Let’s Return To The 1963 Constitution – Elders

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The Rivers Elders and Leaders’ Council has said Nigeria must return to the 1963 Constitution in order to ensure proper restructuring, unity and peaceful co-existence.

They also kicked against the inclusion of Rivers State by South East agitators in the proposed Biafra Republic, declaring that it would never happen following the unpleasant experience of the Civil War.

They said: “Our position is 1963 Nigeria. In 1960, we had Independence Constitution. In 1963, it was turned into law, as a Republican Constitution. We want a return to that situation.

“Biafra has no place whatsoever in Rivers State. Rivers State belongs to Rivers people. The first experience with the place called Biafra, being Ojukwu’s (Chukwuemeka Odimegwu-Ojukwu’s) Republic of Biafra, was such an agony for Rivers people. We do not wish any reference or return to Biafra anymore.”

“It is in everybody’s interest that we have security in Rivers State. For the government’s economic policy to work, there has to be security.”


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