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  1. 10,000 Nigerians Die Of Cancer Yearly - Health Minister
  2. I Have Only One Breast - Betty Akeredolu
  3. Nigerian Immunization Schedule For Children
  4. Woman Gives Birth To Quadruplets After Over 20 Years (Photos)
  5. 17 Medical Facts You Never Knew (Pics)
  6. Monkey Pox Shows Face In Edo State
  7. NAFDAC Destroys N11.5 Million Worth Of Drugs
  8. Poisonous Vaccines: Sultan Of Sokoto Reacts
  9. Why Activities At Kogi State Hospital Have Been Frozen
  10. Monkeypox Victim Commits Suicide In Bayelsa
  11. 7 Monkey Pox Patients Fully Cured In Bayelsa
  12. Two Cases Of Monkeypox Confirmed In Lagos
  13. Monkeypox Spreads To Akwa Ibom - 1 Confirmed, 2 Cases Under Watch
  14. Suspected Monkey Pox Hits Rivers
  15. Monkey Pox: 13 Cases In Bayelsa
  16. How To Avoid The New Disease, Monkeypox
  17. NAFDAC Gets New Acting DG
  18. Potable Water Access In Nigeria Drops
  19. FG Sacks Acting DG NAFDAC
  20. Ambode Inaugurates West Africa's First DNA Forensic Centre
  21. How Yellow Fever Spread Is Tackled In Nigeria
  22. Vaginal Discharge Early Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy
  23. OUTRAGEOUS: Church Trains Quack Nurses In Three Weeks (VIDEO)
  24. HIV Prevalence: Nigeria Comes 2nd Worldwide (See States Rankings)
  25. Doctors' Strike: ABUTH Abandons Patients
  26. 14 Die Of Cholera In North-east
  27. Lassa Fever Patient Dies In Kogi
  28. Nurse Kills Over 90 Patients: The Reason Will Shock You
  29. Message Of Doom: More Nigerians To Get Blind - Group
  30. The Woman Who Saved Nigeria From Ebola
  31. Expert Gives First Aid Advice On Eggs
  32. Lagos May Be Lassa Fever Free
  33. Strange Illness Strikes Kwara Community
  34. Suspected Lassa Fever Patient Under Surveillance
  35. New Digital IDs Up For Doctors
  36. Lassa Fever Happy With Borno
  37. 3 More Test Positive To Lassa Fever
  38. Buhari, Whose Penis Was Chopped Off, Dies
  39. What We Have Done To Breastfeeding - Saraki
  40. New Lassa Fever Cases Recorded In Edo
  41. 103,742 Children Lost To Poor Breastfeeding
  42. How Pastors Encourage Increase In Mortality Rate - Commissioner
  43. Iran To Establish Hospital In Enugu
  44. Why HIV Infection Rate Is High In Akwa Ibom
  45. Aisha Buhari Launches Breastfeeding Campaign
  46. Almost All Cancer Cases In Nigeria Are Curable - Adewole
  47. Leprosy Victims Decry High Rate Of Stigmatisation
  48. Revalidation Of Primary Exam Result WACP
  49. Denying Husbands Sex Causes Emotional Abuse - Expert
  50. Bizzare!!! Man Operated With Pins In Neck, Arms, Feet
  51. Diarrhoea Breaks Out In Lagos
  52. HIV Cure Underway - HIV Discovery Doctor
  53. WHO Warns Of HIV Drug Resistance
  54. Experts Meet To Battle On Healthcare Challenges
  55. Fake Doctor Infects 6-Year-Old Boy With HIV
  56. Why Breastfeeding Is Poor In Nigeria
  57. Second Born Children Likely To Be Troublemakers
  58. Alcohol Cause Of Mental Ilness In Young People
  59. Why Coconuts May Not Be Good For Your Health
  60. Over 73, 000 Babies Registered In Bauchi
  61. FG To Release National Drug Use Survey
  62. Power Oil Annual Health Walk Begins
  63. Stop Sucking Uncircumcised Penises - Doctor To Women
