Countries And Their Laws On Drug Trafficking

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Countries And Their Penalty on Drug Trafficking

Malaysia ——–Death Penalty (not negotiable)

China ———Death Penalty (Short & simple)

Vietnam (above 1.3 pounds of heroin) ———- Death penalty (Not negotiable).

Iran ———- Very Large fine or death penalty.

Thailand ———death penalty (Not negotiation)

Dubai ——— Dealers-death penalty, Users – 4 yrs imprisonment & deportation

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Saudi Arabia———death penalty (Not negotiable)

Singapore———death penalty(dealer or user)

Cambodia ————-Life imprisonment

Indonesia ————–Death penalty (Not negotiable)

North Korea———- Lengthy imprisonment with no contact with friends and family.

Philippines ———– Death penalty (Not negotiable)

Turkey ———– Very Large fines and long prison sentence

Costa Rica ———— Very long prison sentence

Columbia – long time in a very unpleasant prison. You will likely be killed by another prisoner or commit suicide.

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