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  1. 5yr Old Boy Kidnapped In Lagos, Found In Ogun
  2. I was paid N10,000 not $6,000-cousin of school girl abducted to Libya
  3. 2 Men Arrested After There Mistakenly Cooked A Co-worker In An Industrial Oven
  4. Chaos In Onitsha After Police Man Shoots Driver Dead :PHOTOS
  5. Woman Narrates How She Was Alleged Attacked By A Policeman In Lagos
  6. Pastor Fight In Public After Mistress Accuses Him Of Fornication
  7. Four Killed In Kogi Radio Station Bomb Blast
  8. Man Who Claimed To Be Jesus Found In London Marathon :PHOTOS
  9. VIDEO: Woman Asks 100 Men She Met On Street For S*X (Social Experiment)
  10. Transgender Woman Launches A Street Attack On 5 Passersby :PHOTOS
  11. Ex NDDC Commissioner Sentenced To Jail For Stealing Transformers Worth N220m
  12. International Magazine Publisher Azuh Arinze's Younger Sister Dies In Auto Crash
  13. 7 Die As Pedestrian Bridge Collapses On Taxi In Kano
  14. Popular TV/Radio Personality, Naana De Souza Dies Of Cancer
  15. Body dumped on 3rd Mainland bridge
  16. Breaking News Akwa Ibom Govt Warns Residents To Avoid Eating Ponmo (Ipa)
  17. Woman Gives Birth In Bathroon At Work, Seals Baby In A Plastic Bag & Hides It In A Drawer
  18. Nigerian Girl Kidnapped & Sold By Her Cousin To Pimps In Libya Has Been Freed
  19. 25 Year Old Woman Attacked With Acid By Her Ex-lover
  20. Man Kills Another Over Girlfriend In Nassarawa
  21. Mourners Strip Naked Throw Condoms Into Man's Grave At His Funeral
  22. Man Arrested For Impregnating Sister
  23. Woman Reportedly Kidnapped From Home At Gunpoint In Ondo
  24. 20 Out Of 125 Mass Mariages Collapse In Sokoto -Official
  25. Nigerian Woman Arrested For Stabbing Her Husband To Death In US
  26. Bomb Blast Reported In Plateau
  27. Mother Of Nanny Who Kidnapped Orekoya Boys Beg For Forgiveness
  28. Fatal Accident In Lagos :PHOTOS
  29. Man Who Trek From Lagos To Abuja Meets Buhari In Abuja
  30. Transgender Woman Beaten, Stripped & Hair Shaved By Police In Brazil :PHOTOS
  31. Unidentified Sportsman Murdered While Jogging In Lagos
  32. Robber Set Ablaze In Attempt To Rape Housewife In Abia
  33. Woman Designs Underwear Out Of Real Human Hair :PHOTO
  34. Breaking News Evil Twin With Bone, Hair& Teeth Found Inside Woman's Brain :PHOTOS
  35. Staff Of Popular Eatery Sentenced To 266 Yrs Imprisonment For Stealing N8m
  36. Fire Razed Mammy Market In Army Barracks, Akure :PHOTOS
  37. Suspected Hacker Arrested By EFCC For Stealing N68bn From Bank
  38. Mob Killed 43 Year Old Taxi Driver For Beating Epileptic Patient
  39. 55 Year Old Man Arrested For Attempted Kidnapping, 13 Year Old Boy Exposed Him
  40. Cigarette Causes Fire In Lagos Sawmill
  41. Three Year Old Kidnapped In Lagos Has Been Found In Ogun
  42. 8 Injured In Failed Suicide Bomb Attack In Yobe State
  43. Man Who Promised To Walk From Lagos To Abuja If Buhari Wins, Arrived Abuja :PHOTOS
  44. 10 Year Old Girl Beaten & Stab In Private Parts By Couple
  45. Nigerians Lose N21m South Africa xenophobic Attacks
  46. Lebanese Woman Leads Gang Operating As EFCC Officials
