Is the Lagos State Land Use Charge an Official 419 Scam?

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Now, some people in Lagos State are complaining bitterly about the issues surrounding the Lagos State Land Use Charge. Many things don’t seem to be right.

Those who paid fully last year are still being notified of the arrears to be paid (balance to be carried forward). Why?

APC handed over to APC in Lagos State, not APC handed to over PDP. Why did they change all the phone numbers, email and office addresses on the Lagos State Land Use Charge bill?

Even the phone numbers on the new bills aren’t functional. If they go through while you call. No-one will pick it. They’ll always be busy or switched off. The same is true of their email addresses: Don’t expect any response if you send email to them? Why?

I don’t know what’s wrong with Federal and State government ministries, parastatals, agencies, etc. The phone numbers and email address displayed on their websites are as good as useless. Why are we so backward? When would we get out of this, when in other lands, you can get issues resolved via the Internet?

Even if you complain to their officials in person, they answer you peevishly and fretfully? Why do they do their jobs reluctantly?

When you attempt to pay for the Lagos State Land Use Charge at other banks, they may say the network is bad or you mayn’t get your receipt. Why?

The truth is: The Lagos State Land Use Charge isn’t a scam. It’s a good thing, and it helps Lagos State serve the citizens better. But the issues above need to be addressed.


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