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NEF Awards and Recognitions .

NEF Awards and Recognitions .  ; Some people are so important to the progress of this forum so much that their efforts should not go unnoticed. They contribute in one way or the other to ensure ...

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    Default NEF Awards and Recognitions .

    Some people are so important to the progress of this forum so much that their efforts should not go unnoticed.

    They contribute in one way or the other to ensure that the forum move forward and to also be of benefit to other forum members.

    We decide to honour such people on a monthly basis. They are our heroes and heroines.

    And at the end of the day,we will be glad how their combine efforts have made Nigeria a better place for you and I.

    The categories of the award is not fixed ,but it will always feature top contributors.
    Here are the Categories:-

    Most active member :

    Most Controversial Thread:

    Most Interesting Thread:

    Best Contributor:

    Most Intellectual:

    Most controversial Member:

    Most Annoying Member:

    Funniest Member:

    Most troublesome:

    Best Tag Team:

    Most popular member:

    Most Likeable member:

    Best Female:

    Best Male:

    Member of the Year:

    1. N1,000.000 Cash prize payable in cash or Via other means applicable.
    2. Certificate of Recognition to be given via email.
    3. Engraving of your name on all thread lists pages in this forum
    4. Other benefits such as may deem fit by the management.

    Our future Visions for Reward
    1. We hope to give out more tangible gifts.
    2. We hope one day members will earn a National award for their contributions to National development.

    Your part to play
    1. Awardees nomination - You nominate whom to give the award.
    2. Sponsorship - You Sponsor the Awards.
    3. Ideas - You make suggestions to keep the award more alive.

    I was born A Nigerian.
    I'm Proud of it.
    I am a die Hard Fan of Nigeria.

    I am A Nigerian.

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    Default Nef awards

    Thumps up doc. Thanks for creating and building the forum. Wisdom resides in the youth as ideas will transform this nation. In summary we would build on our yesterday, cut short on old skool mistakes and
    leave posterity with something to fall back on!

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    I agree with you all the way Viktor. This is a great Train.

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