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  1. Joke: Question And Answer Jokes
  2. Joke: Porch Or Lexus?
  3. Joke: You Fool
  4. Joke: Don't Give Up. You Time Is Coming Soon.
  5. Joke: Which Book Has Helped...
  6. Joke: Finding Perfect Men
  7. Joke: The Punished
  8. Joke: I love You Today And I Will Love You Tomorrow
  9. Joke: Preventive Medicine Belief
  10. Joke: Exchange
  11. Joke: Don't Pay For Me, Daddy!
  12. Joke: Password Eight Characters Long
  13. Joke: A Neutron At A Bar
  14. Joke: The Recital
  15. Joke: Early Dementia Test
  16. Joke: Missing Thermometer
  17. Joke: Forgetful...
  18. Joke: I Have Low Self-Esteem
  19. Jokes About Age
  20. Joke: Turbulent Times
  21. Joke: The Umbrella
  22. Joke: How Much
  23. Joke: Trying To Fix A Clock
  24. Joke: Top 10 Signs That It Is Time To Join E-Mailers Anonymous
  25. Joke: A Thin Girl
  26. Joke: You Might Be A Redneck If 22
  27. Joke: That Stupid Friend
  28. Joke: Air & S*x
  29. Joke: Home From The Air Force
  30. Joke: The Loss Of Engines
  31. Joke: My Wife
  32. Joke: A Nervous Passenger
  33. Joke: How Many Does It Take?
  34. Joke: The Last Summer
  35. Joke: Coma
  36. Joke: Truly Stupid People 01
  37. Joke: Slogans....
  38. Joke: An Aspiring Actor Calls
  39. Joke: What Is The Password?
  40. Joke: A Pig Pen Is Filled
  41. Joke: Two Students Arguing
  42. Joke: Name The State Capitol
  43. Joke: Ever Seen Anything Like This Before?
  44. Joke: DON'T HATE MONDAY...
  45. Joke: it's My Birthday!
  46. Joke: A Little Girl
  47. Joke: Grandpa
  48. Joke: When Mozart Passed Away, ...
  49. Joke: Having A Beer
  50. Joke: It Won't Be Long
  51. Jokes: The Hotel Lobby
  52. Jokes: A Man Wonders If Having S*x On The Sabbath Is A Sin
  53. Joke: An Ideal Marriage
  54. Joke: The Manager
  55. Joke: A Woman With Her Dog
  56. Joke: Car Crash
  57. Joke: How Many Christians Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb?
  58. Joke: Blond - Closet
  59. Joke: Bribe...
  60. Joke: The Children
  61. Joke: This man In A Ford Granada Pul
  62. Joke: Why You So Fat?
  63. Joke: He Who Laughs Last
  64. Joke: Where Is My Goat?
  65. Joke: Sick Duck
  66. Joke: Church Bulletin Bloopers
  67. Joke:John Paul And Lizzy
  68. Joke:It's In The Bible
  69. Joke: A Big-City Lawyer
  70. Joke: Men Are Like A pack of Cards
  71. Joke: Satan Vists The Church
  72. Two Girlfriends
  73. Joke: Signs Seen Near Church
  74. Jokes: A New Apartment...
  75. Joke: Lost Credit Card
  76. Joke: An Irishman
  77. Joke: How Many Agnostics?
  78. Joke: The Death Of Black Magic
  79. Joke: A Hillbilly Family's Only Son
  80. Joke: One Shot Men
  81. Joke: Humor About Drunk Irishmen
  82. Joke: Why English Is Tough
  83. Joke:Executive Recruiting...
  84. Joke: The Doctor Said...
  85. Joke: Potatoe Sacks
  86. “The Pinwheel Joke
  87. A FARMER And His Wife Decided ...
  88. Joke: Waking Up For Church
  89. Joke: Moshe Reads An Arab Newspaper
  90. Joke: A Little Boy Wanted $100.0...
  91. Joke: A Boy Asks His Dad...
  92. Joke: The Card Game
  93. Joke: Evaluation Comments
  94. Joke: Grasshopper
  95. Joke: A Rather Large Lady Had Saved
  96. Jokes: Hindu Happy Birthday
  97. Jokes: Calculate The Number 7694
  98. Joke: Changing Number Terms
  99. Joke: In What Aisle Could I Find The Polish..
  100. Joke: Business One-Liners 46
  101. Joke: Hypothetically Speaking
  102. Joke: A Man Was Walking Down The Beach
  103. Joke: Greeting Card Quest
  104. Joke: A Child Asked His Father, "How
  105. Joke: The Wave
  106. Joke: Chinese Jews
  107. Jokes: Changing Number Terms
  108. Joke: In What Aisle Could I Find The Polish...
  109. Joke: When I Was Your Age ...
  110. Jokes: A Man With His Old Duck
  111. Joke: New Way To Herd Cattle
  112. Joke: Lottery Winner
  113. Joke: Snail Visits Bar
  114. Joke: Blonde Jokes
  115. Joke: The Lucky Old Man!
  116. Joke: The Thought Of Becoming
  117. Joke: A Day On The Bus
  118. Joke: As In Many Homes On New Year
  119. Joke: To All Employees
  120. Joke:Generation Gap
  121. Joke: The Peeing Accident
  122. Joke:Temperance
  123. Joke: A White Guy Is Walking Along A Beach
  124. Joke: Competition At The Retirement Home
  125. Joke: Lone Ranger
  126. Joke: Detective Test
  127. Joke: Home In No Time
