It’s Too Late For Reconstructing – Annkio Briggs

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Environmental and Human rights activist, Annkio Briggs , has said that it is too late for Nigeria to be restructured, maintaining that what the country needs is total breakup so every emerged country will develop at its own pace.

Mrs. Briggs said that the north has more numbers in the National Assembly and hence, can always influence to their interest any bill or action they feel is against their interest, saying such could happen with the restructuring call.

Briggs said: “Going by the figures, the North is getting over 60 percent of the total local government allocations and even when we come to the states as well they also receive far more than the Southern states.

The female Niger Delta crusader maintained that the real restructuring, for her, means every region keeping hold to whatever it has, no matter how meager the resources may be.

“For me, calling for restructuring now is too late we want to go our separate ways because you see what they are calling restructuring is not what restructuring is. Restructuring to them is that the status quo should remain and perhaps a little increase in revenue to agitating regions.

“But the real restructuring is when everybody keeps what you have, even if it is only water that you have, and if you can sell it, sell it. Anything apart from that is not restructuring. What is federalism? This is where you have the states, which are the federating units.


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