  47. 20 Year-old Man Have S*X With A Girl He Met For The 1st Time Can No Longer Urinate
  48. Robbers Storms Abuja Transport Firm, Policeman Killed
  49. Boko Haram Gives South Africa 24 Hrs To End Xenophobic Attack Or Face Bombing
  50. Nigerian Embassy Warned Against Use Of Taxis In SA, Hotline Provide
  51. Another African Immigrant Burnt Alive In South Africa
  52. Confession Of Nanny Who Kidnapped Orekoya Boys :Video
  53. 47 Year Old Suspected Kidnapper Arrested With 4 Young Girls In Ogun
  54. 16 Confirmed Dead After Deadly Disease Hits Ondo,Killed Within Few Hours
  55. Nanny Who Kidnapped Orekoya Boys Has Been Arrested
  56. Mother Of Missing Orekoya Kids Cried Begging For Their Return :VIDEO
  57. Award Winning Pharmacist Allegedly Commits Suicide In Lagos
  58. Gwoza boys clash With Law Enforcement Agents In Abuja :PHOTOS
  59. Solange’s Business Partner Armina Mussa Stabbed 10 Times
  60. Nigerian Man Kills Fiancee At Their Home In US
  61. Security Guards Slit Their Indian Manager’s Throat In Lagos
  62. Prison Guards Resign After Pic Of Beaten-Up Inmate Dragged Around Like A Dog Goes Viral
  63. Breaking News Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Helicopter Crashes At Airport
  64. NDLEA Arrests A Woman With N73m In Oats Packs At The Airport
  65. Nanny Demands N15m For Kidnapped Orekoya Kids
  66. Minister Hired A Lady To Take Nude Photos Of Colleague Cabinet Minister
  67. Man Shares Video & Photos Of His Girlfriend While Having S*X
  68. Mother Jail For Killing Son With Salt Overdose For The Sake Of Social Media
  69. Man With Earphone Killed By Train In Lagos
  70. Househelp Kidnaps 3 Young Boys From Their Home
  71. NDLEA Arrests 6 At The Airport For Drug Trafficking
  72. Marry Your Rapist Or Be Jailed For 12 Yrs For Adultery Plight Of A Muslim Lady
  73. Man & His Seven Children Found Dead In Their Home
  74. Man Glued While Having S*X With Another Man's Wife :VIDEO
  75. 6 Married Women Busted Pants Down With 6 Sugar Boys In Hotel Rooms :VIDEO
  76. 14 Year Old Killed By Cultists For Refusing To Join In Calabar
  77. House Help Steals Valuables Worth N4m From Boss
  78. Bank Owners Disappear With Customers’ Money In Kwara State
  79. South Carolina Cop Fatally Shoots Fleeing Unarmed Black Man 5 Times :VIDEO/PHOTOS
  80. Pedestrian Crushed To Death On Express Road In Abuja :PHOTOS
  81. Convicted Rapist Spared Jail After Being Disfigured In Payback Acid Attack
  82. Pastor & Wife Arrested For Selling Baby N300,000 In Akwa Ibom
  83. Airport Cleaner Denies Receiving N12m Gift From Church
  84. Husband Caught Cheating With His Best Friend Wife In Their Car :PHOTOS
  85. 15-year-old South African Girl Caught Trying To Join ISIS
  86. Breaking News Hackers Storms Banks ATMs In Lagos, Device Means To Collect Pins
  87. Husband Catches Pregnant Wife Having S*x With Another Man
  88. 2 Men Shot Dead, Buried In The Bushes As They Went To Inspect Land They Bought In PH
  89. World’s Strongest Dwarf To Wed 6ft Tall Transgender Girlfriend
  90. 36 Year Old Woman Buys Knife At Shopping Mall & Cuts Her Own Throat In Front Of Customers
