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  1. No Discrimination In The Catholic Church - Prince Olagunju
  2. Uyo church collapse: Contractor Said Apostle Weeks Ordered Removal Of Scaffolds
  3. Pastor Mugadza - Pres. Mugabe Will Die
  4. Southern Kaduna - CAN Says 1,000 Christians Killed
  5. Apostle Johnson Suleman And MMM
  6. Why is it normal to kill a pig, but not a human/a stray dog?
  7. Mistery Tree - Thousand Trrop To See
  8. RCCG explains why Adeboye appointed national overseer
  9. Angry pastors plot against church general overseer
  10. Church Demolition - Jigawa State
  11. Adeboye: Only Governing Council can reverse decision
  12. National directorate of prayer 2017 forty days fasting & prayer guide
  13. Rccg big handover
  14. Radicality - Chosen
  15. Pastors Riot Against Bishop - Church Business
  16. Hajj 2017: Kaduna Commences Registration Of Pilgrims
  17. Rev. Ntia I. Ntia : Liquid Fire
  18. Buhari Receives Wisdom : Pastor Kumuyi
  19. 2017 : Redeemed Despite Contention
  20. BrotherHood Speaks About 2017
  21. Abati Meant It - Archbishop Atilade
  22. My Case Is different : Bishop David Oyedepo
  23. Eternity And Nigeria : Pastor (Dr.) Paul Eneche
  24. God Will Interfere : Apostle Johnson Suleman
  25. Atiku Will Defeat Buhari In 2019 – Prophet Olagunju
  26. The Year Of Surpise: Pastor Enoch Adeboye
  27. T.B Joshua Will Die : Prophet Faleyimu
  28. Pastor Chris. : The Year Of Luxuriant Growth
  29. 2017 Will Shock The World : Prophet T.B Joshua
  30. 2017 Visions : Prophet Speaks
  31. Insight Into 2017: Pastor Joshua Iginla
  32. Buhari Will Die In 2017
  33. Would E.A. Adeboye have succeeded if he founded his own church?
  34. Priests Rape Children In Deaf School
  35. Emir Stresses Importance Of Zakat, Distributes N5.7m Grains In Jigawa
  36. Muslim Man Puts Up Tall Christmas Tree To Honour Christians
  37. Prophet Impregnates 16 Yr Old Daughter, Gives Her Concoction To Abort
  38. Gov Mimiko Urges His Successor To Sustain Zero Eradication Policy
  39. It takes Tthing To Qualify For God's Blessings - Oyedepo
  40. Church Collapse: Gov.Udom Says God Took Him There To Save Lives
  41. Muslim Woman Donates Food Stuff To 50 Christian Widows For Christmas
  42. Is it compulsory for an Alhaji/Alhaja to have golden teeth?
  43. Can I make heaven while I’m a politician in Nigeria?
  44. Church Bombing Raises Calls To Uproot Bigotry In Egypt
  45. Enugu Governor Urges Intending Christian Pilgrims To Pray For Nigeria
  46. Top Religious Controversial Moments Of The Year
  47. Francis Pope Turns Down Early 80th Birthday Wishes
  48. 5 Most Influential Religious Leaders Of The Year
  49. Top 3 Prophecies That Did NOT Come True
  50. Uyo Church Collapse NAS Donates 21 Pints Of Blood To Injured Victims
  51. 5 Scary Prophecies That Came To Pass
  52. Dettol Pastor Gets 5 New Bottles Despite Major Backlash
  53. Reigners Bible Church G.O blames Collapse On The Kingdom Of Darkness
  54. Church Places Migrants Boat In 2016 Christmas Nativity Scene
  55. Prophet Rufus Heals Church Members By Making Them Drink Dettol
  56. SCOAN Leader Wanted Donald Trump To Be Man Of The Year And it Happened
  57. Pope Likens Scandal-Seeking Media To Excrement Lovers
  58. 800 Christians Have Been Killed In Kaduna State - Catholic Leaders
  59. Governor Udom Declares 2-Day Mourning For Over 200 Deaths
  60. Catholic Priest Calls For Use Of Traditional Food As Communion
  61. Bishop Oyedepo Says Economic Crisis Will Only Get Tougher
  62. Edel-el- Maulud: Saraki Felicitates With Muslims
  63. Sharia Bill: Groups Urge Christians To Reject Bill
  64. CAN Urge Christians To Reject Sharia Bill
  65. At Least 20 Dead In blast At Cairo Church
  66. In Egypt Bomb Spreads Carnage Through Much-Loved Cairo Church
  67. Indonesia Faces Test As Christian Governor Stands Trial
