This is Toraware no Paruma (Captive Palm). Itís about a young man who has lost his memory. It seems, you can play it like this. Neato!

The womanís speech bubble reads, ďWeíre really gonna do this with our foreheads?! How embarrassing...Ē

I guess this would be embarrassing if you were on the train or out in public, so letís make this iOS/Android title an at-home exclusive. Míkay?Toraware no Paruma is an adventure game starring a young man named Haruto who has been locked up, and the players must help him get his memory back.

Besides being able to watch him, you must talk with him.

Haruto is behind glass, and there are certain moments during these scenes you touch your deviceís screen with your fingers.

And your forehead.This is because you are not watching Haruto. He is watching you.

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