Admission To Ukrainian Universities – What You Need To Know

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What should foreigners who wish to enter the Ukrainian Universities know?

The right to receive education at higher educational institutions of Ukraine is guaranteed to any foreign citizen who:

* has got a Secondary Education Certificate, which meets the requirements (see below)
* are able to study from health point of view
* have financial funds to pay for:

1. Tuition (on average, U.S. $ 2000-4000 per academic year)
2. Room in a university dormitory (an average of 300-600 U.S. dollars per academic year)
3. Meals (average 120-150 U.S. dollars per month).

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Thus, the average amount of expenses paid by foreign students studying in Ukraine is 4500-6500 U.S. dollars per academic year, including tuition fees, insurance, living and food.

Requirements to the School Certificate

1. If the rating scale of learning achievements is from 0 to 100%:

* in order to study medical specialties the rating should not be less than 50%
* in order to study engineering, technological, economic and humanitarian professions – not less than 40%.

2. If the rating scale of learning achievements is from A to E and below:

* in order to specialize in medical, engineering, technological, economic or humanitarian specialties, estimates should be from A to E, but for subjects related to the future profession – from A to D.

3. If the rating scale of learning achievements is from 1 to 20 points

* in order to study medical, engineering, technological, economic or humanitarian specialties the rating should be at least 10 points.

What is Education?

Educational documents which the foreign citizen should submit for admission into the Ukrainian Universities: the original certificate of secondary school education with the application, which contains a list of studied subjects in school, and the rating that the graduate has received in these subjects.

On arrival in Ukraine a student must:

* make a notarial translation of the legalized Certificate of secondary school education with an application,
* make 2 notarized copies of the legalized Certificate of secondary school education with the attached application.

In order to enter a university, a student must have a passport with a student visa, legalized certificate of secondary school education with an application (as above), a migration card (issued before passing passport control), health certificates, AIDS certificate, 12 photos 3×4 cm.

Deadline of Apply to Ukrainian Universities
Applications for studying in Ukrainian universities are collected annually from the 1st of May to the 15th of October. Thus as the number of vacancies (quotas) for international students is limited those applicants who are first to send their applications and to prepare all relevant documents, have the highest chance for admission. After reviewing of documents the University officially confirms the admission of the applicant (reserves the place). After that the student must follow all instructions to receive formal invitation to study in Ukraine in accordance with the requirements to the documents and the terms of entry. From 30 to 60 days are required by the State Department of Migration Service of Ukraine for the issuance of a formal letter of invitation for the foreign student.

Terms of payment of tuition in the Ukrainian Universities
Applicants must make 100% payment for the first year of studying, place in a hostel, life and health insurance. If the financial terms of payment are violated, the applicant will not be invited to the chosen university. Part payment of bills will also lead to problems with a student visa at the Ukrainian Embassy in your country. Over the next 2-6 years the student must pay tuition fees, accommodation in a hostel, and life and health insurance prior to the 1st of September, that is prior to the beginning of the school year. It is allowed to pay tuition for 2-6 years of education (but not for the first!) in two stages: 70 percents of the annual amount before the 1st of September, and 30 percents – before the 1st of February. Violation of the terms of payment leads to non-admission of the student for the studies and deduction from the university. As a result, registration on the territory of Ukraine can not be extended, which leads to deportation from Ukraine. It is extremely important to pay for studying in time and to extend the official registration on the territory of Ukraine, otherwise you may have problems which will be faced at the court.

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All fees, including tuition fees, are paid in Ukraine in UAH. In accordance with current regulations, the cost of training is specified in the contract either in national currency or in conventional units. Conventional units in different educational institutions are different, so a conventional unit can be equal to:

* one euro at the exchange rate determined by the Central Bank of Ukraine on the day of payment
* one dollar in the exchange rate specified by the Central Bank of Ukraine

On arrival in Ukraine a student can open a bank account in any Ukrainian bank showing passport with registration on the territory of Ukraine. Tuition fees at the university can be in rare cases changed due to the fact that the University is not responsible for the high inflation, falling of U.S. dollar or Euro in exchange for the hryvnia, changes in world energy prices, and other force majeure.


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