  91. Married Boss Caught Having S*X With His Secretary
  92. Catholic Nun Stabs Student With Needle To Show Him How Jesus Suffered
  93. Prophet Reveals Ladies Seek Spiritual Help To Charm Footballers
  94. Soldier Arrested After Robbery Opperation
  95. Boyfriend Stabs Girlfriend To Death Over Cheat
  96. World Ugliest Woman Dies At 67 :PHOTOS
  97. Uniport Student Sends Photos To Lecturer To Boost Her Marks :PHOTOS
  98. Members Blast Popular Pastor After His Daughter’s Private PHOTOS Got Leaked:PHOTOS
  99. 19 Year Old SS3 Boy Impregnates Mother While Testing Love Potion in Asaba
  100. Married Woman Recorded Having S*X On The Grass :VIDEO
  101. Dad Marries 12-Year Old Daughter Off To Prevent Her From Sin Of Having S*x Outside Marriage
  102. 2 Year-old Dies In Ogun Fire
  103. Male Nurse Rpes Three Unconscious Women In Emergency Room
  104. Female Bankers Fight Dirty Over Rich Businessman
  105. Airline Where Hot Strippers Serve As Air Hostesses (PHOTOS)
  106. 17 most ridiculous things on earth
  107. Ex-wife Chops Off Husband's Penis To Avoid Him To Marry Another Woman
  108. Police Recover N9m From Dead Armed Robbers Who Raided Owo Banks
  109. Woman Stabs Husband To Death Over PDP, APC Presidential Candidates
  110. 8 Tips For Saving Money On Wedding Food
  111. Bridesmaid Hanged Hours After Attending Sister's Wedding
  112. New Born Baby With Natural Tattoo :PHOTOS
  113. Doctor Caught Having S*X With A Nurse In The Hospital :VIDEO
  114. Silverbird Cinemas Worker Laid To Rest In Lagos
  115. Policeman On Motorcycle Burnt To Death In Third-Mainland
  116. Trader Kills Customer Over N10 Cigarette
  117. Chinese Restaurant In Kenya Restrict Black People After 5pm
  118. Political Thugs Robbed Man & His Car Vandalized
  119. Israeli Magician Floats Above Tel Aviv Street :Photos & Video
  120. Zimbabwe: S*x Workers Switch to Mobile Payment Systems
  121. Gay Nigerians Are Here To Stay - Kenny Badmus
  122. I Got 3 Slaps When I Tried To Correct My Wife, Husband Tells Court
  123. Car Snatcher Arrested After Vehicle Developed Fault
  124. HOMICIDE: Husbands Kill Wives In Delta, Anambra Over Infidelity
  125. Explosion In Ogun community Shatters Teenager’s Arm
  126. 4yr Old Boy Has Been Caught On CCTV Keying A Car In Broad Daylight
  127. 4yr Old Boy Has Been Caught On CCTV Keying A Car In Broad Daylight
  128. Miss Nigeria Ezinne Akudo Opens Rape Crisis Center In Lagos
  129. Man Wakes Up & Finds £1.25m Mistakenly Deposited His Bank Account
  130. 14-yr-old Boy Forces 2 Boys To Perform Sex Acts At Knife Point
  131. If You Are Given N4b To Stay Away From S*x For Life, Would You Take It?
  132. Two Female Suicide Bombers Die After A Failed Attempt In Borno
  133. Two Lesbians Sentenced To 14 Years In Prison :PHOTOS
  134. PHOTO: Tatooed Pigs Sold For Up To £55,000 A Piece
  135. See The Message Kidnapped Emir Sent To His Family
  136. Popular Nigerian Businessman, Modupe-Ojo Wrongly Jailed For Rape In UK
