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  1. Akpos joke.The Exams
  2. Akpos and The Lion
  3. Akpos I’m a china phone with 3 sims
  4. Akpos always jonzing
  5. Akpos and the stupid teacher
  6. Akpos comes home from school one day
  7. Akpororo was having sex with Ekaite
  8. Akpos In The Army Net
  9. Akpororo in Love With Ekaite,
  10. Akpos And The Truck Driver
  11. Nigerian Teacher In China - Jokes
  12. Lets Play This Game, Foolish Question and Foolish Answer
  13. Emeka Is The cause of All This
  14. Akpos JOKES: saw an Iphone 5s in a taxi,
  15. White girl sees a guy she likes on social media and says hi
  16. Akpororo jokes: Sex F
  17. 10 funny akpos jokes
  18. Akpos Jokes:The Kitchen
  19. Akpos jokes: Psychiatric Hospital.
  20. jokes.Akpos survived being killed by fire
  21. The Trees Are Moving Forward - Vital Lesson
  22. 5 Facts About You
  23. Too Many Banks Calls Akpors Girl Friend
  24. Akpos Wristwatch
  25. AkpororoJoke: You Saved Me
  26. Akpororo Joke: Customer Is Always Right
  27. Akpos Joke:Looking For Onome
  28. Akpos and the lion
  29. Akpos Joke: Wishes
  30. Chei !! Akpos Joke: Farmer’s letter
  31. Akpos Joke: Valentine’s Day break up
  32. Akpororo Joke: Beautiful Neighbour
  33. Akpos and Armed Robber
  34. Teacher Akpos’ English class
  35. Akpororo Joke: Pharmacist
  36. You Are Not A True Naija Breed If
  37. Chei !! Akpos Joke: 1994
  38. Nigerian Joke: Who is a Muslim here?
  39. Akpos Joke: Mortuary attendant
  40. Akpos Joke: Bombs!
  41. Akpos Joke: The moon
  42. Akpororo Joke: WAEC Examination
  43. Akpos Joke: Pharmacist’s Daughter
  44. Jokes.Vote of Thanks
  45. Akpos Jokes: Zombies!
  46. Akpos Joke: Revenge
  47. Joke: The Watermelons!”
  48. Akpororo Joke: Son of God
  49. Just For Laughs: Daily ‘Stupid’ Question
  50. Akpororo Joke: ATM Card
  51. Akpororo Joke: Prosecutor
  52. Akpos Joke: Initiation Ceremony
  53. Akpos Joke: Fake cash
  54. New JOKES: April Fool Mistake
  55. JOKES: Funeral
  56. JOKES..Boko Haram
  57. Akpos jokes..Destiny
  58. Joke: Small Ailment
  59. Akpos Joke: Condom
  60. Akpos Joke:Bomb Invention
  61. Joke: Expensive Necklace
  62. Akpos Joke: Toy Gun
  63. Akpos Joke: AIDS
  64. Akpos Joke: English and Dad
  65. Akpos Joke: The Trip
  66. Akpos Joke: Pack Your Things
  67. Akpos And The Lost Money
  68. Akpos Joke: Bad News First
  69. Akpos Joke: Ebola
  70. Nigerian Churches in 2030
  71. Akpos Joke: Whites Only
  72. Joke:Water Gun
  73. jokes,Three Thieves in court
  74. Dumb Akpos And His Teacher
  75. Sergeant Akpos To Fight Boko Haram
  76. Akpan Joke: Maths Assignment
  77. 10 Things Men Say When They Are Cheating thier ladys
  78. Breaking News All A'Ibom Governorship Aspirants To Report At Ibom Plaza
  79. 14 Signs To Know That You Are About To BE MAD
  80. 13 Categories Of People You Meet In A Hair-Dressing Salon
  81. PHOTO: Car That Will Bring Changes To Nigeria
  82. If i become naija president
  83. Nickname Of Cars In Nigeria And Their Real Names
  84. JOKES: Ladies Don't Try This
  85. Ayo Fayose's New Official Ride (PHOTOS)
  86. BRAIN TEASER: Which Of This Sentence Is Correct
  87. How To Borrow Airtime Without Paying Back
  88. JOKES: Akpos The Pastor Went To Buy Condom
  89. Stupid QUESTIONS People ASK
  90. Akpos Girlfriend Send Him A Message
  91. Five facts about You
  92. JOKES: Terms And Condition To My Future Wife
  93. Letter from akpos to mr ebola
  94. Riddles: How Fast You Can Think
  95. Chei !! JOKES: I Don Enter Wahala
  96. Strange Things You Did Not Know About Ibadan Girls
  97. Akpos, The 'General Manager' At First Bank
  98. NIGERIA 54th Semester Report Card
  99. Application Form To Marry My Daughter
  100. Akpos Joke: Pregnant Maid
  101. Akpos Latest Joke On Ebola in Church
  102. Joke of the day
  103. The Smart House Wife
  104. Check Out The Stuffs!!!
  105. Hot Jokes- Who's is the real fool here?
  106. Pastor/Members Of Church Ran Away From Member Who Recovered From EVD.
  107. Chei !! Check Out! - 12 Types Of Slap
  108. The Married Life Jokes
  109. Husband And Wife Drama
  110. Akpors And The Biological Father
  111. The Boy, The Father And The Girl Friend
  112. Argument With His Wife - Akpos Joke
  113. A First Class Joke - Akpos
  114. Olympic In Nigeria 2015, All Politicians Declare Interest
  115. The Most Urgly Baby
  116. Uncle Genealogy - Cracking Rib Jokes
  117. Nigeria is the most unique country on earth
  118. Which of these versions is true?
  119. How to know you are an ugly girl
  120. Finally, Akpos In Heaven
  121. Joke of the day
  122. Why Ameobi set to leave Newcastle.
