David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarship Website and Aim

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The official website of David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarship is http://www.davidoyedepofoundation.org/

David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarship Our Goals

Through our programs we seek to create a better life for humanity by
We Are A Christian Organization.

We are a Christian organization committed to showing the love of Christ to the world by raising platforms of change and support that would create a better life for Africans and by ripple effect, the rest of the world.

Improving The Literacy Rate and Quality of Education in Africa
By improving access to quality educations across all levels of education

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Empowerment Youths for Generational Growth
Supporting youth leadership and empowerment programs focused on developing youth leaders within the African context.

Spreading the Love and Gospel of Jesus Christ to the World
Shining the light and love of Jesus Christ to the world is what gives every one of our programs value.

Eliminating Social Marginalisation
Creating platforms to support children marginalized by poverty and disabilities

Bringing Solution to the Greatest Health Challenges in Africa
We seek to create financial platforms of support for individuals with emergency medical ailments and facilitate research practices that contribute to the development of novel solutions to pressing health challenges especially within Africa


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