  137. We Bought Human Skull For N4,000 -Suspects
  138. South-South Governor Who Is Alleged To Be Homosexual
  139. How Much Allowance To Give Your Child
  140. Why We Prefer Trousers To Skirts – FCT Ladies
  141. Man Chops Off Inspection Officer's Head For Seizing His Cell Phone
  142. Six Suspects Paraded In Death Of Traffic Warden
  143. Man Kills Friend Over N100 Debt
  144. Nigerian Man Allegedly Shot Dead In South Africa :PHOTO
  145. Keke Napep" Rider Is Not Letting Her Heavy Pregnancy Stop Her (PHOTO)
  146. 25-yr-Old Offers Men £350 To Impregnate Her On Facebook
  147. Mad Woman Delivers Baby Unassisted(PHOTO)
  148. Woman Seeks Divorce, Claims Husband Wants Every S*x Style
  149. Nigerian Man Reportedly Shot Dead In South Africa(Photo)
  150. Chei !! Photo: See what Evil Madam Allegedly Did To Her Househelp
  151. Meet The 25-year-old Man With No Memory
  152. Human Traffickers Caught Smuggling Nursing Mother, Children Into Nigeria
  153. Guard Leads Others To Rob Boss Of N100,000, Phones
  154. Police Parade Herbalist For Defiling 12 Yrs Old Boy
  155. 25 Yrs Old Woman Crushed To Death By LAWMA Refuse Truck
  156. Chart Shows Your Chances Of Being Future Nigerian Leader
  157. Man Caught Trying To Steal A Car In Abuja
  158. Today Is Solar Eclipse 2015: What You Need To Know
  159. Pandemonium In Enugu As Fulani Herdsmen Kill Village Elder In His Farm
  160. Mother Posted Her Private Pics Online To Make Her Ex-Husband Jealous
  161. Mob Beats Mentally ill Woman To Death For Burning The Holy Koran
  162. Air Attack On Tripoli Airport Delays Peace Delegation
  163. Traders Worry Over Rising Prices Of Meat, Others
  164. Disabled 64 Yrs Old Dumped By Tunisian Toyboy/Husband Shortly After UK Arrival
  165. Herder Attacks Housewife For Resisting Rape Attempt In Abuja
  166. Truck Collides With 14 Seater Bus, 5 Dead In Kenya
  167. Woman Bites Off Best Friend’s Lip Over Gossip :PHOTOS
  168. Man Arrested With Indian Hemp Inside Sausage Rolls In Lagos Airport
  169. PHOTOS Of Murdered Silverbird Staff Aisha Body After It Was Found :Full Story
  170. What Is In The Middle Of Nowhere?
  171. Woman arrested, stripped and clubbed to death for trying to steal a baby in Owerri
  172. Mother Sells 5 Yrs Old Son To Raise Money To Travel With Lover
  173. Dumb Car Thief Paints Face Back To Avoid Being Arrested By Police
  174. Man Accused And Charged By Court For Raping Friend’s Wife
  175. Photos From America's 1st Indian Lesbian Wedding
  176. Another Young Man Allegedly Killed By Police In Gombe State :PHOTOS
  177. Nigerian Lady Dies After Meeting Facebook Married Lover
  178. Heartbreaking, Syrian Boy Protecting His Little Sister :CHECK PHOTOS
  179. Police Allegedly Tortured A Young Man To Death In Benin :Read Story
  180. 3 Women Hit Cloth Store For Stealing Adventure In Ikeja, Caught By CCTV :VIDEO
  181. 19 Years Old Girl, Whose Uncle Has Been Sleeping With.. She Leaked Photos Online.
