Annoying Quotes For Facebook Status

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Enjoyed this one. While a few facebook quotes are cute or thought provoking, most of them really are pointless. Examples:

1. I’m sorry…I didn’t get the memo that said I had to blow sunshine up your ass today!

2. am not a great man I am just a man who has ideas and forces them on to the public via the Internet.

3. go ahead and play your little childish games, I have u figured out, I’m a few steps ahead of u, think u can fool me?a sample of your own medicine is on it’s way

4. If you are going to be offended by other peoples opinions then maybe you should consider keeping yours to yourself

5. getting to the top by back stabbing and throwing ppl under the bus, it’s likely I’ll be pushing u in front of a moving bus; how about that?

6. beer contains female hormones. After you drink enough you can neither drive nor shut the hell up!

7. “Stress does you no good, so let it go. Let it go. Let it go now. Come on. Let it go! Why can’t you let it go? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?”

8. “Easy rule of thumb: If your quote looks like something that could appear on a Successories poster, don’t share it.”

9. Made You Turn Your Head. Haha.

10. I appreciate the effort, but…

11. Ummm has anyone seen my last nerve? Oh wait you are stepping on it!

12. there was a time when I gave a shit, don’t be confused, this ISN’T it!

13. is tired of someone’s constant BS..

14. is sick of being second on everyone’s list, unless they want something. For once I just wish I was first on someone’s list…

15. People who always want or expect something

16. It’s a good thing I actually care and ask , if you’re going to be like that then I won’t ask anymore.

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