  123. Akpos The Best lier
  124. Jokes Not to Forget
  125. Most Funiest Jokes About Life
  126. Chei !! I Love This...
  127. A farmer is sitting in the neighbourhood bar getting drunk.
  128. Jokes Of The Day, Questions for Freedom
  129. Market Cemetery By Akpos
  130. Akpos Searching For Job: Interview With MD
  131. What Will You Do, If this Happen To you?
  132. Dear Boyfriends and Fiances...
  133. Jokes Of the Day
  134. Marraige Quotes to remember
  135. I agree that all numbers are equal
  136. Akpos And Pharmacist’s Family
  137. AKPOS Preached at The Funeral
  138. Akpos to Act With Lion In a Movies Script
  139. Chei !! Akpos Taking Final Exam At Police College in Kano
  140. Akpos Going Online With a Lady
  141. The Dream Boy
  142. Wife Deceived Akpos to Injury
  143. Bad Wish For Politicians
  144. Assertiveness
  145. General Alex And His Little Daughter
  146. One Day I Met Money
  147. Another Funny Skit from the Video Hit Show
  148. Akpos Joke: Wedding Vote of Thanks - Read And Catch Fun
  149. Uncanny Resurrection
  150. Jealous husband
  151. The LONDON ZOO
  152. How To Spell Plantains
  153. Different Types Of Call Summaries
  154. E no d last
  155. The water melons
  156. FaceBook liars
  157. Interesting Quesion, Just Answer One..
  158. Husband And His Wife Quarring
  159. PAINFUL SITUATIONS In Humans Life
  160. Wise Word For You
  161. Akpors and his wife in court
  162. I hide all my problems behind my smile
  163. Funny Names Students Call Secondary Schools Teachers
  164. Akpos And His Dad
  165. Question To Answer
  166. Akpors Traditional Marrage
  167. Question To Answer- Who Do you Love Most?
  168. Between akpos and his girl
  169. Akpors Set To Eat Rice And Stew
  170. A Governor Visits A New Church
  171. When you were single
  172. Two Men Eating Grass
  173. Some Funny Pranks
  174. Akpors Suspended From School
  175. Akpors Suspended
  176. Akpos And His Girlfriend’s Contact List
  177. My Interview Day- Akpos
  178. Akpos And 5 Naira maths
  179. Akpos, The Wise Smoker
  180. Akpos, The Smoker
  181. Patience Jonathan Jokes
  182. Nigeria Girls Jokes
  183. Riddles Questions And Answers
  184. List Of White Jokes
  185. JOKES: 5 Men Seek To Marry One Girl
  186. Akpos, Blackberry Z10
  187. The Evidence Of Akpos
  188. Materialistic Akpos
  189. Akpos wedding night
  190. Abino On Facebook
  191. Akpos On His GF Birth Day
  192. Akpos Walking Back To The Campus
  193. Akpos The Military superior
  194. Akpos Facebook and Twitter
  195. Akpos Guilty or not?
  196. Akpos Miraculous Recovery
  197. How To bet- Akpos
  198. Akpos And His Neighbor's Wife
  199. Akpos Interview With Manager
  200. Akpos Attended His First Wedding
  201. Akpos The Rich Man
  202. Akpors The Car Seller & Customer.
  203. ASUU Strike Advertisement!!!
  204. Weird Similarities Between Abraham Lincoln & John F. Kennedy
  205. Like Father Like Son - Akpos Junior
  206. Explanation Of Marketing By Lecturer AKpos
  207. Funny Akpos Dreams Becomes Reality
  208. Akpos on his wedding night
  209. Akpos In electronic store
  210. Akpos Drowning
  211. Nigerian Police Don Upgrade
  212. The Best Response In A Suicide Situation From Akpors
  213. Akpors And The Poor Guy
  214. Funny Akpors Jokes: What A Friend!
  215. JOKES: A Really Bad Day
  216. Funny 101 Ways To Annoy People
  217. Best of akpors!
  218. Funny Akpos: Like Father Like Son
  219. sleeping in class- Akpos
  220. Teacher fell Asleep
  221. Akpos in Exam Hall
  222. Akpos the Preacher of Love
  223. The maid asked for an increase in salary
  224. Akpos On Facbook
  225. Akpors Answer Questions In The Class
  226. Akpors: How To Break A Bad News
  227. Photo Of The Day
  228. Funny Akpors The Jealous Father
  229. Akpors The Drunkard
  230. Funny Akpors In A Restaurant
  231. Funny Akpors With His Family
  232. Court Ruling Akpor's Case
  233. Funny Akpors Seeking For Admission Into University
  234. Fun Time: Akpors In Class
  235. Photo Of The Day- Check It Out
  236. Bragging Surgeons
  237. Photo Of The Day
  238. Which Gender Should Your PC Be?
  239. A couple is sitting on the porch sipping wine.
  240. Three absent minded writers.
  241. Two old men were sitting in the yard.
  242. An old farmer wrote 2 his son in prison.
  243. A pastor and a church sister.
  244. A wife suspected her husband.
  245. When WORDS fail, eyes speak.
  246. Check this out: Yoruba Names And Their Direct Translations!
  247. Solve This Riddle
  248. Akpors And His Boss
  249. Funny Law Student With Professor
  250. Funny Akpors And His Mum