  182. Islamic Cleric Beats Up Mother, 14-Year Old Daughter Molested
  183. Woman Stabed Husband To Death In Ibadan
  184. Landlord Molests Tenant's 8 Year Old Daughter In Ibadan
  185. Woman Who Got Pregnant After One Night Stand Looks For Baby Daddy Online
  186. Gov. Fashola Commissions New Ultra Modern Oyingbo Market
  187. Pastor Allegedly Beat Son Mercilessly Put chains With 2 Padlocks Round His Neck In Jos
  188. Unknown Gunmen Kidnapped 3 Chinese Citizens In Kogi
  189. Two Cousins Die In A Well In Benue
  190. Video Reveals Clearer Details On Lekki Robbery Attack
  191. Women distract shopkeepers while girl steals phone
  192. Lucifer from Hell Set House Ablaze
  193. Womb For Sale
  194. How to style your natural hair into a wedding updo
  195. Dealing with difficult in-laws: Marriage success tips
  196. Man Attacks Woman On First Date :CHECK REASONS
  197. 20 Shops Destroyed In Mile 12 fire, 3 Killed
  198. Stabed Victim Dies In Pains On His Way To Hospital
  199. How Police Shot 76-year- old Man, Physically Challenged
  200. Man Dies After Electric Wire Falls On Him In Port Harcourt
  201. Goat Gives Birth To Two-Headed Kid In Kenya :VIDEO
  202. NDLEA Arrest Woman For Trafficking Drugs In Vagina
  203. Cigarette Test Shows How Its Damage Lungs :VIDEO
  204. Bus Conductor Burnt To Death In Auto Crash In Maryland
  205. Men and women have very different drinking habits, study says
  206. Craziest ways to open beer bottles..
  207. My Wife Became Pregnant With A 3rd Child Without Me Touching Her - Abraham Okoro
  208. Woman seeks divorce over bride price
  209. How to get your groom excited about wedding planning
  210. FineCoats Paint Lagos Building On Fire
  211. My Man Keeps Celebrating Female Friends On Instagram ,Am Hurt :Advice Me
  212. Auto-Mobile Clash Along Dei Dei Police Barack In Abuja
  213. Housewife Divorce Husband Because His Penis Is Too Big
  214. Photos: FineCoats Paint Lagos building on fire
  215. Photos: Accident along Dei Dei police Barack in Abuja
  216. Nigerian wife files for divorce because her hubby's penis is 'too big'
  217. Money Tower(Photo)
  218. The Foodie Way to Train Your Waist
  219. Nigerians Have Become Refugees -Blessings Agboli
  220. 2 day Old Baby Abandoned On Lagos Street
  221. Parents arrested for torturing 11-month-old son over witchcraft allegation
  222. Guess who are the world's biggest spenders at UK Airport
  223. Annual salaries of 12 world leaders
  224. Windstorm In Lagos Wrecks 400 Buildings
  225. 3 Reasons Money Will Never Make You Happy
  226. Maheeda Afraid Men May ‘Devour’ Daughter
  227. 60-year-old man, two women docked over assault, theft of N2.16m
  228. So Sad, Dance Queen, Kaaffy Loses Mom
  229. Police nab Alfa for tapping neigbour’s electricity
  230. Man Kills Neighbour With Cutlass In Lagos
  231. Gunmen Kills Ex-policeman’s Parents, Wife, Kids
  232. My Wife Took Poison After A Misunderstanding Over Her Infidelity -Husband
  233. Police Arrest Woman For Roasting Husband's Manhood
  234. Woman Sets Fire To $30,000 Cash Hidden In The Family Stove
  235. 22 Yrs Old Nigerian Woman Who Was Addicted To Porn
  236. Gunmen Kills 9 In Port-Harcourt
  237. 21 Year Old Girl Found Dead In Hotel Room
  238. Soldiers Kills Six, Many Injured After Shooting At Worshippers In Kaduna
  239. Woman Beat Husband To Dead
  240. List Of Animals In Igbo Language
  241. My Girlfriend Wants Me To Change My Church -I Need Advice
  242. Older Papa Caught In A Hotel With A Secondary School Girl
  243. Lesbians Stoned & Attacked At Party
  244. Couple Kills 3 Day Old Baby To Cover-Up Pre-Marital Sex In Kano
  245. My Boyfriend Leaked Our Bedroom Act
  246. Male Behavior: Why Do Men Lie?
  247. Dogs Owner Arrested After Attack On 9 Year Old
  248. Nigerian Billionaire's Son Donates Kidney To Israeli Girl
  249. Billionaire Business Man, Philanthropist Chief Bayo Kuku Dies At 84
  250. 72 Year Old Landlady Arrested For Stealing Tenant's N500,000