  128. Joke: Go To Save My Friend
  129. Joke: Watching The Discovery Channel
  130. Joke: Detective Test
  131. Joke: Two Guys Walking Home
  132. Joke: Now That Food Has Replaced
  133. Joke: Home In No Time
  134. Joke: Go To Save My Friend
  135. Joke: Prior To Her Trip To Texas
  136. Joke: A True Tech Support Story
  137. Joke: An Englishman, A Scotsman
  138. Joke: What do you call Bat
  139. Joke: A Man Writing At The Post Office
  140. Joke:It Is Tough Being A Monk
  141. Joke:I Saw The Light!
  142. Joke: A Lawyer's Dog, Running About...
  143. Joke: The Twins....
  144. Joke: One Day A fisherman Was Lying...
  145. Joke: Sue Over The Property
  146. Joke: Jim Gaffigan
  147. Joke: Organic
  148. Joke:I Saw The Light!
  149. Joke: The Twins
  150. Joke: One Day A Fisherman Was Lying
  151. Joke: A Little To Familiar!
  152. Joke: I Have Opinions
  153. Joke: Don't Criticize Me When
  154. JOKES: Do You Know The Present Value
  155. US Election: Megachurch Prophet TB Joshua Under Attack For Prophesying Wrongly
  156. Trump's First Day At The Oval Office After Being Elected President - Joke
  157. Joke: When Beethoven Passed Away
  158. Joke: Two Golfing Friends Were About
  159. Joke: Dear Tech Support
  160. Jokes: Two Lions
  161. Jokes: In The Zoo
  162. Joke:The Grandfather Clock
  163. Joke: The Elephant And The Tiger
  164. Joke: Business One-Liners 103
  165. Jokes: I Have Opinions
  166. Jokes: Don't Criticize Me When
  167. Joke: Calling The Last Rites
  168. Joke: Business One-Liners 50
  169. Joke: Pope And Purdue
  170. Joke: Number Of Physicians In The US
  171. Joke: Human Equation
  172. Religious Battle Golf #Joke #Humor
  173. Jokes: The Healer
  174. Joke:Reptile Jokes 03
  175. Joke: Nine Lives
  176. Joke: There Once Was An Indian
  177. Jokes: A Man And Woman Got Divorced
  178. JOKES: I Am Going To Shop
  179. JOKES: A Young Boy Had Just Gotten His Driving Permit
  180. JOKES: Two Unemployed Guys.... Are Talking
  181. JOKES: Things You'd Never Know If It Weren't For The Movies...
  182. JOKES: A Little Girl Asked Her Father
  183. JOKES: Husband For Sale
  184. Jokes: Ways To Get Rid Of Telemarketers
  185. Joke: A Big Corporation
  186. Joke: Kings Birthday
  187. Joke: A man Was Sitting Alone In His
  188. Joke Joke
  189. Joke: You See
  190. Joke: Heros?
  191. Joke: The Gift
  192. Joke: Who Lands First?
  193. Jokes: New Rules For Bowling
  194. Joke: My wife
  195. Joke: During A Dinner Party
  196. Joke: The Twenty And The One
  197. Joke: Q&A: Why Was Moses Wicked?
  198. Joke: Taxes
  199. Jokes:The Rabbi's Confessional
  200. Jokes: Misproununciation
  201. Joke: Pierced Ears And Marriage
  202. The Boss Was Very Exasperated
  203. Chelsea Peretti: Getting Attacked
  204. Joke: Our Favorite Lightbulb Jokes
  205. Joke: School Report
  206. Joke: Answering Machine Message 251
  207. Joke: Special Golf Ball
  208. Joke: Difference Between A Good Girl And A Bad Girl
  209. Joke: It's Great To Be A Guy
  210. Joke: Moral Of The Story
  211. Joke: A Poisonous Wife
  212. Joke:Jon's Working At The Lumberya
  213. Joke:The Healing Touch Of Christ
  214. Joke: The Healing Touch Of Christ
  215. Joke: We Judge On Results
  216. Joke: Bribe The Jury
  217. Joke: What Are The Pictures?
  218. Joke: An Elderly Married Couple
  219. Joke:There Was A Farmer Who Grew Watermelon
  220. Joke: The judge
  221. Joke: A Meeting With The Board
  222. Joke: Anxious Cab Driver
  223. Joke: The Redneck Animal Park
  224. Elephant Jokes
  225. Jokes: I Don't Have An Attitude Prob
  226. Jokes: April Fool’s Day Pranks
  227. Joke: The More Beautiful The Woman
  228. Two Ministers
  229. A Gentleman Wandered
  230. Fly, Soup, The Usual
  231. People Who Live In Glass House
  232. They Are Stopped By The Police
  233. Court Case
  234. Friendship Is Born
  235. Sophomore Course
  236. An Elderly Couple
  237. If College Students Wrote The Bible
  238. Finish Overseas Tour
  239. Welcome To The Psychiatric Hotline
  240. Hand Me The Broom
  241. An Alabama Preacher
  242. A blonde phoned
  243. A Dog With No Legs
  244. Two Of Santa's Reindeer...
  245. Drivers Licence
  246. A Jewish Landing
  247. Two Men, One American
  248. A Dog At The Movies
  249. The Perfect Man Is Gentle
  250. Bob Joins A Very Exclusive Nude