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  1. Cyanogen Inc. gets a new logo
  2. Italian Detectives Launch an App to Track Stolen Art
  3. Whatsapp Handles 64 Billion Messages in An Hour
  4. MTN reveals new roaming service
  5. Security the Biggest Concern for Next Android
  6. Linked-in Email Addresses Exposed by Plug-in software
  7. Windows 8.1 Update Announced
  8. Amazon Fire TV Set-top Box Is Now Available
  9. Google Dragged in Samsung-Apple Fight
  10. Sony Xperia Z2 gets Rooted
  11. Etisalat Nigeria Sacks Over 2000 Staffs Nationwide
  12. MultiChoice CEO steps down
  13. 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Demo Coming on April 1 on PSN
  14. Mozilla Board Members Quit as They Protest New CEO Appointment
  15. Galaxy Nexus to Receive Android 4.3 on April 8 From Vodafone Australia
  16. Etisalat 5 Mins Free Unlimited Browsing
  17. Unliimited Browsing and Download On Etisalat For 15 Naira
  18. Please Call Me on Etisalat, MTN, Artel, Glo
  19. New Additional Features to DStv Explorer
  20. UNIQUE Features Of DSTv Exporer
  21. Broadband revolution: NCC to issue infrastructure coy licences in May
  22. How To Make Payment For DSTV Subscription With Mobile Phones
  23. How to Reactivate your Dstv Subscription After Payment
  24. Google Now available for your computer
  25. Nokia Lumia Icon battery life test
  26. How to Back Up Your Android Phone
  27. Nokia protests new $414 million tax
  28. Nokia Windows Phone 8.1 in its latest update
  29. LG G Pro 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 poll results
  30. Nokia Protect Sony to a Camera War!
  31. Google Launches Android Wear Developer’s Talk
  32. Oppo Launches Smartphone With 50MP Resolution
  33. Smartphone Bulletproof screen protectors launched
  34. Preview the Tiny Desktop
  35. April 8Th Marks End to Windows XP Support
  36. Google Hindered Motorola’s Ambitions?
  37. Say Hello to Moto X
  38. China Release Satelite Images of Malaysian Plane
  39. Bitflux Gets NCC 2.3GHZ Spectrum Licence With $23.251m
  40. Price Of Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 in Nigeria
  41. Motorola Smartphones Read Out Notifications to User
  42. Nokia Treasury on its new Android smartphone
  43. Huawei Won Vodafone Contract for Network Enhancement
  44. Price Of Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 in Nigeria
  45. The Sanction On Telecom Operators
  46. Despite Poor Signal, Poor Network - Telecom CEO's Ignore NCC
  47. Samsung Galaxy Gear vs. Gear 2, Neo, and Gear Fit
  48. 2% Tax to be Impose On Phone, Computers, Others By FG
  49. Facebook Launches India Election Tracker
  50. Cisco: Technology will drive Africa’s growth in future
  51. Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Scanner Production May Have Problem