  64. Expert Warns Against Using Antifungal As Body Cream
  65. Family Planning Saves Lives - SAN
  66. Polio: Hand Your Children Over Or Face Legal Action - Gwagwalada Boss
  67. Lassa Fever Kills Pupil In Jos
  68. Deadly Bacteria Being Spread By Oral Sex - Expert Reveals
  69. NOA, NDLEA Join Hands To Fight Drug Abuse
  70. 24,596kg Of Indian Hemp In Months - NDLEA
  71. FG Tasked To Improve On Eye Care Service
  72. UNICEF To Train 624 HIV/AIDS Counselors In Kaduna
  73. UNICEF Promises Quick Intervention In Education In North-East
  74. West African Nurses Meet To Battle On Health Emergencies
  75. $12m Spent On Contraceptives Yearly - UNFPA
  76. 200 Inmates Get Free Medical Treatment In Oyo
  77. Bird Flu: FG Compensates Kano
  78. FG To Train Disease Police
  79. New Breast sucking
  80. N80Bn Lost Annually To Road Accidents - Adewole
  81. Prof Osinbajo Approves Appointment Of 14 New CMDS/MDS Of Federal Medical Centers, Teaching Hospitals
  82. NMA Decries Transfusion Of Unscreened Blood
  83. FG Signs Contraceptives Deal With United Nations
  84. Kenyan First To Receive Latest Antiretrovirals
  85. NURHI Recommends Family Planning For Teenagers
  86. Toyin Saraki, Kikwete Lament High Maternity Death Rates
  87. National Ear Care Director Is Dead
  88. Project To Facilitate Hospital Service Delivery About To Kick-Start
  89. Stop Disgracing Nigeria - NAFDAC To Exporters
  90. 1,166 Die Of Cerebrospinal Meningitis
  91. NHIS, HMOs Disagree Over N381b Usage
  92. Minister Wants Scrap Of Health Management Organisations
  93. UNICEF Warns Against Use Of Herbs For Menstrual Pain
  94. Govts Crippling Access To Potable Water - FG
  95. Upgrade FMC To Teaching Hospital - Okorocha
  96. Health Minister Writes AGF, Others To Implement Tobacco Law
  97. Nigeria, Germany Sign €10m Polio Aid Deal
  98. Cause High Maternal Mortality Rate In Nigeria
  99. Lassa Fever Hits Ondo, Infects 5
  100. Full List Of 2017 World Health Days
  101. 8.5m Nigerians Are Deaf - Expert
  102. Cholesterol-Lowering Vaccine To Undergo Trial
  103. NGO Seeks Merger Of Genotyping With Immunization
  104. UNICEF Seeks Conducive Environment For Menstruating Schoolgirls
  105. NAFDAC Decries Exporters’ Reluctance To Products Certification
  106. One Dies Of Lassa Fever In Anambra
  107. 65.6m People Displaced World-Wide - UN
  108. Benue Rescues 10 Trafficked Girls In IDP Camps
  109. Do More In Tackiling Health Issues - Osinbajo To ECOWAS
  110. NGF Decries State Of Health Conditions In Nigeria
  111. Nigeria On Red Alert Over Polio Cases
  112. Stupendously Rich Drug Dealer Nabbed In Lagos
  113. 3000 Women, Children Lost To Preventable Diseases Daily
  114. FG To Establish Blood Commission
  115. 900 Lost To Cholera In Yemen
  116. Physiotherapists To Punish Erring Members
  117. Kwara Now Free From Cholera - Commissioner
  118. $ 1.2bn For Polio Fight - UN
  119. VSF Assists Boko Terror Victims
  120. Diarrhoea Kills 279 In Sudan – UN
  121. NAFDAC Moves To Eliminate Fake Pure Water
  122. Key Features And Changes In 2016 HIV Treatment Guideline In Nigeria
  123. UNICEF Mourns Osotimehin
  124. FG Urged To Fund HIV
  125. 1,158 Died Of Meningitis - NCDC
  126. Don't Kill Mosquitoes - Professor
