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  1. JOKES: Couples Of New Jersey
  2. JOKES: China Products Does Not Last
  3. JOKES: Couples In The Bed Sleeping
  4. JOKES: Husband And Wife Wahala
  5. JOKES: School Son Write A Letter His Father
  6. JOKES: Akpos Wrote A Letter
  7. JOKES: Little Johnny... Definite Defination
  8. JOKES: Akpos And His Father
  9. JOKES: An Application Letter
  10. JOKES: Hotel Truce - A MUST Read For All
  11. JOKES: Strength Of A Woman
  12. Why "My Oga At The Top" Jokes Must Stop
  13. Poems Written By Akpos And His Wife To Each Other
  14. Pastors Funny Jokes - Redeemed Church Visit
  15. JOKES: A Lesson In Politics For You
  16. Riddles: A Man Falls Overboard
  17. Funny Nigerian Proverb Quotes
  18. Nigerian Funny Pidgin Proverbs
  19. Nigeria Corruption Mathematic - Farouk Lawal 102
  20. Akpors Teaches Students English Tenses
  21. Funny Akpos Chatting With His Girlfriend
  22. Funny Akpors And His Neighbor
  23. Akpors' A-Z Recitation
  24. Mothers And Their Daughters
  25. Do you always thank god?
  26. Comedian Okey Bakassi's Letter To God
  27. Balotelli saves Mancini's life
  28. 2013 June/July WAEC Examination Questions
  29. Neighbour Quest
  30. A Teacher Want To Test The IQ Of One Of His Students
  31. Breaking News 2013 Headlines You Will Like To See And Hear This Year
  32. Akpors At The Bar yet He is your passport to reach heaven
  33. Hit Like If It's True
  34. Akpors Story Line
  35. Barrister Joba And The Duck
  36. Akpors On A Date
  37. Two Stubborn Kids
  38. Motivational Statement
  39. Boy And Girl In A Restaurant
  40. Indirect Father Of The Child
  41. Jamb Candidate
  42. The Married Couples
  43. Taxi Driver And His Customer
  44. Akpors With His Cousin
  45. Akpors At The Beach
  46. Class Teacher With Akpors
  47. Akpors Wife Went Through CS
  48. Akpors Stays At The Cemetery
  49. Wedding Ceremony
  50. Who Is The Mumu Here Please?
  51. Maid And Madam
  52. Meaning Of Some Words
  53. Akpors And Wife's Conversation
  54. Akpors The Smoker
  55. Mother And Child
  56. Akpors At The River Bank
  57. Johnny And Class Teacher
  58. Pastor Akpors
  59. Phone Call In The Police Cell
  60. Akpors Wife And Her Maid
  61. Class Teacher Talking To God
  62. Akpors With His Pyjamas
  63. How Much Is The Cost Of Moi-Moi
  64. Click Like And Share If You Believe
  65. Police Don Package
  66. Where You Work Matters
  67. Where Is Five?
  68. Meaning Of Biology And Sociology
  69. Houseboy Akpors And His Boss
  70. Akpors Scatter Fight
  71. How To Kill An Ant
  72. Akpors Voice-mail
  73. Who Is More Foolish?
  74. Naming Ceremony
  75. Jokes Collections
  76. MTN Hell Care Services
  77. Is This Cheating?
  78. Letter From Joshua
  79. Rosary On The Cross
  80. Uncommon Favour
  81. ……..pray & laugh…….
