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Eat Mindfully To Stay Slim

— A weight-loss therapy that focuses on personal values and “mindful” decision-making may help people shed more pounds, a new clinical trial suggests. Over one year,…

Nigeria Highest GDP In Africa

The 2016 estimates are as follows: 2015 Rank Country Nominal GDP ($ billions) Notes 1 Nigeria 490.207 2 Egypt 330.765 3 South Africa 312.957 4 Algeria…

How I Scammed A Nigerian Scammer

A Ukrainian startup manager, who lives in LA, could have become a victim of a scam-scheme, but has made it otherwise. He has outwitted a Nigerian…

How I Survived Ebola Nigeria

For Dr. Ada Igonoh, one of the doctors who had contact with the late Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian-American importer of Ebola Virus Disease to Nigeria, at…

How Nigeria Is Fighting Corruption

NIGERIANS know what to expect when they approach police checkpoints. “How can you appreciate me?” ask officers, AK-47s dangling languidly from their shoulders. “Happy weekend!” say…

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