History Of Nigeria Military Coup

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Since the nation’s freedom from the english domain in 1960. The military upset is the savage or peaceful oust of a current political administration by the military.

In the vicinity of 1966 and 1999 the armed force held power in nigeria without intrusion separated from a brief come back to vote based system between 1979-1983. “military overthrows and military lead (which started as a crisis distortion) turned into an apparently lasting element of nigerian governmental issues.

On january 15, 1966, chukwuma kaduna nzeogwu drove the primary ever-military upset in nigeria that prompted the demise of sir ahmadu bello, the sardauna of sokoto and head of northern nigeria, boss s.I. Akintola, the head of western district, sir abubakar tafawa balewa, PM of nigeria, boss festus okotie-eboh, government priest of fund and other military officers.

The overthrow was inadequately done in specific parts of the nation and there was a solid allegation of tribalism. The northern individuals blamed chukwuma and in addition his kindred upset plotters of organizing an igbo overthrow.

This is on the grounds that the vast majority of the officers slaughtered amid the upset were those from other piece of the nation.

The then broad officer telling the nigerian armed force, significant general johnson thomas ununakwe aguiyi ironsi was confirmed as the military head of condition of nigeria.

The second overthrow in nigeria

On 29 july, 1966, six months after the main upset plot, three youthful military officers of northern foundation drove by lieutenant colonel murtala muhammed arranged a counter overthrow to even the score.

This prompted the passing of real broad j.T.U. Aguyi-ironsi, head of state, col. Francis adekunle fajuyi military senator, western locale and other military officers. General yakubu gowon was then confirmed as the military head of state.

The third overthrow in nigeria

In july 1975, a gathering of colonel sacked the legislature of general yakubu gowon in a bloodless upset. General murtala muhammed additionally planned this upset. In this upset, no live were lost. General murtala muhammed accepted power in july 1975.

The fourth upset in nigeria

On 13 february 1976, after six months, lieutenant-colonel bukur suka dimka with his supporter organize a failed overthrow which killed three officers; general murtala muhammed, head of state, col. Ibrahim taiwo, legislative head of kwara state and lt.

Akintunde akinsehinwa, adc to muhammed.

This prompted their capture and consequent execution of one regular citizen and 38 warriors, including real broad illya bisalla, five colonel, four majors and different officers for their part in the fizzled overthrow.

Regular folks associated with the overthrow incorporate, abdulkareem zakari, a staff of radio nigeria, lagos and helen gomwalk, sister-in-law of joseph gomwalk, were attempted by military council and rebuffed.

Zakari was executed for his association in the upset while helen gomwalk packed away a lifelong incarceration. She was later given absolution by the shehu shagari organization.

The fifth overthrow in nigeria

On 31 december 1983, general buhari muhammadu organize an overthrow which sacked the shehu shagari’s organization. This upset prompted the passing of a faithful officer to the administration, brigadier ibrahim bako.

The 6th upset in nigeria

On 27 august 1985, babangida drove a royal residence upset which ended the buhari’s 20 months rule.

The seventh upset in nigeria

In 1986, noteworthy general mamman vatsa drove an unsuccessful upset to toppled the administration of president babangida. That same year, he and other 10 military officers were attempted and were executed in walk 1986.

The eighth overthrow in nigeria

On 22 april 1990, gideon orka organized a failed upset to unseat the legislature of ibrahim babangida. The overthrow endeavor has been portray as one of the bloodies upset and it was the biggest execution of overthrow plotters in the country’s history.

This prompted the demise of nine faithful officers.

69 fighters of different positions were blamed for injustice and they were murdered by terminating squad.

The second in charge and head of general staff, bad habit chief of naval operations augustus aikhomu, uncovered that no less than three of the plotters of the april 22 upset were captured, alert and discharged in 1987 over an affirmed overthrow plot to topple the administration.

They were g.T. Nyiam, a lieutenant colonel, s.D. Mukoro and gideon orkar, the two majors.

They were later discharged. Aikhomu additionally said that the officers regrouped by and by in january to oust the administration and had proposed to murder the president, as well as, the afrc individuals and military governors, every non military personnel individual from the committee of priests and senior military and cops.

The suspects were later attempted by the injustice and different offenses exceptional military court headed by ike nwachukwu, real broad and general officer telling the 1 automated division of the nigerian armed force, kaduna. After the trial, 42 people were discovered blameworthy and sentenced to death by terminating squad.

This was the biggest execution of overthrow plotters in nigeria’s history breaking the record of the 1976 upset drove by buka suka dimka in which 32 officers and men were executed.

Underneath demonstrates introduction of the upset from presence

Affirmed overthrow

On october 2, 1993, there was an upset endeavor by lieutenant-colonel abubakar umar, an armed force colonel and commandant of the first class amoured corps focus and school.

The nineth upset in nigeria

On november 17, 1993, general sani abacha arranged a royal residence upset to unseat the interval national government drove by boss ernest shonekan.

Claimed overthrow

In 1995, there was a claimed overthrow plot which include general obasanjo (resigned), previous head of state; significant general shehu musa yar’adua (resigned) and other noticeable nigerians greater part of whom were officers.

The regular citizens among them incorporate beko ransome-kuti, director of the battle for popular government (cd), and his agent, shehu uba sani and four other writer.

General obasanjo and general yar’adua were imprisoned 15 and 25 years individually.

Yar’adua kicked the bucket on monday, december 8 1997 at abakaliki jail, where he was serving his term while obasanjo was discharged in 1998 by the then head of state, general abubakar.

Claimed overthrow

In december 1996, some best military officers were blamed by general abacha for a claimed overthrow plot. The head of protection staff, general abdulsalam abubakar declared this on TV. In his announcement, he reported the capture of 12 individuals who were intending to ousted the government.

They are, lieutenant-general oladipo diya, head of general staff and bad habit executive of the temporary decision committee ( prc), real broad abdulkareem adisa, previous lodging clergyman, tajudeen olanrewaju, previous pastor of interchanges, colonels daniel akintonde, previous military chairman in ogun state, edwin jando, ordnance unit commender, abeokuta, emmanuel shoda, military associate to diya, femi subsides, national war school, abuja; lieutenant-colonel olu akiode, previous military collaborator to olanrewaju; major biliaminu mohammed, authoritative officer in the administration; major oluseun fadipe, boss security officer to diya; k.A. Yusuf ishiyaku, mounted guns division, abuja; and educator femi odekunle political consultant to diya. General abacha to set up a 12-man board to decided whether in fact there was an upset plot.


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