1. If something is good, it is called "shop-shop" with 2 thumbs up.
2. The toilets have 2 different flushers, one for pee and one for poop.
3. The light switches are upside-down to American lightswitches.
4. Cars drive on the left side of the road, and the driver is on the right side of the car.
5. They call traffic lights "robots." With their accent, it sounds alot like "rowboats." So sometimes if you ask for directions, an African will usually say something like "past the second robot on the right."
6. While hailing a taxi, there are different hand-motions one can use to tell the taxi drivers where you would like to go. If the taxi driver is headed to that area, he will pick you up, and if he isnt, he wont.
7. Nobody smiles inside the taxis, because they are all saying prayers for their safety.
8. They say "just now" in place of "sometime soon." This makes things confusing when, for example, asking somebody to do something, because they might respond by saying "I will do it just now," when really they mean they plan on doing it any time in the near future.
9. Instead of flashing gang signs, people will show gestures that represent a soccer team.
10. If you leave your windows open, monkeys will climb into your room and poop everywhere.
11. It is common for someone to run up to you and say "shoot me, shoot me!" What they are really saying is "take my picture!" They love to have their picture taken, and love to pose for anyone with a camera.