  127. New Test Detects Cancer Early
  128. Resistant HIV Drug Passes Trial
  129. Nine Ways To Avoid Bird Flu
  130. 15 Killed By Vaccination Error
  131. Suleja Hospital Renovation To Cost N1.1bn – Sani Bello
  132. Bird Flu Hits Seven States
  133. AIDS Pandemic On The Rise - UN
  134. 1.3m Enrolled For Antiretroviral Drugs
  135. Doctors To Accompany Hajj Pilgrims
  136. SON Warns Against Substandard Products
  137. Chaos As LUTH Evicts Doctors
  138. List Of New Regulations Against Tobacco
  139. Cocaine Now Swallowed In Condoms - Interpol
  140. Ebola Caccination Approved
  141. Tips To Keeping Your Hair Healthy Beneath Your Wigs
  142. Homemade Natural Remedies For Mouth Odour
  143. New Technologies Launched To Fight Ebola
  144. WHO Partners With Media
  145. Zika Invades India
  146. US Assists Women And Children In Borno
  147. Nigeria High In HIV Positive Children - NACA
  148. Health Insurance Scheme Flagged Off In Oyo
  149. Child Abuse Prevalent In All States - UNICEF
  150. Ebo: FG Queries Kenyan Airline
  151. 3Bn Spent Annually On Anti-Retrovirals - FACA
  152. How To Take Care Of A Child With Cold
  153. Suya Consumption Increases Death Risk
  154. Advantages Of Cucumber Water
  155. Home Made Remedies For A Stiff Neck
  156. Vitamin C As Cure Against Cold
  157. Ebola Virus Checks Increased In Nigerian Sea Ports
  158. WHO's Response Too Slow To Ebola Outbreak
  159. Lagos Drug Dealer Reports Self To NDLEA
  160. Consultant Charges NGOs To Speak More On Mental Illness
  161. Ebola Outbreak: Bushmeat Traders Panic
  162. WHO Spends More On Travels Than Health
  163. 1bn HIV Drugs Expired In Storage- Prof. Adewole
  164. Ebola Case On The Rise In Congo
  165. Scientist Discovers Drug For Excessive Bleeding After Child Birth
  166. CHI Pharmaceuticals Donates Medical Supplies To IDPS
  167. See Nigerian Surgeon Who Mistakenly Removes Woman’s Ovaries Instead Of Appendix
  168. Implementation Of Drug Law Policy Are Not Well Defined - NDLEA Boss
  169. Mortein Partners With State Health Ministries For One Act Against Malaria
  170. Breaking: Ebola Epidemic Declared In Northeast Dr Congo, Three Dead – WHO
  171. 5 Signs Of Low Blood Sugar
  172. Postpartum Support Network Africa Held The First World Maternal Mental Health
  173. Meningitis: How Federal Government Nonchalant Attitude Cost The Lives Of Over 800 People
  174. UNTH Performs 300 Open Heart Surgeries
  175. Alcohol Increases Risk Of Breast Cancer Relapse – Study
  176. Florida Unleashes Male Mosquitoes To Fight Zika
  177. Scientist : Ape Brain Lower
  178. Nigerian Children Received 450 Million Doses Of Vaccines
  179. N50b Health Endowment Fund In Oyo State
  180. Meningitis Deaths Toll Rise To 813
  181. US Spends More On Health For Nigeria
  182. Hepatisis Infectes 20 Million Nigerians
  183. Kaduna State Assembly Passes The Pre-medical Examination Bill Into Law
  184. Katsina To Spend N400m On Health Care Delivery
  185. NAFDAC: Safeguarding The Health Of The Nation
  186. Nigerians Rename HIV/AIDS Based On Ethnicity
  187. Meningitis Gets WHO Attention : 500,000 Vaccine Release
  188. What Is Sleep Paralysis?
  189. FG Announces Discovery Of Epilepsy Curing Drug
