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  1. Paula White Has Lost Hundreds Of Members Due To Ties To Trump
  2. Father Of 2 Becomes First Transgender Minister In Methodist Church
  3. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Receives Private Jet Gift From Church Members
  4. The Experience 12 2017: Date, Time & Venue
  5. The Experience 12, 2017: Guest Artistes
  6. RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2017 “Songs of Victory”
  7. Shiloh 2017: Date, Time And Venue
  8. WAFBEC 2018 – Date, Time & Venue
  9. Boys Can Wear High Heels If They Want To, Church Of England Says
  10. I'm "Proud To Be A Christian Zionist" - Trump's Former Aid
  11. Church Members Brutally Attack Police Officer In South Africa (Video)
  12. Pastor Attempts To Rob The Casino His Wife Works 3 Different Times
  13. Girl Impregnated By Pastor Loses Fallopian Tube To Abortion
  14. Tithing Controversy: Apostle Suleman Replies Daddy Freeze
  15. Watch The Reinhard Bonnke Farewell Crusade Live In Lagos
  16. Pastor Impregnates Housewife, Dares Court
  17. Lady Dies While Leading Praise & Worship In Delta Church
  18. Breaking News Buhari Meets With Christian Leaders Inside Aso Rock
  19. Lift Up Your Hearts, Not Your Cell Phones, Pope Tells Priests
  20. Anglican Bishop Visits Ekwueme, Dismisses Death Rumour
  21. Tithe: Daddy Freeze Replies Nathaniel Bassey
  22. Nathaniel Bassey: “I Unapologetically Believe In Tithing”
  23. Avoid God's Curse, Pay Your Tithe: Adeboye Reacts To Daddy Freeze
  24. What Do You Think Triggered The Martin Luther Reformation?
  25. Christian Leaders Face Off With Osinbajo Over Islamisation Of Nigeria
  26. Pastor Allegedly Trafficked Girls Through Christian-run Orphanage
  27. OPM G.O, Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere Visits Brothel (Photos)
  28. Zambia Deports Pastor Of Omega Fire Ministries
  29. CAN Denies Endorsing Fayose For President
  30. Pastor Adeboye And Wife Rehabilitate 2000 Drug Addicts
  31. Pastor Paul Adefarasin Attacks Daddy Freeze Over Tithe Comments
  32. 7 Kids Poisoned By Carbon Monoxide At A South Austin Church
  33. Pastor Allegedly Stole Over $300,000 From His Church
  34. Joyce Meyer Gives Hilarious Illustration Of Becoming Like Jesus (Video
  35. Man Sacrifices Goat, Ram, 12 Cockerels, 6 Hens (Photos)
  36. Stop Anointing Criminals - Obasanjo Warns Pastors
  37. Uganda Pastor Uses Church Members As Foot Mart (Photos)
  38. Catholic Priest Quits Priesthood For Marriage (Photos)
  39. Femi Falana Mocks Pastor Adeboye Over RCCG Churches
  40. Cardinal Okogie Slams RCCG Adeboye For Planting Of Churches Everywhere
  41. Restructuring: Can Disowns Chair Over Comments
  42. Gunmen Kidnap 4 British Missionaries In Nigeria
  43. Daddy Freeze Calls Out Pastor Paul Adefarasin For Using His Name
  44. Shiloh 2017: Date, Time And Venue
  45. RCCG 2017 Holy Ghost Congress “Sound of Victory”
  46. Trump Stops Obama Mandate Forcing Christians To Fund Abortion
  47. World Tallest Man Sultan Kösen Gets Baptized (Watch)
  48. Contractor Seeks Arrest Of 3 Winners Pastors Over Alleged Fraud
  49. How God Saved Me From Potential Plane Crash – Bishop David Oyedepo
  50. This Former Traffic Cop Now Believes He's Jesus
  51. The Fool Says There Is No God - Enyim Asim Ma Bia Kele Gi
