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  1. South Africa: Corrupt Officials And Race Hate Feed From Immigration
  2. Robert Levinson: Family Of Missing Former FBI Agent Sues Iran For Kidnapping And Torture
  3. China Begs Nigeria On One China Policy
  4. Russian Sisters Rob Bank To Buy Ferrari
  5. Putin Critic Shot Dead in Kiev
  6. Germany Launches World's Largest Sun
  7. Press release
  8. We Have Arrested Seven Persons, Attacker Acted Alone – Police
  9. Rex Tillerson - Nigeria And Neighbours, Good Job.
  10. Zimbabweans Want UN AND AU To Conduct Elections
  11. UK Parliament Attack: British Police Arrest 7
  12. Wickedness: Wife Kills Husband And Dumps Body In Luggage Case
  13. Islamic TV Channel Broadcasts 30 Minutes Hardcore Porn
  14. If You Fail To Pass Health Care Bill, It'll Cost You - Trump Tells House GOP
  15. Ghanaian Becomes First Female Neorosurgeon At John Hopkins University
  16. Trump Plans Reversing Obama’s Climate Change Legacy
  17. Why U.S. Dollar Is Forecast To Rise Again
  18. Nigeria's Development Index Is Falling - UN
  19. UK Follows US In Banning Electronic Devices On Flights
  20. Nigeria FG, States Owe Foreign Creditors $11.41bn
  21. ISIS’s Intriguing Silence About Trump’s Approach To Muslims
  22. SA Lady - 'I'm Going To Hell, Satan Built A Special Mansion For Me'
  23. World Bank Releases Another $1 billion To Egypt
  24. South Sudan Plane Crash: 43 Survived
  25. US Bans Laptops And Tablets On Flights From Muslim Nations
  26. Nigerians In Ghana Arrested For Duping Ghanaians
  27. Niger Polio Vaccination - Parents Jailed
  28. Bangkok's Turtles Dies
  29. Girls Revolution In Saudi Arabia?
  30. Brazilian Meat Banned
  31. David Rockefeller Dies At 101, Invokes Damning Comments
  32. Singapore Still World’s Most Expensive City
  33. I am sorry: Ousted Korean Leader Park Geun-Hye
  34. US Builds Drone Base Near Nigeria
  35. “I am sorry” South Korean Ex-President Park Apologizes
  36. US Bans Chagoury, Eko Hotel Owner
  37. US Bans Laptops, Tablets On fFights From Muslim Nations
  38. Pope Begs Rwandans For Forgiveness
  39. Trump’s Rating Tumbles
  40. Pope Talks With Kagame
  41. South Sundan Plane Crash - 43 Affected
  42. Egypt Gets $1b W/Bank’s Aid
  43. Forbes Billionaires: 2017 Ranking
  44. ‘We Will Not Hesitate To Destroy Syrian Air Defenses’ - Israel
  45. ISIS Beheads 5 Russians, See What Putin Did
  46. UNICEF Lauds Kaduna’s Effort
  47. UK backs Nigeria On Human Trafficking
  48. Donald Trump Administration Threatens To Leave UN Human Rights Council
  49. French Poll: 11 Candidates Qualify For First Round
  50. U.S. Charge Russian Spies, Hackers In Huge Yahoo Hack
  51. N/Korea Missile: China Begs U.S.
  52. Terrorism Suspect Shot Dead In Paris Orly Airport
  53. Brazile Admits Helping Clinton’s Campaign
  54. AIG Of Police Killed - Uganda
  55. Daughter Of Lucky Dube Hits Reggae Fiesta
  56. Ousted Korean President abandons 9 dogs in palace
  57. French Poll: Macron Likely To Win Race
  58. Condom Tears Sudan Apart
  59. Sudan Donates Food To S/Sudan
  60. Trump quotes a Nigerian poem, calls it Irish proverb
  61. Thabo nMbeki Meets Nigerian Law Makers - Xenophobia
  62. U.S. Department Of Justice Dumps Trump
  63. Philippines Govt. Warns EU Over Duterte
