President Kaunda of Zambia once threatened to resign if Zambians did not cut down their consumption of beer.

It is illegal for tourists to photograph pygmies in Zambia.

Oral sex is also illegal in Zambia.

Because Zambia is landlocked, you need to travel 600 miles before you can see any real ocean, the entire country’s telephone directory is not even one inch thick.

Because of the Victoria Falls’ spray, the forest beside it receives “rain” 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

In 2001, a 65-year-old German tourist was sentenced to six years in jail for breaking this law.

In his defence Wolfgang Seifarth pleaded that he was not aware that oral sex was illegal in Zambia, but the magistrate ruled that ignorance of the law was no defence.

In October 2001, a Zambian man was granted a divorce after he found a frog in a cup of tea his wife made him.

Andrew Nyoka, 28, told a community court, 'One time I found a frog in a cup of tea she had served me. That is the reason I went for another woman.'

The judges granted him a divorce, saying it was clear the marriage could not be saved.

This seems fully in line with the advice given by Governor Welshman Mabhena of Zambia in March 1996 when he warned men against washing nappies or cooking, saying, 'Our culture and tradition have a clear division of labour. There are certain household chores that just cannot be done by men.'