  52. We Need To Bring Affection Back In The Church
  53. These Nairobi Trains Transform Into Churches
  54. See Why People Carry Out Mass Murder
  55. Hajj 2017: All Nigerian Pilgrims Airlifted Back Home
  56. Money Laundering: Mountain Of Fire Drags Ex Pastors & Members To Court
  57. Why I Converted To Islam After 20yrs Of Being Committed In Church
  58. Masquerade Shows Up At Reverend Father's Ordination (Pics)
  59. Pastor Caught Having S*X With 2 Married Women (Photos,Videos)
  60. Muslim Cleric Jailed For Telling Children, Congregation To Join IS
  61. North Korean Defector Uses Balloons To Send 1,000 Bibles Across Border
  62. Canada's TV Evangelist David Mainse Dies At 81
  63. Reinhard Bonnke Returns To Nigeria For ‘Farewell Crusade’
  64. Police Arrest Church Robbery Suspects In Calabar
  65. Zimbabwe Pastor On Trial For Subversion, Faces 20-year Jail Term
  66. CAN Playing ‘Dog In The Manger’ For Opposing Sukuk - MURIC
  67. ‘Election Will Not Hold In 2019’ – Apostle Suleman Prophesies
  68. Woman Caught Stealing Hand Bags In RCCG Church (Photos, Video)
  69. Prophet Introduces Anointed ATM Card For Tithe, Offering Payments
  70. Sukuk: CAN Says FG Plans To Ismalise Nigeria
  71. Wife Grabs Husband's Testicles For Denying Her Sex During Fasting
  72. Dome: Ondo Govt. Shuts Christian Leaders Out Of Prayer Meeting
  73. Hilarious: Comedian Says 'Trump Wants To Restore Power To Your Church'
  74. Pranksters Replace Holy Water With Alcohol In France
  75. Nigerian Pastor Confirmed Dead, Wakes Up 3 Days Later In Mortuary
  76. Suspected Assassins Disguise As Parishioners, Shoot Priest In Lagos
  77. Rick Joyner Gives Prophetic Insight Into Escalating ‘Civil War'
  78. Kirk Cameron To Hold ‘Revive US 2’ This October
  79. BREAKING: First Batch Of Pilgrims Arrive Nigeria
  80. Body Of Kidnapped Catholic Priest Found In Imo State
  81. "I Have Seen My House In Heaven, Can't Wait To Go" - Pastor Adeboye
  82. Pakistan Makes Islamic Teaching Compulsory In All Government Schools
  83. The Sins Govt Committed During Pilgrimage - CACOL
  84. Eid-el-Kabir: Why I Dressed In A Turban - Fayose
  85. "Holy Spirit: Are We Flammable or Fireproof?" - Reinhard Bonnke Book
  86. Fayose Joins Muslims To Celebrate Ed-el-Kabir (Photos)
  87. Aisha Buhari's Message To Nigerians On Eid-el-Kabir
  88. Eid-El-Kabir: Gov Shettima Pleads Citizens
  89. Eid-El-Kabir: Pray For Leaders - Ayade To Muslims
  90. Muslims All Over The World Celebrate Eid al-Adha Festival
  91. BREAKING: Five Nigerian Pilgrims Die In This Year's Hajj
  92. Indian Man Marries Rat, Claims It’s Reincarnation Of Dead Wife
  93. Only Worldly Christian Women Wear High Heels - Pastor
  94. Kentucky Gov. Matt Heads To The Streets To Pray For His Community
  95. Eid: All You Should Know About Udhiya (Slaughtering Animals For Allah)
  96. Eid El-kabir: ‘Don’t Borrow To Celebrate Festival’ - Islamic Professor
  97. Policeman In Uniform Preaching Inside Lagos Market (Video)
  98. Saudi Officials Visit Brutalized Nigerian Pilgrims
  99. North Korea Dictator Kim Jong-Un Encounters God - Man Shares Dream
  100. ‘Giving In Church Does Not Guarantee Wealth’ – Pastor Abel Damina
  101. Barcelona Attack: Killing Innocent People A Great Insult To God - Pope