  52. Nokia Lumia 1320 Unveiled
  53. Available Send bulk mail to bulk subscribers
  54. Get Samsung Galaxy S4 With A Low Price
  55. MultiChoice Launches DStv Price Rises
  56. MultiChoice Increasing DStv subscription Fees
  57. Mrs. Johnson Chairs the Commonwealth ICT Ministers Forum.
  58. Facebook, Skype Challenge Telcos’ free cash flows
  59. Vodacom Exposes Students to Cloud Computing
  60. Nokia's new Android smartphone
  61. 20 steps To Configure Your Mobile Phone As A Modem
  62. How To Connect To Internet On Computer Without Modem Or Pc Suite
  63. Ericsson says, 4G technology, CDMA is dead
  64. MTN launch MDP in Congo, Mahindra Comviva
  65. Ericsson & Facebook launch innovation lab
  66. 10 Hot Devices you Should Know About: MWC
  67. Why Many are Not On The Internet
  68. Blackberry Out With Latest Z3 and Q20
  69. BlackBerry Z3 and Q20 Is Unvailed
  70. How to Share data Plan On MTN
  71. Millions Boycott Watsapp to Telegram Since Crash
  72. Software Developer Urgently Needed
  73. iPhone Mobile Secret Codes
  74. LG G-Flex: A Smartphone that Can Heal itself From Scratches
  75. Essential Smartphone Accessories You Should Have
  76. How to Know Nigeria Scam and Junk Email
  77. How Much Is A Webcam in Nigeria
  78. Facebook Buys Whatsapp For $19B In Cash And Stock
  79. Is Yahoo Available In Nigeria
  80. No yahoo Regional Branch In Nigeria - Every Location Has Unique Number
  81. Do I need a visa to go to Nigeria
  82. What Is the News on E-bay, Computers and Nigeria
  83. Roles of computer in Nigeria
  84. Best Images For Nigeria Reliefs In Power point
  85. Vodacom Launches Vouchercloud App in SA
  86. Samsung Galaxy Note Pro vs. Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2, 10.1 and 8.4
  87. Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date Coming
  88. Samsung Galaxy Line to Get Edgy Displays in 2014
  89. iPhone 6 Speculation Goes Bezel-Less
  90. Diamond ICT Training Guns for Women’s Computer Literacy
  91. How to Use MTN Share and Sell Transfer Airtime From MTN To MTN?
  92. Facebook Introduce New App Called 'Paper'
  93. Hello, Please Have Any One Received an Email From Dr Kingsley Here?
  94. Man Escaped Dead as He went to Carry his Xbox From a Burning House
  95. FG On a Move to Liquidate NITEL Afresh
  96. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Touchscreen Phone
  97. Ericsson to Receive $650m From Samsung as Royalty
  98. How to Partition Your System Hard disk With Windows 7
  99. IBM Off Bonuses Due Profit fall
  100. Lagos State Issue Out Electronic C of O
  101. Rural telephony Projects to Be Release From Piple-Line
  102. Political Parties Uses App for Election In South Africa
  103. Nasarawa in Last Lap of Lands Registry Technology
  104. 3D printers produced by RepRapPro Available For Public Use
  105. Tell A Person's Character By The Phone They Use
  106. Top 5 Most Have Android App
  107. Poor Sevice: NCC to Sanction Telecoms Operators
  108. Nigeria Redirect Focus to Digital Broadcasting By 2015
  109. Samsung Galaxy S5 to be released by April
  110. Tecno honours young Nigerian app developers
  111. Capcom May Loose Licence over Inconclusive Acquisition Deal
  112. How to call America From Nigeria
  113. How to call Nigeria for Free
  114. How to Call Nigeria From US
  115. If I install Windows 7 32bit twice would that make it 64bit?
  116. Best Anti-virus For 2014 For Nigerians
  117. Price & Spec. Of Star W450 MTK6582 Android 4.2 Smartphone
  118. LG Series Smartphones Offer Christmas Offer to Nigerians
  119. Nigeria To Overtsake South Africa In Cloud Computing By 2014
  120. Abuja Erand Website Is Launched For Easy Shopping
  121. FG to Use Technology On National Boarder security
  122. Usoro Urge GSM Companies Nigeria To Lower Tariff
  123. 10 Useful Android Tips And Tricks - Find Out
  124. Facebook Launches Follow-on Offering
  125. African Technology Story of The Year 2013
  126. MTN Introduces MTN Prestige Plus With MTN’s LTE etwork
  127. Best Read Stories Of 2013
  128. Technology Leaders Meet Obama Over Surveillance
  129. Apple Distributor Core Group Launches iPad Air in Nigeria
  130. Uchumi shoppers in Tanzania Pay via M-Pesa
  131. Google Nigeria Top Searches Of 2013
  132. Transfer Money Through Social Network From UK To Kenya
  133. MTN Partners Rocket, Millicom To Boost African E-commerce
  134. Wikipedia Can Be Accessed On Any Device via A Browser
  135. Mobile East Africa 2014 - Are You Ready?
  136. Twitter Reverses Changes To Block Feature
  137. How to Create Personal Themes With Google Chrome
  138. Software AG Powering up Partnerships in 2014
  139. 4G Network To Flow In Nigeria From Spectranet
  140. Vodacom Introduces SaaS In Nigeria
  141. Google’s Mapped Get to have More Location
  142. Get Free Racing Game From Angry Birds
  143. Court Rules – Case Fall In Favour Of Apple
  144. Nokia To Replace Phone To Burnt Samsung S4 Phone
  145. Opera Mini Simulator 4.2
  146. Facebook Wants to Be a Newspaper - Zuckerberg’s Mind
  147. Facebook Now Has Sympathise Button
  148. Google Launches DIY Street View
  149. How To Send BulkSMS, Web to Phone SMS
