The most funniest fact about Sudan lies on their marriage strategy. Before a wedding, it’s a tradition for a bride to sit in a smoke bath of burning perfumed acacia wood called Dukhan, twice a day for 40 days (shorter or longer). During that period, she wouldn’t wash. Her body would be covered with aromatic oils as well until a thick layer forms on her skin. On day 40, the thick sooty layer would be peeled off revealing glowing skin underneath.

According to Sudanese law, the minimum age for a male to get married is 18 and above, while a female must be 16 years old or above.

Sudanese weddings can last up to a week. There are at least five ‘optional’ wedding ceremonies, which are the jertik (spiritual wedding ceremony), groom’s henna, bride’s henna, subhiya or ragis al 3aroos (the bride dances for a female-only audience) and al dukhla (a western-style wedding ceremony).