  190. Meningitis Death Toll Rises In Katsina
  191. Meningitis: 1,400 Prison Inmates Vaccinated In Bauchi
  192. UNICEF Donates 1,000 Drugs To Aid Meningitis Treatment
  193. FG Imports Meningitis Vaccines From UK, India
  194. Vlogger Sisi Yemmie in the 86th Episode of Sisi Weekly
  195. Meningitis Is As A Result Of Fornication - Gov Abdulaziz Yari
  196. Abuja Ranks Highest On HIV Cases
  197. How To Stop Meningitis Outbreak In Nigeria
  198. NMA Aims At Keeping Members Safe
  199. Meningitis - One Person Down : Jigawa State
  200. U.S - Breaking News : Sickle Cell Cure Is Out !!!!
  201. Surgeons Grow Ear On Arm And Transfer To Head
  202. Meningitis: Death Toll Rises
  203. World's heaviest Man To Undergo Fat Reduction Surgery - Photos
  204. Tilapia Skin Now Used To Treat Burns
  205. 23,000 Ghosts Removed From NHIS
  206. Malnutrition May Kill 1.4m Children
  207. Meningitis Kills 211, Affects 1,407 Nigerians In Three Months
  208. Tributes Pour In For Kathrada
  209. Meningitis kills 140 In Nigeria
  210. How To Detect Meningitis
  211. Put Less Salt In Your Foods - NHF To Nigerians
  212. World Tuberculosis Day
  213. Why You Must Not Miss Your Breakfasts
  214. How To Get Rid Of That Burdensome Pot-Belly
  215. Mass Produced Blood
  216. British Scientists In World First TB Breakthrough
  217. Doctors Fixes Boy's Damaged Face, Performs Amazing Surgery - Disturbing Pics
  218. Brothers Arrested For Selling Sniper Beans
  219. Strange Dangers Of Drinking Cold Water
  220. Epidemic Breakout At Queens College Leaves 1,222 Students Sick
  221. Benefits Of Regular Visit To Dentist
  222. Untreated Pelvic Disease And Infertility In Women
  223. Untreated Pelvic Disease And Infertility In Women
  224. Fear Alienated As Laboratory Test Dismisses Alleged Toxic Waste
  225. See Why You Must Eat Bitter Leaf Soup In Nigeria
  226. Court Sentences Blogger For Cancer Cure Deceit
  227. Tingling In Hands And Feets - Causes/Remedy
  228. Health Bill: Republican Senator Warns Colleagues
  229. The World Fattest Woman Successfully Undergoes Weight Loss
  230. 1million Women Infected With HIV Annually - UN
  231. Health Sector Allocations Underutilised
  232. Caffeine Protects Brain Against Dementia
  233. Dangers Of Drinking Excessive Cold Water
  234. Guava Leaves Can Extremely 100% Stop Your Hair Loss
  235. Artificial 'embryos' Created In The Lab
  236. 'I only have half a brain' [Video]
  237. Teenager's Sickle Cell Reversed With World- First Therapy
  238. Doctors Lower Blood Pressure With Wire Inside The Brain
  239. Doctors Discovers Teeth In Baby’s Brain Tumor
  240. Borno Govt Confirms Lassa Fever Outbreak
  241. Lassa Fever Attacks Borno
  242. Would You Eat This Sealed Jollof Rice?
  243. World’s Oldest Surgeon Who Still Performs 4 Operations A Day
  244. Who Lists Antibiotic Resistance Bacteria
  245. These Two Ingredients Can Eliminate Earwax And Ear Infections
  246. Senator Babajide Omoworare holds free health fair for contituents
  247. Cross River Records First Death From Lassa
  248. Buhari's Vacation - the Hurdles to Curbing Medical Tourism
  249. ‘people In Oil-producing Areas Are Prone To Cancer’
  250. 9 Reasons Why You Shoud Not Skip Your Breakfast