Having Your Honeymoon the Nigerian Way

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Weddings in Nigeria have become extravagant affairs, the next one bigger and more expensive than the last. After all the stress and money spent, most average couples are usually all spent out, both materially and physically; which is why couples are usually encouraged to have a honeymoon. This honeymoon period is important, being a transition period of getting used to the fact that you are both going to be together for a long time. The question is this- How can one afford to go on a honeymoon if you have spent everything on the wedding organisation?

People generally want to use the honeymoon as a chance to travel out to exotic locations- but the wise thing to do would be to save that extravagant amount you would spend on an overseas trip, or use it for household expenditure. Instead of such an expensive trip, why not look to some of our local resorts and hotels, where you get to spend less and experience almost the same level of enjoyment? Nigeria has a whole lot of options when it comes to hotels and resorts, as we are blessed with a beautiful landscape and wonderful weather conditions. You will be amazed at some of the facilities and activities available in some of these hotels and resorts around Nigeria. Some of the top honeymoon destinations around Nigeria include;

· Epe resort and Spa, Lagos
· Whispering Palms, Lagos
· Obudu Mountain Resort, Calabar
· Kajuru Castle, Kaduna
· La Campagne Tropicana, Lagos
· Le Meridien Ibom Golf Resort, Akwa Ibom
· MicCom Golf Resort, Osun State
· The Nordic Villa, Abuja

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While they are much cheaper than the average trip outside Nigeria, they are still not within the budget range of some people. There are a lot of hotels in Nigeria that do offer couples’ discounts and honeymoon promotions. You do not have to go broke before you start your new life as a couple.

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