  102. Catholic Church Excommunicates Priest, Fr. Patrick For Resigning
  103. Prophet Arrested As Police Exhume Human Parts In Church
  104. Can A Christian Drink Alcohol?
  105. Mark Driscoll: "I Was Once Thrown Out Of Church With My Kids!"
  106. Stop Playing Politics With Buhari’s Health – CAN Warns FG
  107. U.S. Calls Out Iran, Saudi Arabia & China Over Religious Persecution
  108. Pastor Defiles Co-pastors Daughters Aged Under 15 (Photo)
  109. RCCG Bans Aso Ebi, Ungodly Wedding Engagement
  110. The Bridge Is Out!
  111. Signs of Matured Christians
  112. Mum, Are There Two Jesuses?
  113. RCCG Annual Convention 2017 - Deliverance Service (Day 4 Video)
  114. RCCG Annual Convention 2017 - Service Of Songs (Day 4 Evening Video)
  115. RCCG 2017 Annual Convention – Day 4 Morning Plenary Session 4 (Video)
  116. RCCG 2017 Convention – Evening Plenary Session 2 (Day 3 Video)
  117. Prophet Bushiri Now Sells ”Blood Of Jesus” for $2000
  118. RCCG 2017 Annual Convention - Day 4 Morning Plenary Session 4 (Video)
  119. RCCG 2017 Annual Convention – Ordination Of Assistant Pastors (Video)
  120. RCCG 2017 Annual Convention – Day 3 Special Seminar (Video)
  121. RCCG 2017 Annual Convention – Day 3 Evening Melody Hour (Video)
  122. RCCG Convention 2017 – Day 3 Bible College Graduation
  123. RCCG Convention 2017: Ordination Of Deacons And Deaconesses - Day 1
  124. RCCG 65th Hallelujah Convention Hymn - 2017
  125. RCCG 2017 Annual Convention – Day 2 Evening, Welcome Service (Video)
  126. Winners Chapel Pastor's Wife Gives Birth After Womb Was Removed (Pics)
  127. Pastor's Son Who Mudered Girl For Rituals Escapes From Remand Home
  128. RCCG 65th Convention: Pastor Adeboye Walks 7KM With Pastors
  129. Salary Structure Of Mega Church Pastors In Nigeria
  130. Salary Structure Of Believers LoveWorld - Christ Embassy Pastors
  131. Salary Structure Of Mountain Of Fire And Miracles Ministries Pastors
  132. Salary Structure Of Redeemed Christian Church Of God (RCCG) Pastors
  133. Salary Structure Of Winners Chapel Pastors
  134. Salary Structure Of Deeper Christian Life Ministry Pastors
  135. Salary Structure Of Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries
  136. Be Full Of Thanks Not Competition
  137. Apostle Johnson Suleman "Raises Dead Baby" In Cameroon (Pics)
  138. Justin Welby, Archbishop Of Canterbury Visits Buhari In London
  139. King James Bible Belongs To Homosexuals And Rastafarians – Pastor
  140. 1,104 Plateau Pilgrims Will Perform 2017 Hajj
  141. Shock As Catholic Reverend Father Resigns
  142. Miracle: Pastor Resurrects Dead Women In Church Service (VIDEO)
  143. Current List Of World's Richest Pastors
  144. Sudan Declared The 39th Province Of Anglican Communion
  145. Pastor Curses Woman And She Goes Blind Instantly (Watch Video)
  146. Government Of God Cabinet Line Up
  147. Apostle Suleiman Finally Speaks On Buhari’s Health (VIDEO)
  148. Muslim Group Accuses CAN Of Frustrating Islamic Studies
  149. Pastor Shot Dead Outside His Church
  150. CAN Visits National Assembly Over CRK Removal Controversy
  151. Pastor Crashes As He Tries Flying To Jerusalem With Wings
  152. David Oyedepo Reveals Plans To Islamize Nigeria (Video)
  153. Azuza15: Revival Assembly Church Hosts 2017 Revival Conference
  154. Religion Could Disappear By 2041, Here's Why
