina Faso Army Preparing To Raid Coup Leaders Camp
  231. Novelist Jackie Collins Dies Of Breast Cancer At Age 77
  232. Coup In Burkina Faso As Military Dissolves Interim Govt
  233. British Airways Plane Catches Fire At Las Vegas Airport :PHOTO
  234. Austria To Tighten Controls On Flow Of Refugees
  235. Qatar Deploys 1,000 Ground Troops In Yemen
  236. South, North Korea Begin Family Reunion Talks
  237. Palestinian Mother Injured In Arson Attack Dies
  238. Egypt Announces Elections For October, November
  239. Pakistan, India Clash Over Detained Nigerian Students
  240. Chad Sentences 10 Boko Haram Members To Death
  241. TV Reporter & Photographer Shot And Killed On Live TV in Virginia
  242. Couple Having S*x On Walls Of Castle In Northern France Fall To Their Deaths
  243. Parrot Arrested In India For Insulting Owner's Elderly Stepmother
  244. There Are 1.5m IDPs In Nigeria -UN
  245. White House Appoints First Transgender As Recruitment Director
  246. New York Man Pretended To Be Doctor, Prescribed Medication
  247. South Korea Soldier's Death Sentence Upheld Over Shooting Spree
  248. Japan, Ghana Overtake Nigeria In Yam Exports
  249. Drug Trafficking Carrier Pigeon Detained In Costa Rica
  250. Drug Trafficking Carrier Pigeon Detained In Costa Rica