Self-styled godfather of Ajegunle musicians, Innocent Onyebuchi Onyemuwa, popularly called Daddy Fresh, who made waves in the early 90s with his “Eleru gbe eru” and disappeared into thin air while the ovation was loudest, is back on the scene. The versatile singer recently announced his return to the music circle with the unveiling of his new record label, UE Recordz, which he wants to use to groom his successors. Already, he has signed two talented acts, Juxris and Browzino to the label, and he’s looking forward to making a great impact once again on the nation’s music scene. He spoke to Showtime Celebrity on what he’s bringing to the table as he stages a comeback to the highly competitive Nigerian music scene.

What’s happening to your career?
My career right now is back on track. It actually went off track for years due to some challenges, but right now, I’m back on track, and getting ready to prove my worth once again in the nation’s music scene. Could you tell us some of these challenges? I want to keep them private but they were very strong challenges.
Thank God who never allowed what the enemy planned against me to prosper.