  68. In Cairo Church U.S. Govt Condemns Attack
  69. Is it compulsory to close your eyes while praying?
  70. Why Are Some Deeper Life Members Going to MFM?
  71. In Congo Catholic Church Leads Reconciliation Talks In Deadlocked DRC
  72. RCCG 2016 Holy Ghost Congress Day 4 Evening Video
  73. Shiloh 2016 – Prayer Hour Day 4 Morning
  74. Shiloh 2016 : Day 3 Evening (Encounter Night)
  75. Apostle Johnson Suleman 2016 Int’l. Amazing Grace – Day 2 Evening (Video)
  76. Apostle Johnson Suleman 2016 Int’l. Amazing Grace – Live Stream
  77. Gays Cannot Enter Catholic Priesthood
  78. Apostle Johnson Suleman 2016 Int’l. Amazing Grace – Day 2 Morning (Video)
  79. Apostle Johnson Suleman 2016 Int’l. Amazing Grace Day 1 Videos
  80. RCCG 2016 Holy Ghost Congress DAY 3 Evening Video
  81. Shiloh 2016 : Hour of Visitation Day 3 (Morning Session)
  82. Shiloh 2016 : Prayer Hour Day 3 Morning (Video)
  83. All Apostle Johnson Suleman 2016 Int’l. Amazing Grace Videos
  84. Shiloh 2016 : Day 2 Evening (Encounter Night)
  85. RCCG 2016 Holy Ghost Congress - Live Stream
  86. RCCG 2016 Holy Ghost Congress Day 3 Afternoon, Video
  87. I Had My Doubts About Current Catholic Leader - Pope Benedict
  88. RCCG 2016 Holy Ghost Congress – Day 3 Morning Video
  89. Bill To Establish Christian Court Scales Second Reading In Abuja
  90. RCCG 2016 Holy Ghost Congress – Day 2 Evening Video
  91. 10 Most Amazing Performances From The 2016 Edition
  92. RCCG 2016 Holy Ghost Congress – Day 2 Afternoon, Video
  93. Cleric Urges FG To Set Aside National Thanksgiving Day
  94. Shiloh 2016: Hour of Visitation Day 2 Morning -Video
  95. Shiloh 2016: Day 1 (Opening Ceremony) Video
  96. All Shiloh 2016 Videos
  97. Shiloh 2016: Shiloh Prayer Hour, Day 2 Morning Session
  98. All RCCG 2016 Holy Ghost Congress Videos
  99. Watch SHILOH 2016 LIVE Broadcast & Online Streaming
  100. RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2016 – Day 1 Video
  101. Prayer Points from Day 1 of The RCCG Holy Ghost Congress #Complete Restoration
  102. Is there anything I can I do to escape death?
  103. Industrialist Donates Charity Home To Catholic Church
  104. God will Allow Dangote To Be Tthe Future President of Nigeria, - Cleric Says
  105. Governor Shettima Begins Rebuilding Churches Destroyed By Boko Haram
  106. Archbishop Urges Wives To Love And Respect Their Husbands
  107. In Rwanda Citizens Pray Where Virgin Mary Appeared To Schoolgirls
  108. Pontiff Urges 'Responsible Behaviour To Stop AIDS Spread
  109. Twitter Attacks Journalist For Advising CAN To Arm Christians In Kaduna
  110. Watch The Experience Lagos - Live Stream
  111. Christian Groups Attack Prophet For Using Doom Insecticide On Congregation
  112. God Hates MMM Nigeria - Christian Says
  113. Were You Called By God To Speak For Buhari?' Reno Omokri Asks priest
  114. CAN President urges all Nigerians to show love to ne Another
  115. I Am Not Jesus! I Have Never Pretended To Be - Jesus Look-Alike Says
  116. SA pastor Sends Church Members To Heaven, Turns Man To Horses
  117. Prophet Demonstrates The Power Of Go By Using Doom Insect Killer On Himself
  118. Readers Reveal Their Thoughts On Prophet Doom And Jesus Look-Alike In Nigeria
  119. Arrest More Judges - Mbaka Urges FG
  120. Pope Francis To Visit Ireland In 2018 - PM Kenny
  121. Yes, I’m pregnant. Yes, I’m a pastor. No, I’m not married and not ashamed.” Desiree Allen Story
  122. Ugandan Prostitute Releases Packs Of Condoms After Church Deliverance
  123. Pastor Makes Cool Cash From Sales Of Anointed Cucumber
  124. In Vatican Reform Hopes As Panel Studies Female Deacons
  125. Church Member Gets Drunk Immediately After Drinking Apostle Sithole's Water
  126. Some South African Pastors Have Embarrassed Christianity
