Has Anyone Had An Encounter With A Ghost In Real Life?

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NB: Many modern people no longer believe in ghosts.

As a child, I loved listening to ghost stories told by my grandparents and other elders. Even if I was scared, I used to stay awake late night just to experience any ghost sightings but never actually saw anything unnatural. As I grew up, I turned into a non-believer of ghosts and someone who would never get frightened of being alone, in dark or watch/hear anything scary. Then one incident changed me!

This happened when I was around 17 years old. I had gone for a vacation at my maternal uncle’s place which in Gujarat. He had moved into better (bigger) railway quarters (residence for employees working in Railways). We had travelled a lot in the day time from Mumbai to Vadodara and reached his place around 10 PM at night. There was a balcony starting from entrance of the home. It had a bathroom and toilet at the left side and living room and bed rooms on right side. Similar to the below arrangement so, from Living room, we could easily see the balcony.

Post-dinner we were just relaxing and watching TV in the living room. After some time, I saw some white misty apparition running in the balcony toward the bathroom. I first thought I was hallucinating because I was tired of the day’s travel. But this happened 2 to 3 times more. I told my uncle and he said that it must be some pigeons which have their nests above the balcony. But I was sure they were not pigeons! I slept ignoring it.

The next day, I completely forgot about the incident and started doing my morning chores. I went to the bathroom to take a bath. The moment I entered the bathroom, I started shivering due to fear and was constantly feeling that something bad was around. I came out of the bathroom as soon as I could and told my uncle and mom. They again consoled me saying there was nothing to be worried about, etc. Me, being a bold and un-fearful girl, my mom sensed something wrong.

Throughout my 5 day stay there, these things continued… Seeing apparitions near the balcony and shivering inside the bathroom. I was also getting scared around other places in his house. One such place was the bookshelf inside the bedroom where I always got scared like crazy. I was unsure why it was happening with me! The questions were still unanswered for 2 years.

After 2 years, my uncle shifted to another place. After meeting him, he said that the house was haunted and a lot of bad things happened there in their 2 years of stay, so eventually they had to leave it.

Apparently, the real story was, few years back, a girl staying in the house had committed suicide. She had set herself on fire near the bookshelf in bedroom she ran from the balcony to bathroom, but eventually died inside the bathroom.

After hearing this, I was totally freaked out! My uncle said that he did not want to spoil my stay there, so he had not told me that time.


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