  82. Why do stories have to be long when told by a woman?.
  83. ENGLISH By Mr Akpors A Primary School Teacher
  84. The Alphabet Of Life.
  85. Akpors No know Book
  86. Help Me Celebrate My Birthday
  87. Yoruba Girls
  88. Mallam Work School Boy Chop
  89. My Balance Is In Heaven
  90. Pigin And Olden Days Toasting
  91. Application For The Post Of Kidnapper In Your Company
  92. Get Thee Behind Me
  93. Doctor's Recommendation
  94. Good Old Days
  95. America And France
  96. All Fourth Grade
  97. Visiting Pastor And His Congregation
  98. The Federal Government is Re-branding Our Local Products
  99. An Arabs Man And A Cab Driver
  100. Little Johnny And Teacher
  101. Conference Hall Chat
  102. Some Questions That Google Can Never Answer Are:
  103. Yoghurts Bank
  104. Hiv Positive
  105. Surprising Birthday Gift
  106. Tutorial On How To Mess In Public & Retain Your Image
  107. Pharmacist And Condom Buyer
  108. Matthew 7 vs 7
  109. Drugs To Reduce Menopause
  110. Weight Loosing
  111. Singles Prayer Points
  112. It Is Not Good To Be Ugly!!!
  113. The Wonders Of Ramsey's Goal
  114. Microphone!!!
  115. Like And Love
  116. BokoHaram Bonanza
  117. Protocols Must Be Broken For Your Sake
  118. Bomb Blast In Jos
  119. Reason Why Nigeria Is moving backward
  120. Randy Candy
  121. Letter To Bill Gates
  122. Harry And The Watering Hole
  123. Funny Names Of Churches In Nigeria
  124. Diabetes Prevention
  125. If Animals Had Access To Facebook
  126. Na true yarn be this?
  127. Stella Went To Heaven
  128. The Husband Store
  129. Breaking News Tonto dike's song gets featured in a game
  130. Poor Services
  131. A lonely widow
  132. Dec 31st Nite!
  133. A man comes back from work
  134. Rape Case
  135. New english word -”aluu”
  136. Now ur laughing
  137. A Spanish teacher
  138. A set of new words have been officially added to the English Dictionary
  139. Camping Trip
  140. Wise chicken
  141. See Naija Brainz
  142. China Product
  143. ‘u saved me’
  144. Take Me 2 heaven
  145. A man went to a barber shop
  146. Jokes- 3 Girs And The Wise Man
  147. Jokes- Okon: The Wise Boy
  148. Nigeria
  149. The Meaning Of Wife
  150. New Family Rule To Arrest Financial Meltdown
  151. New New job
  152. Joke! Joke!! Joke!!!
  153. wowo;
  154. The Best Time To Fart, Is?
  155. Marriage Or Prison make a choice.
  156. WHY Mens Are Always Happy .
  157. I Miss My Country Nigeria
  158. Eating At Funerals.
  159. How To Love An Igbo Man
  160. Girls night out
  161. The Woman of his Dream
  162. An 85-year-old couple.
  163. A guy dies and goes to hell.
  164. A man asked his wife what she'd like for her 40th birthday.
  165. An elderly woman went to her local doctor.
  166. All I want is to be with you
  167. Not only for Christmas
  168. I wanted you for CHRISTMAS
  169. Christmas is not a time nor a season
  170. A call to glory
  171. Merry Xmas To Everyone
  172. Man With Two Black Eyes
  173. Doctor, I keep thinking I'm a Christmas bell
  174. Two angry neighbors
  175. Politically Correct Santa
  176. Twas the Night After Christmas
  177. My Bedtime Prayer to God
  178. Friendship is like peeing in your pants.
  179. My Mother in-law
  180. Yo Mama Is So Stupid
  181. Education gives Quality of Life!
  182. A wise Physician
  183. GIRLS Want To Look/Woman
  184. A woman shoots her husband.
  185. There Is No Perfect Life
  186. A Sweet demand by a kid.
  187. Good / Bad News After His Wife Accident
  188. A girl Fell Down from 80th floor
  189. The Girl Lost Her Chance to marry
  190. A Girl on facebook
  191. Perfect example of confidence:
  192. My Religious Boyfriend
  193. Heaven has A Lawyer
  194. New PAIN RELiEVER
  195. Time In The Dream
  196. Fathers Versus Pastors
  197. Hell in Marriage
  198. The Blind Man called Romade
  199. Family Meeting
  200. Nigeria POLICE DEY READ BIBLE……??!!
  201. A Christian LION
  202. I'm not Nigerian
  203. Cockroach killing
  204. Spell plantain
  205. Who made U an orfan?
  206. Job requirements
  207. Sight problem
  208. Joke of the Day
  209. 'It shall be permanent
  210. Lesson in Lying
  211. New Serious Matter
  212. You're not his son anyway
  213. I am a Saudis
  214. What do u think I am?Husband Vs Wife
  215. Everybody, Somebody, Nobody And Anybody
  216. Longer Sentence
  217. Ghana Girls
  218. Mad man talk on police
  219. Special New Year Prayer for Nigerians
  220. Student vs Father
  221. The chicken testimony
  222. Forgiveness in advance
  223. Learn your ABC's - Mom Style!
  224. The Laws of Work...
  225. if you really want something in this life
  226. Mr & Mrs Farty
  227. What Not To Include In your Cv
  228. New procedure for ATM machines
  229. Laws of Life
  230. Funny Things in Court
  231. On a wedding day
  232. Funny Stuffs
  233. Short Romance Arithmetics
  234. Proof Of Intelligence
  235. Different Types of Girls
  236. Condom factory Customers Complaints
  237. 5 Stages of Drunkenness
  238. Slow brain network
  239. Ever wondered
  240. Bble sermon translation in Warri crusade
  241. Truths of Life for "U"
  242. How to recruit the right person for your company job?
  243. Reply by saying
  244. Daddy! Uncle Fred is hiding in your closet
  245. Mexi-cans, Portori-cans, Afri-cans...
  246. I have bad news and worse news
  247. A lady went to see a palm reader
  248. Mr. Grihy and the divorce court judge
  249. the wedding test
  250. New Bible researchers