Here are some funny facts about Ghana.

Ghanaian women accept polygamy far easier than Liberian women! However, Ghanaian men chase Liberian women too because they have massive backsides usually bigger than Ghanaian, whom are know for broad shoulders and firm bustlines.

When Ghanaian men are made chiefs or paramount chiefs, WIVES come with the title, as polygamy is ingrained in such culture. Even those professing to be 'christian' merely hid their other wives. So to knock the prez of South Africa, as ugly as he is, means nothing to Africans. They feel God created an abundance of women, especially as a man ages and such was no mistake. No matter how many closeted lesbians, there are PLENTY women whom love their men folk and single women are a taboo! If you are a woman, over age 35, never married, you will be confronted by groups of married women. They will tell you this is a FAMILY society, Africa-wide. If you fail to find a husband soon, They will beat you and chase you out of the area.

Ghanaians normally wear used clothes from abroad. As to wear traditional African clothes is a sign of wealth. Usually saved for special occasions like weddings, funerals, out-doorings, Vodou festivals, etc.

Some Ghanaian women love to seek out white men for foreigner marriages, to get into countries off the African continent. They love to minipulate such men because they, such men, are so naive about Black life globally.