  150. Google, Facebook and co set up Surveillance Lobby Group
  151. Future Phones To Have No Screen – Google
  152. S'Africa To Welcome Affordable Satellite Internet - Maxwell Technology
  153. Kenya’s Kiss TV Has Relaunched
  154. Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing
  155. Best Free Android Apps 2013
  156. Governor Imoke Wins Best Governor Award For 2013
  157. CommsMEA Awards: Airtel Won Africa Operator Of The Year 2013
  158. Zambia Airtel Customers Gets Ticket Through “Mobile Money”
  159. Custom arrest 16 For Hacking Into Computer
  160. How To Get A Verified Account On Twitter
  161. When Is The Best Time To Send Emails?
  162. Telkom Appoints Ian Russell As Chief Procurement Officer
  163. Kenyan Mobile App Targets Safe Roads
  164. Bharti Airtel To Join Bridge Alliance Group
  165. Galaxy S5 To Come With 20MP Camera
  166. TECNO targets dominance in Nigeria
  167. Meet Microsoft’s First Female Country Manager
  168. Tanzanians To Pay For Fuel Services via M-Pesa
  169. Huawei To Roll Out 4G Network In Ethiopia
  170. Juwah Fires Serious Warning At Nigerian Networks
  171. Email Marketing Tips For Small Businesses
  172. How To Create Email Ads
  173. About Broadband Speed Test
  174. What Is Internet Speed Test
  175. 2015: FEC Approves 70,000 Software RFID
  176. JUMIA Offers Exclusive Deals With Black Friday
  177. Another Facebook Victim - Read What Happen
  178. Reasons Why Everyone Needs An Android Device
  179. Censorship To End Within 10 Years
  180. MTN Zambia Merged With Internet Service Provider
  181. MultiChoice To Unveil New Decoders In Kenya
  182. Africa Leads In Mobile Contribution to GDP – GSMA
  183. How To Decide Your Maximum Cost Per Click
  184. Business Solutions: Samsung Partners Zim Company
  185. Stakeholders Urged To Adopt PPPs For ICT Deployment
  186. Wikipedia Steps Up Pressure On Paid-For Edits
  187. Radio Vital For Ethiopian Communication
  188. Four Steps To A Successful Email Marketing Campaign
  189. Microsoft’s 2014 World’s Most Innovative, Teachers, Students Nominated
  190. PS4 Users Report Problems, Sony Issues Troubleshooting Guide
  191. Incredible Connection Partners Maxwell Technology
  192. Tecno Phantom N9 8-Inch Android Tablet Price
  193. Company Reject $3 Billion Offer From Facebook
  194. MTN Renews Opera Software Partnership
  195. Facebook Reacts To Adobe Hack With New Protection
  196. MTN Group partners Hello Doctor
  197. Google Silences Noisy Tabs In Latest Chrome Beta
  198. Google To Update Android’s Chromium-based WebView
  199. Why Google, Microsoft Eye Africa's ‘White Spaces’
  200. Features Of New iPhone To Be Develop - Apple
  201. Facebook Introduce New Policy
  202. Breaking News Google Users Images To Be Used In Advertisement
  203. Google Hints At Nexus 10 2 Arrival In India
  204. Coming Soon: The Throat Tattoo Phone From Google
  205. Google Search Update Upcoming Features Details
  206. Google Evangelists Set Up Floating Churches
  207. 7 Hidden Features In Microsoft Windows 8.1
  208. Google Dumps Windows Vista Support From Google Apps
  209. Nexus 7: Verizon Still Waiting For Google KitKat Update
  210. Subverting 'Judicial Process', Google Engineer Accuses NSA, GCHQ
  211. Amazon Plan To Get Indie Bookstores To Sell Kindles
  212. An Offer From Amazon to Its Most Bitter Rivals
  213. Google Reads All Emails, Microsoft Declares Total War
  214. Google Chairman Voices Concerns Over New Chinese Internet Regulations
  215. Google Analytics Adds Speed Suggestions Report
  216. VIDEO: Google Introduces Helpouts To Connect With Experts
  217. RANKED: The Best Smartphones In The World Now
  218. The Worst Things About Working At Google - Employees Confess
  219. Amazon Web Services Unveiled New Cloud Computing
  220. Google Search App For New iPhone
  221. Google Barges Moored Off US Coast
  222. BlackBerry Shares Plummet As Buyout Collapses
  223. Microsoft Launches New Attack On Google
  224. Id card machine
  225. Top Computer Softwares
  226. Html Flash Templates Website
  227. Nintendo 3ds Hack Without A Flashcard
  228. Tesco Petrol Station To Used Shopper Face Scanner In Advertising PUSH
  229. Apple's iPad Mini 2 'To Face Severe Supply Issues'
  230. About Google Trader In Ghana
  231. Steven Evans Step Down As Etisalat CEO
  232. Breaking News NSA Hacks Google And Yahoo
  233. How To Increase Download Speed On Your Computer
  234. Tips On Downloading Free Movies
  235. How To Get Accepted eBay Affiliate Program
  236. How To Change Your Ip Address To Another Country
  237. Google App For Your Domain
  238. What Is Google Wave?
  239. How to Change Your Gmail Theme
  240. ‘Technical Knowledge Will Reduce Graduate Unemployment’ - Prof. Jimoh
  241. Facebook Wahala: Teenager Commits Suicide Over Facebook Ban
  242. Chrome vs Safari
  243. How To Use ODIN On Android
  244. How To Use Google Trader
  245. About Film Animation
  246. What Kill William Lowe, The 'Father Of The IBM PC'
  247. Motorola Unveils Project Ara, Customizable Smartphone Effort
  248. Apple To Unveil Newfangled Brazil Retail Store
  249. Opera vs Firefox
  250. Effects Of Google Zero Gravity