  64. Chinese Firm Makes Money Selling Bottled Air
  65. Syria Shoots Down Israeli Jet
  66. Japan Launches Spy Satellite - Abe
  67. North Korea: Military Action Is 'An Option' - Rex. Tillerson
  68. Massive 706-Carat Diamond Unearthed In Sierra Leone - Pastor Momoh
  69. Japan Conducts First Missile Drill
  70. Trump Seeks Extra $30b For Military
  71. Trump Seeks Extra $30b For Military
  72. Mother Of All Strikes In South Africa
  73. Jehovah Witnesses Labeled Extremist Group
  74. Pakistanis Draw Battle Line With Facebook
  75. Trump's Budget For America - Pics
  76. Philippines President Duterte Face Impeachment
  77. Tanzanian Radio Sacks 9 Staff For Giving Fake News On Trump
  78. Vietnam Bans YouTube, Facebook Adverts
  79. Queen Elizabeth Approves Law To Trigger EU Exit Talks
  80. Nigeria Chose Dialogue With South Africa Over Xenophobic Attacks’
  81. See The Oldest Buliding In USA University
  82. Philadelphia: Teen Sues Motel Where Human Trafficking Takes Place After Being Forced To Sex 1,000 Men
  83. Group Commends France For Not Backing Biafra
  84. Barack Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate Posted Online By His Brother, Malik
  85. Budget: President Trump To Slash Foreign Aid
  86. Federal Judge Stops New Trump Travel Ban
  87. Monkey Smallpox Hits Congo
  88. Corruption: Korea’s Park To Face Prosecutors
  89. Australia: Woman’s Headphones Explodes On Flight
  90. Trump: New Travel Ban Challenged
  91. Two Pastors Arrested By China's Government On Serious Allegations
  92. Trump’s New Ban Goes To Court
  93. EL-RUFAI Has Is Own Militia - Apostle Johnson
  94. Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate Revealed
  95. See The Palestinian Ballet Star Who Fights ISIS With Dance
  96. President Trump Envoy To Meet Palestinian President For Peace Talks With Israel
  97. Appeal Court Confirms Jail For Amadou - Niger Republic
  98. Brexit: British Parliament Gives Approval
  99. Somalia Pirates Resurfaces
  100. Trump Suspends Merkel's Meeting
  101. Netherland's Ambassador Banned - Turkey
  102. North Korea Alias DPRK Panic Over U.S
  103. Pakistan Amongst 11 Countries To Be Included As Member States In BRICS Plus
  104. Dangote Now Coal Miner In Tanzania
  105. Crisis Brews In Europe, NATO
  106. Aid Agencies Slam S/Sudan Over $10K Visa
  107. German Parliament Supports Nigeria’s Recovery Effort
  108. China’s Moves For European Integration
  109. Amina Mohammed: Gender Equality Will Take 170 Years
  110. Scout Exposes Police Officer : Rape Case
  111. Biafra Has No future – France
  112. ICC Letter Revoked - South Africa
  113. Turkish Military Kills 71 Militants
  114. Make Money Online - Wealth Ville Ponzi
  115. Female French Presidential Candidate Goes Naked To Campaign - See Photos And Video
  116. ISIS’s Caliph Is Now On The Run
  117. Al-Shabaab Leader Surrenders
  118. Opposition Leader Body Discovered - Gambian Govt.
  119. Whaaat! Isreal Approves Use Of Marijuana
  120. Anglophone Cameroon Enters 50th Day Without Internet
  121. Republicans And Democrats Require Proof - Trump
  122. Phone Addict Traffic Lights Installed In Netherlands
  123. Brexit: More Hurdles For May
  124. Malaria outbreak in Northern Namibia
  125. Phone Addicts Gets Traffic Light
  126. Cyclone Hit Madagascar
