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Patrick Obahiagbon’s Independence Day Message To Nigerians


A former lawmaker, Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon, has felicitated Nigeria as it marks the anniversary of what he describes as “59th autarky.” In his goodwill message to the nation as it marks 59th Independence anniversary today, the lawyer-lawmaker states: “As we celebrate Nigeria’s autarky at 59, we must reflect on the urgent need to pull Nigeria out of its marshmallow of centrifugal excrescences that currently weighs against our centripetal agglutinants (sic, agglutinant). “The Sisyphean challenge to the pax nigeriana of our dreams, more than anything else, still remains our maladorous (sic, malodorous), putrescent, frankeinstous and opprobrious drift into a cocoon of ethnocentric chauvinism…