  127. Latter Rain Assembly G.O Celebrates 32nd Wedding Anniversary With His Wife
  128. CAN Calls For Concerted Efforts To Stop Killings In Kaduna
  129. Pope And Vietnam President Meet In Bid To Warm Ties
  130. Bishop Zuga Responds To People Who Say His Hot Water Miracle Is Fake (A Must Read)
  131. Twitter Reacts To Pastor, Who Uses Doom Insecticide To Heal Cancer, HIV
  132. Insecticide Company Urges Prophet Of Doom To Stop Using Product On Members
  133. Pastor Who Sprayed Insecticide On Members For Healing Claims He Was Led By Holy Spirit
  134. Catholic Priests Can Now Forgive Abortion, Pope Declares
  135. Catholic Church Seeks Genocide Forgiveness For Christians
  136. TB Joshua Blames Failed Prophecy On Fasting And Prayer Of Americans
  137. Pornography, Masturbation Affect the Brain, Impede Productivity, Clergy Warns
  138. Nnamdi Kanu ‘he’s An Anointed Man Of God,’ Says Family
  139. 10 Reasons It’s Good to Give Thanks
  140. Clinton Quotes Galatians Passage in Concession Speech
  141. The Historical Reality of Our Faith
  142. Christian Blogger Glennon Reveals Lesbian Relationship with Soccer Star
  143. My Religion Is Nobody Else’s Business - Says CJI T S Thakur
  144. Pope Francis Says Mercy Demands An Inclusive Church Open To All
  145. Vanishing Christians (A Shocking Revelation Inside Syria)
  146. Pontiff Not Losing Sleep' Over Conservative Challengers
  147. National Assembly Adopts Law On Belief And Religion
  148. European Union Gag Order On Revealing Muslim Terrorists
  149. Worlds Of Religion At Harvard
  150. 6 Women On Faith And Religion
  151. Michael Flynn Called Islam A Political Ideology
  152. Archbishop Warns Islam To Accept Islamic State Is Based On Religion
  153. Shameful Bid To Silence The Speakers Of Religious Truth
  154. Francis Dismisses Critics Of His Teachings
  155. Sanctuary Churches Vow To Shield Immigrants From Trump Crackdown
  156. CAN Calls On Nigerians To Join 7-Day National Prayers And Fasting Session
  157. Corruption Is The Worst Social Plague -Catholic Leader
  158. Muslims With More Than One Wife Are Doing So Ignorantly - Dr. Muazu Aliyu
  159. Why Did The Religious Vote For Trump?
  160. YPU debate tackles religion in Government
  161. Gotham Chopra Investigates The "Religion Of Sports
  162. Can evangelicals unite after the 2016 election?
  163. Germany Bans Islamist 'True Religion' Group, Raiding Mosques And Flats
  164. The Real Problem With Steve Bannon
  165. Men Of God Do Not Need Police Escorts', 71% Say
  166. I do not judge. I'm Interested Only If He Hurts The Poor - Pontiff On Trump's Win
  167. Buhari Thanks Pontiff For His Relentless Contribution To World Peace
  168. Ignore Prophets Of Doom, Focus Only On The Lord And Our Neighbor - Pontiff
  169. Pastor Paul Gives 6 Reasons Why God Made Marriage
  170. Breaking News Pastor Shoots Colleague Dead In Osun State
  171. VP Urges Christians To Be Guided Daily By Christ’s Teachings
  172. Donald Trump Does Not Represent God
  173. My Hillary Clinton Prophecy Came True - TB Joshua
  174. Ghanaian Prophet Urges Husbands To Show Love By Giving Money
  175. Breaking News RCCG Pastor's Son Stabbed To Death In Canada
  176. Pontiff's Jubilee Year Has Brought Over 20 Million To Rome
  177. Stop Mishandling RCCG Finances Or God's Wrath - Pastor Adeboye Warns
  178. How We Planned To Beat Pastor, Steal N1.5m – Methodist Ch Members
  179. Tb Joshua False Hillary Clinton Prophecy Reappears On Facebook
  180. Donald Trump may no longer be interested in Banning Muslims
  181. Trump Positioned By God To Combat Immorality -CAN president
  182. Why Christians Voted For Donald Trump Over Hillary Clinton
  183. Is Homosexuality Wrong?
  184. Tb Joshua Deletes ‘Fake’ Prophecy Post From Facebook After Mockery From Nigerians
  185. Preventing Another Islamic Conflict
