Why are you unique? What makes you different?

I've always felt different around everyone. My family, my friends, classmates, even just strangers. Im 15 in high school and I see myself as much different than most.

Unlike a lot of my other classmates, I don't really spend much time thinking about crushes, or who I'd like to date, etc. That's not to say that if I'm asked out by a (respectful) boy I would object!
Im not very outgoing. I've always been known as that quiet girl in school. Never with many friends, always sitting by myself if I'm not around my good friends. I don't talk very much through school, mostly because of that personality I created in my early years at school. I've broken out of my shell a lot more these past couple years, but people ignore me/don't listen to what I have to say.

Adding to that, I don't always feel like connecting with my peers. I think it's because I'm tired of having to really speak up and make an effort for people to pay attention for me. And as soon as I say the wrong thing, I'm judged.

Im pretty smart for my age. Im definitely not a genius, I do have the occasional troubles learning certain things, but I've always been at a higher level. In elementary, I was reading at a high school level. In middle school (and now high school) I've been reading towards a college level. I've always gotten pretty good grades and people generally associate me with being someone who must be intelligent. Personally I don't think I'm that mature, but I've gotten numerous comments through the years of how I give off a smart vibe.

I am not popular. I've never been to a party and honestly I don't care to. My idea of fun is spending a night under the stars with my telescope, going out into nature, or the occasional visit with my friends to a mall, movie, or zoo.

Back to that astronomy thing. I know space fascinates a lot of people but I really take time to research it, associate with it, etc. While my classmates are at parties, I'm outside with my telescope and a notebook, recording observations. I spend a good majority of most days taking notes about astronomy or thinking about the big questions.

I think a lot. Honestly I've started to give myself anxiety thinking about things like death, or even reality. I do think a lot about space related things, why we are here, what's out there, etc.

Honestly I don't connect with people about many things. I've got a couple of really good friends, but I do sometimes feel like I'm set apart from them because we're so different. They don't think about things like this. I can't really share my feelings about being scared and having (mild, prolonged) anxiety because it'd conflict with their views, or tell them about the new discoveries I've learned about that excite me because they would find it boring.

Anyways, that's more of mental things that make me different. Here are some physical things that in my opinion set me apart:

Im pretty short. I barely reach maybe 5′1″.

In addition, not many people think I'm my age. Im 15, but if I ask any stranger, they'd probably say 12, maybe 13. It's pathetic. I can still get into placed with reduced prices for 12 and under. I still get asked if I want a child's menu. Just the other day I was at a dance workshop where classes were arranged by 12 and under, and 13+. I stuck with the older group of course because that's what I signed up for but I got a few people asking to clarify my age probably because they thought I was a confused younger kid who didn't hear to go with the other young kids.

Im double jointed in different places. I can bend my fingers back pretty far. I thought this was normal but apparently it freaks out my family and friends :P
I've never had very clear skin. Iused to have bad dermatitis so that I'd have spots on my legs and arms that'd take awhile to heal. I was always self conscious of my face because when I got spots on my face they'd get big and last over a month.

Once I got into middle school I grew out of this, but I still have to use gentle products on my face because I get acne breakouts sometimes (I know this is normal, but seriously why can I not be blessed with clear skin?)
I don't think I'm very attractive. Im pretty petite with not much shape to my body ( I'm honestly okay with my body, it's always just been my face I didn't like) but I don't think that boys find me in any way someone they'd like to date. Which is good for me: I don't want to be asked out out just for my looks. I want someone who cares for me and who I am, my interests, etc.

I could honestly go on and on but I feel like this is getting long so I'll stop :P

Seriously the only thing going for me is my intelligence and artistic abilities. Those are the only things I'm associated with at school. Other than those of my peers who follow me on Instagram, who'll definitely say I'm geeked out on astronomy :P

I may look/act one way in public but inside my personal thoughts and mind: I'm completely different. I wish more people could understand me.

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