  127. First Solar City In The World (VIDEO)
  128. Germany Warns Turkey Over Nazi Jibes Amid Referendum Row
  129. China Calls On N Korea To Suspend Missile And Nuclear Tests
  130. Kabul Military Hospital Comes Under Attack
  131. Urgent Aid To Somalia - Guterres
  132. 14 Illegal Miners Killed In S/Africa
  133. Ecowas Court Strikes Out FG Suit
  134. What Cause North Korea Deployment?
  135. How Far Can North Korea Missiles Go?
  136. 10 Countries Where Government Beg Citizens To Have Sex - Romance
  137. Why Is China Afraid Of Thaad ?
  138. Definition Of Holiday For A Nigerian!!!!
  139. Kim Jong-Nam Death: Malaysia And N. Korea In Tit-For-Tat Exit Bans
  140. Mechanism Of THAAD
  141. Meaning Of THAAD
  142. Thaad: US Begins Deploying Missile Defence System In South Korea
  143. Tignes avalanche: All Skiers Reported Safe After Resort Struck By Avalanche
  144. ObamaCare Replacement Unveiled - Trump
  145. UN React To Trump Ban
  146. South Sudan: Rebel Group Vows Kir Must Go
  147. Malaysians Hostage - North Korea
  148. North Korea Missiles Target U.S Troops
  149. Boko Haram: Shettima Is A Dogged Man‎ -Tinubu
  150. World Biggest Menace - Boko Haram
  151. Trump Leaves Out Iraq In Fresh Travel Ban
  152. ROmanians Unite Against Corruption
  153. Obama Moves To Sue Trump
  154. Britain Foils 13 Terror Attacks
  155. Ukraine VS Russia - UN Judges
  156. Trump Sets New Travel Ban
  157. We Strongly Reject - Democratic Republic Of Germany
  158. IS Trapped - U.S. Backed Iraqi Forces
  159. Breaking News :North Korea To Expel Ambassador
  160. Pres. Raul Castro Blasts Trump
  161. Shekels Gains Value - Isreal Economy
  162. Deutsche Bank Sell Shares
  163. Guess Who General Motors Sold Opel To?.......
  164. I Wont Stand Down - Mr. Fillon
  165. FBI CHIEF - Mr Trump Lied
  166. Sarkozy Meets With Fillon And Juppé
  167. France Election: Juppe Will Not Replace Fillon
  168. Japan's Ruling Party Has Extended Term Limits
  169. Tristan Voorspuy, Ex-British Army Officer, Killed In Kenya
  170. U.S. Embassy Movement - Jerusalem
  171. Pyongyang Infuriates Tokyo And Seoul
  172. North Korea Launches Missiles Again
  173. U.S Reps Refuse To Probe Obama - Trump
  174. Berlin Vs Ankara Shake Off
  175. Cyberstalking - Threats To Jewish Organisations In US
  176. France Strike :French Air Traffic To Drop
  177. Malaysia Expels North Korea Ambassador
  178. 11 Year Old Boy Teaches Mother How To Read
  179. Libyan Group Says Five Cities, Two Oil Ports Captured
  180. Trump Vs Obama - Phone Tapping
  181. #BringBackOurInternet: English-Speaking Cameroon Hit By Digital Blackout
  182. Woman Gives Birth Twice In Seven Days
  183. Germany Accepts Tunisia Immigration Deal
  184. Three Jihadi Group Merge In Mali - Terror Alert
  185. Iran's S-300 Air Defence System 'Operational'
  186. Kim Jong-Nam Death: North Korean Says Arrest Was 'Conspiracy'
  187. Arnie Exits Apprentice And Blames Trump
  188. Chemical Weapons Used In Mosul - Red Cross
  189. U.K Foreign Minister Visits Russia
  190. China To Build First Indigenous Aircraft Carrier
  191. Shocker! Lizard Found In Mc Donald's Fries - See Photo
  192. Chimamada Elected Into US Academy Of Arts And Letters
  193. U.S Government Suspends H- 1B Visa Processing