  155. Jihad Has Started In Nigeria - Group
  156. Pastor Adeboye Lays Curses On Badoo Cult Members
  157. 12-Year-Old Boy Drowns In Church Swimming Pool
  158. Pastor Steals Thousands From His Church To Pay For Gay Prostitutes
  159. Pastor Donates His Kidney To Save Church Member
  160. Pastor Forces Church Members To Eat Flowers
  161. Adeboye, Oyedepo, Kumuyi, Others Calls On Christian Students To Boycott Arabic Studies Classes
  162. Nnamdi Kanu Cannot Blaspheme God, He's A Christian – IPOB
  163. Onaiyekan To Christians: Nobody Can Islamise Nigeria Unless.......
  164. Priest Lures Congregation With Free Alcohol And Money
  165. Man Nearly Dies, Claims He Visited Heaven, See How He Describes Jesus
  166. Facebook Needs To Become More Like The Church: Mark Zuckerberg
  167. Ten Commandments Monument In Arkansas Destroyed Less Than 24 Hours
  168. Pope Francis Defrocks Priest Convicted Of Sexual Abuse Of Minors
  169. South African Court Bars Schools From Promoting Religion
  170. Pastor Kills Man Who Caught Him Having Sex With His Wife
  171. House On The Rock: CAN Speaks On The Abuja Fire Incident, Says There's Foul Play
  172. Chinese Police Forcibly Remove Worshippers During Sunday Service (Video)
  173. Chei !! South African Church Bars Black From Attending Its Services
  174. Hail Satan: 'I Sold My Soul To Satan So What? - Nigerian Lady Declares
  175. Preacher Killed In Akwa Ibom For Preaching
  176. Prophet Reveals When The World Will End, Claims He’s God’s Special Adviser And Fourth In Trinity
  177. Learn From The Lessons Of Ramadan - Akeredolu To Muslims
  178. Eid: Okowa Urges For Peaceful Co-existence
  179. Muslims Celebrate Amid Tight Security In Kano
  180. United States Government Honours Apostle Johnson Suleman (Photos)
  181. Vigilante Group Brutalise Man Accused Of Witchcraft In Abia
  182. Kenyan Pastor With Mysterious Skin Disease Rejected By Parents (Photos)
  183. 5000 Cultists In Ogoni Rivers State Denounce Cultism, Become Born Again At Pastor Kumuyi's Crusade
  184. Breaking News House On The Rock Church Abuja On Fire
  185. Lara George Releases New Album “A Slice Of Heaven”
  186. Tyler Perry Releases New Book, Higher Is Waiting
  187. Kidnapper Evans Reveals The Bible Book He's Reading Now
  188. Gospel Music Icon Asu Ekiye Appointed Special Adviser To Bayelsa State Governor
  189. My Wife Is Pregnant With Twins: Limbless Evangelist Nick Vujicic Announces
  190. Ghana Gospel Music Artistes Use Juju To Make Hit Songs: Adu Patrick Reveals
  191. Trump's Lawyer Is A Jew Who Gave His Life To JESUS In The Most Incredible Way
  192. Former Navy SEAL And Actor Remi Adeleke Shares Story Of How Jesus Transformed His Life
  193. Pastor Comes Out As Transgender Woman After 20 Years
  194. Christians And Jews Combat Witches' Spells On Trump
  195. Fashola, Saraki At Umrah 2017 In Saudi Arabia - Pics
  196. Church Amazingly Prays For Robber Who Stole From Them - Photos
  197. Anti-corruption fight must start from churches, says Osinbajo
  198. Pope Francis Honours Rebel Priests
  199. Deserts: Church To Plant 17,000 Trees
  200. CAN Pleads With Osinbajo On CRK Removal From School Syllabus
  201. Buhari Planning To Islamise Nigeria - Apostle Suleman
  202. This Music Video On Islam Will Make Your Heart Melt