  186. Fans Will No Longer See Him In Sexually Explicit Scenes -Majid Michel
  187. TB Joshua Predicts That Clinton Will Win US Presidential Election
  188. John Dumelo Urges Christians To Spend Quality Time With God
  189. Catholic Church Bishops Beg Forgiveness From Paedophilia Victims
  190. Why Hasn’t Pope Visited Nigeria Since 1998?
  191. EFCC Arraigns Pastor For N22.4M Fraud
  192. The Correct Islamic Way To Follow Is Sectless
  193. Reason Why Muslims Don't Condemn Terrorism
  194. Catholic City To Open Its Doors To 1,000 Prisoners
  195. Pontiff Understands Europe's Caution Over Migrants
  196. There Will NEVER Be Female Priests In Roman Catholic Church - Pontiff
  197. Man Asks For Jesus Phone Number After Hearing Of Him For The First Time!
  198. Crippled Man Walks Immediately After Nigerian Pastor Heals Him
  199. Aristotle and the Church
  200. Bishop Kukah’s Impostor Remanded In Prison
  201. Islam's Most Influential Leader To mark 10 Yrs On The Throne
  202. Ignore Your Different Religions And Focus On Nigeria's Unity - Catholic Bishop
  203. Priests' Fears Over Vatican's Beijing Olive Branch
  204. Pastor Urges Members to stop Posting His Videos, Quotes Online
  205. Make Bible Reading Personal - American Evangelist
  206. Men Of God REALLY Need To Censor What They Say
  207. Pray For Our Political Leaders And Country' -G.O
  208. Twitter Reacts To Daystar Pastor's Mental Illness Statements
  209. Female Evangelist Gets Arrested For Allegedly Using Children As Beggars
  210. Religion Is The Root Of Nigeria's Problems - Comedian
  211. 3 Pastors Of Winners Chapel Reportedly In Dispute Over Land Sale
  212. How I Embraced Christ
  213. Why Would A Loving GOD Not Kill Satan From The Beginning
  214. Prophet Graham In Sex Scandal With Church Member
  215. God Is About To Shake The World With Oyakhilome - Benny Hinn
  216. How To Pray When Someone Hurts You
  217. 6 Ways To Reinvigorate Your Prayer Life
  218. How To Overcome The Devil's Tool Of Discouragement
  219. Why Prayer Is Vital for Christians
  220. The Power Of A Praying Church
  221. In Jerusalem Archaeologists Find The Burial Place Of Jesus Christ
  222. Catholic Leader Urges Christians To See Jesus Face In Strangers
  223. Donald Trump Will Reconcile America With God -Chris Okotie
  224. Pontiff Grants Venezuela President Private Audience
  225. Brazil Ctholics Say Recreation Of Iconic Religious Painting Is Deeply Disrespectful
  226. Remember These 3 Things When You Feel Like You Can't Pray
  227. Morning Prayers To Use Daily
  228. A Prayer For Healing
  229. Things I've Learned From Being An Introvert At Church
  230. Places The Enemy Is Invading Your Church
  231. David Versus Goliath—Did It Really Happen?
  232. Abuja Residents Decry Indecent Dressing In Church
  233. Spiritual Disciplines That Will Change Your Life
  234. Disciplines Of Godly Women
  235. Miracle Baby Smiles After Being Born With Half A Heart
  236. The NFL And The Church Share The Same Culture Of Silence On Abuse
  237. Man Of God Makes 5 Predictions About Fuel Price, Dollar - Ambode
  238. Muslim Children Are Taught To Hate Christians At Early Age -Archbishop
  239. Muslim Children Are Taught To Hate Christians At Early Age -
  240. Vatican Releases New Guidelines On Burial Rites
  241. Inspirational Bible Verses Every Christian Should Know
  242. 10 Life Changing Tweets From The Catholic Leader
  243. Historic Christian Town of Bartella Liberated from ISIS Control
  244. Young Iraqi Christian Girl Has Forgiven ISIS
  245. Christianity May Still Be Eradicated From Iraq,
  246. Bible Society Debates Exhibit Ban for InterVarsity Press
  247. Clinton Defends Abortion, Trump May Not Accept Election Results
  248. Is It Biblical To Forgive Myself?
  249. Iranian Pastor Imprisoned For Faith Is Set Free
  250. Catholic Priest Shot Dead In DRC