  194. China Increases Military Spending By 7.6%
  195. Russia: The problem Trump Can't Escape
  196. Donald Trump Nominated For 2017 Nobel Peace Prize
  197. MTN To Pay Dividends Despite Nigerian Loss
  198. U.S. Forces Discovers Al-qaeda Contacts In Yemen Raid
  199. Email Saga: U.S. Vice President Weeps Amid Scandal
  200. Congo - Opposition Leader Succeeded By Son
  201. Sex Minister Appointed In Spain
  202. Boko Haram: Un Yet To Receive Sanction Request
  203. Syrian Forces Recapture Palmyra City From ISIS
  204. Crocodile Shark Found On UK Beach - See Photos
  205. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions Recuses Self From Russia
  206. Xenophobic Attacks Trend On Google
  207. Ghanaian Women Begs President For Something - See What They Begged For
  208. Nigerian President, Out Of Country Due To Illness, Speaks To Moroccan King
  209. World’s Oldest Leader Jets Out
  210. US Immigration Asked A Nigerian Software Engineer Questions
  211. North Korean Man To Be Released Without Charge
  212. Race To Be Hong Kong's Next Leader Kicks Off
  213. Russia Is Ready For WW3
  214. Russia Unveils Newest Nuclear Missile: Satan 2
  215. Russia Bombs US Coalition Forces
  216. City Of The Dead
  217. Should US A.G Jeff Session Resign ? - Breaking News
  218. North Korea Flouting Sanctions With Illegal Arms Trade
  219. ISIL video threatens China with 'rivers of bloodshed'
  220. New Genetic MAPS - How Deadly Viruses Spread Around The World In Real Time
  221. 1,500 people, 2 elevators and 500 tons of luggage -- Here's How the Saudi king travels
  222. How the Pentagon Is Preparing for a Tank War With Russia
  223. Women Who Wear Provocative Clothing Should Be Drowned - Indian Priest
  224. ‘Winning’ or Not, Trump Doesn’t Seem to Be Listening To His Generals
  225. Nigerians In Austria Arrested For Prostitution
  226. Can a ‘Comparable’ Super Hornet Steal Orders from the F-35C?
  227. The F-35B Just Got A Lot Deadlier
  228. Here’s How the Cost of Each Version of the F-35 is Changing
  229. It’s About to Cost a Lot More Money to Launch a Nuclear Bomb
  230. Making America’s ICBMs Great Again
  231. The US Air Force Just Dropped Two Fake Nukes
  232. Trump’s Empty Ultimatum to NATO
  233. US Air Force to Send F-35 to Fight ISIS … In a Few Years
  234. Joint Session OF Congress - Trump's Full Speech
  235. Presidential Trump - Soft Tone To Congress
  236. 97 Nigerians Deported By South African Government
  237. We Should Not Be Ungrateful To Nigeria, Others – Thabo Mbeki
  238. Iran Test-Fires New Missiles In Naval Drills
  239. Cyber Attackers Target Singapore Defence Ministry, But No Secrets Found
  240. EgyptAir MS181 hijacked and diverted to Larnaca Airport, Cyprus
  241. Kim Jong Nam Murder: Malaysia Will Share Findings After Probe Completes
  242. Under Fire But Defiant, North Korea Sends Envoys To Court Its Few Friends
  243. Only Next-of-Kin Can Claim Body Of Kim Jong-nam - IGP
  244. Vietnam To Build 5-Storey Underground Parking
  245. Bad leadership, not God, responsible for Nigeria’s woes — Obasanjo
  246. Samsung Boss Indicted For Bribery, Embezzlement
  247. Fallen Navy SEAL’s Dad Snubs Trump
  248. Samsung to abolish control tower
  249. 2 Freed Germans Set To Return Home
  250. Tourist To Fly Around The Moon