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  1. Jonathan returns from US
  2. I haven’t seen Yar’Adua in 5 months –Jonathan
  3. 2011: Why we want Babangida –Group
  4. AGF appoints Omenuwa as media aide
  5. Ag President meets Mutalab ahead of US trip
  6. IBB’s aide warns Jonathan on Ribadu
  7. DO YOU BELIEVE THIS STORY? The Yar’Adua we saw, by cleric who visited Villa
  8. Newsflash; Nigeria New Ministers allocated Portfolios
  9. You must hit the ground running! - Jonathan tells New Cabinet
  10. Why Jonathan Couldn't Swear in Ministers
  11. Yaradua Mets With Oyedepo,Kure and Onaiyekan (Christian Leaders).
  12. Yar'adua seen at last.
  13. Constitution - Senate Set to Pass 35 Amendments
  14. They want to bury Yar’Adua alive
  15. Returning Ministers.
  16. Panic in Aso Rock - Five Ministers to be sacked.
  17. Yayale lied over Uwais Report
  18. Senate bars Gowon, Buhari, IBB, Shonekan from benefits
  19. The Nigerian Constitution.
  20. Nigerian National assembly
  21. Holding Jonathan hostage
  22. House Approves N4.2 Trillion Budget
  23. Dora Akunyili Strikes again-Hotter than last time
  24. Yar'Adua's Aides Bow to Jonathan
  25. Is Jonathan Still Lucky?!
  26. Senate amends section 145
  27. YAR'ADUA is back , Confirmed . What next !! ?.
  28. Yar’Adua “on his way home”- Back to Nigeria.
  29. Northern Professionals Demand Jonathan Be Sworn in As President
  30. Report From Representatives That went To Saudi Arabia to See Yar'adua.
  31. Nigeria is diseased
  32. Yar’adua loyalists threaten to kill…as Ministers consider invoking Section 144
  33. Section 144 and Yara'adua
  34. Yar'dua BBC Interview Marks His Undoing!
  35. Goodluck Jonathan and Niger Delta.
  36. What will be your advise to Goodluck Jonathan.
  37. The many Lucks of Goodluck Jonathan ; Nigerian Acting President.
  38. National Assembly Empowers Jonathan as Acting President
  39. Yar'Adua Will Return Next Week - Cousin
  40. Senate Set to Confirm Jonathan Acting President
  41. National Assembly and their Political Jingoism and Atavism.
  42. What a Nigerian Senator Earns Per Year - N 29 479 749 ++++
  43. Senate direct Yar'Adua to Hand power to Vice-President
  44. Senators draw battle line over Yar’Adua Vs Jonathan.
  45. No provision in constitution for handover to Jonathan
  46. How Yar’Adua lost Presidency, Good bye Yar'adua.
  47. Reps Reject FOI Bill Again.
  48. Yar'adua SPOKE With BBC this mornning.
  49. The North,Ojukwu,Soyinka and Buhari move agaist Yar'adua tomorrow.
  50. Yar'Adua is brain-damaged !!.
  51. Goodnews,Yar'Adua Sound and Fit in Saudi Hospital, Says Envoy.
  52. SERAP group has reported Yar'adua to UN (United Nation) for action.
  53. Our president and the cover up
  54. Yar'adua has been kidnapped by Militants or Boko Haram
  55. My Dream Constitutional Reforms
  56. President can rule Nigeria from Saudi Arabia —Aondoakaa
  57. President’s return: Hope dims for Yar’Adua • Doctors fear chronic pericarditis
  58. Yar’Adua’s family divided over resignation bid
  59. Nigeria lawmakers na wa oo
  60. National Assembly Budget Blues and stories
  61. I am not qualified to be President, says Sambo,Kaduna State governor
  62. Rumor of President Yar'Adua's death spread on
  63. What will you say to or about the President Umaru Musa Yar'adua
  64. About Yar'adua's Sickness
  65. In Defence of the President (Umaru Musa Yar'adua)
  66. Right direction.
  67. Failed Federal House of Reps not Failed Country
  68. Bankole, Deputy Buy N1.53billion Bullet-proof Vehicles
  69. The Yar'adua, AGF and James Ibori Saga
  70. Ribadus Trial is enginnered by the Puppet AGF
  71. A challenge to the House of Reps
  72. Vision 2020 ,A Fact or Fallacy?.
  73. Gross Nepotism
  74. Yar’adua’s 7-point agenda
  75. Two way solution not 7 point agenda