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Oil Spill At Mobil’s Qua Iboe Field

Mobil Producing Nigeria, MPN, has reported an oil spill from its Qua Iboe oil fields, in Akwa Ibom State. Mr. Idris Musa, Director in charge of…

Problem Of Oil Subsidy Removal In Nigeria

Problem of Oil Subsidy removal in Nigeria *According to Okonmah Tony, a financial adviser It can only impose more hardship on the already seriously economically downtrodden…

Hon Patrick Obahiagbon On Fuel Subsidy Removal

“I have read with acatalectic disgust, governments asinine and puerile ratiocination attempting to justiceate the proposed removal of subsidies from petroleum products.It has asseverated that it’s…

China: Two Headed Cobra Born

A two-headed cobra has been born in China. Such anomalies among snakes are rare but they do happen. As far as anyone knows, this is the…

About Vconnect Nigeria

VConnect is the largest information service provider & no.1 local search engine in Nigeria, VConnect is one of the popular information service provider. VConnect provides the…

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