  203. Ramadan: Kano Feeds 930,000 Muslims
  204. 'Snake Pastor’ Penuel Mnguni Says TB Joshua Tricked Him
  205. Pastor's Wife Commits Suicide By Hanging Herself In Ondo
  206. Pastor Helps Man Who Stole From His Church
  207. You’ll Be Fired If... - Pope To Priests
  208. Pope Intervenes In Ahiara Crisis
  209. 70-Year-Old Church Secretary Caught Stealing From Congregation
  210. Pastor Tells Christian Youths to Stop Watching Western Movies
  211. Jihadism Has Everything To Do With Islam: Archbishop Justin Welby Insists
  212. 100,000 Turn To Christ Amid Growing Human Rights Abuses In China
  213. Head Imam At D.C. Mosque Calls For Female Genital Mutilation
  214. "Jesus Week": 14,000 Hear The Gospel In New York's Times Square
  215. Club Fires Football Coach For Praying On 50-yard Line After Every Game
  216. US Senate Approves Jerusalem Embassy Relocation Bill In Landslide Vote Of 90-0
  217. Methodist Church Ordains Transgender As Provisional Deacon
  218. Thousands Of Korean Soldiers Worship Jesus With Passion And Joy (Video)
  219. I Was Tricked By T.B. Joshua - Popular Snake Pastor Says
  220. The Nagging Spouse Solution
  221. How Islam Is Progressively Taking Over Countries
  222. Prophet Who Predicted Trump’s Presidency In 2007 Also Predicted Two Terms And Building Of Walls
  223. Billy Graham Answers: Did God Forgive Our Past, Present And Future Sins?
  224. Happy Birthday!!! Pastor Kumuyi Is 76 Today
  225. Proposed Church Building For Living Faith Church, A.K.A Winners Chapel
  226. Proposed Building For Dunamis International Gospel Centre (DIGC) Abuja
  227. Proposed Building Of MFM Youth Church Int’l Headquarters
  228. "You Were Not Born gay" Former Nigerian Club Girl Tells Her Story As She Gets Born Again
  229. Popular Snake Pastor Confesses - Video
  230. Apostle Suleman Celebrates 13th Wedding Anniversary
  231. Nigeria Ranks High For Religious Intolerance
  232. Governor Wike Declares Rivers Christian State, Donates Ecumenical Centre To CAN
  233. NYSC Corps Repents Because Of Buhari - Video
  234. Church Members Face Trial For Beating 'Homosexual Demons' Out Of Man
  235. This ‘Robot Priest’ Recites Bible Verses, Offers Blessings In Many Languages & Shoots Light Beams
  236. This ‘Robot Priest’ Recites Bible Verses, Offers Blessings In Many Languages & Shoots Light Beams
  237. Sex Scandal: Member Accuses ODM Pastor Chris Kwakpovwe Of Asking Her Out
  238. Sack Of Venerable Femi Taiwo In Order: CAN Says
  239. Members Desert Church Over Sacked Pastor
  240. 5 Ways Ministry Leaders Start Their Journey To Failure - Ron Edmondson
  241. Hindu Radicals In India Burn Down Pastor’s Church And Home
  242. ‘I Made Up My Mind’: Deaf Muslim Man Shares Conversion Story
  243. Teen Boy Plays Drums For Gospel Band Despite Being Deaf
  244. India: Hindu ‘Saul Of Tarsus’ Who Hunted Down Christians Encounters Jesus
  245. 26 Egypt Coptic Christians Killed, Dozens Injured In Bus Attack
  246. Facebook Omits JESUS From Its Anti-Bullying Protection List
  247. Imam Slammed For Saying Muhammad Was A Christian Before Turning 40
  248. Melania Trump Prays For Sick Children In Vatican Hospital
  249. Ramadan: Sultan Says Muslims Should Watch Out For New Moon
  250. Pastor 'Heals' Girls In Church By Giving Them Hot Kiss