South Africa’s largest wildlife park is culling some animals because of a severe drought and giving the meat to nearby communities, the Associated Press agency reports.

Rangers in Kruger National Park are killing about 350 hippos and buffalos, it says.

The national parks service puts the numbers of hippos and buffalos in Kruger at about 7,500 and 47,000 respectively - the highest level ever, AP reports.

Parks service spokesman Ike Phaahla says the two species consume large amounts of vegetation and that many of the animals are expected to die anyway because of the drought, the agency says.

Hippos in Kruger National Park
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Zimbabwe pastor calls for #ThisFlag protests in New York
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Zimbabwe pastor and activist Evans Mawawire, who has been leading a social media campaign using the hashtag #ThisFlag to protest against the Zimbabwean government, is organising a protest march in New York to coincide with the ongoing annual UN General Assembly where President Robert Mugabe is expected to speak.

In a video message posted on his Twitter account, Mr Mawarire calls on Zimbabweans in the US to join him to protest against state corruption, police brutality, injustice "for the sake of a better Zimbabwe".

Mr Mawarire began his public protest against Mr Mugabe's government earlier this year.

He was arrested in July and accused of attempting to overthrow the government, but he was later freed after his lawyers argued that a charge of subversion had been added at the last minute.

Opposition parties in Zimbabwe are also planning to hold protests this weekend despite a month-long protest ban imposed by the police.

Mr Mawarire left the country after he was freed from custody and has been travelling around meeting Zimbabweans in the diaspora in South Africa and the US since