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  1. Philippines Drug War, Is It Out Of Control?
  2. Emirates Plane Forced To 'Crash Land' After Catching Fire In Mid-Air At Dubai International Airport
  3. Turkey Captures Fugitive Soldiers
  4. Beijing Vows To Deal With Trespassers Of South China Sea
  5. South Korea And U.S. Report: North Korea Fired 2 Missiles
  6. South Sudan Violence: 60,000 To Flees Away
  7. ANC Faces Stiff Competition As South Africa's Municipal Elections Opens
  8. Trump Is 'UNFIT' For Presidency - Obama
  9. Hot Air Balloon Pilot Had 4 DWIs
  10. Chemical Gas Attacks Recorded In 2 Syrian Cities
  11. I Will Vote For Only Hillary Clinton - Meg Whitman
  12. Australia Are Abusing Refugees
  13. Beijing Vows To Prosecute South China Sea 'Trespassers'
  14. Former FBI Found Guilty Of Being 'Agent Of China'
  15. Dr. Luke Have California Case Dropped By Kesha
  16. Typhoon Nida Downgraded, Hong Kong Soaked But Safe
  17. Miami Zika Outbreak In The Waiting - CDC Warns
  18. Woman Shot In Baltimore After Brandishing Shotgun
  19. Syria's Aleppo: 30 Found Dead From Rebel Shelling
  20. US Launches Airstrikes Targeted At ISIS In Libya
  21. Dylann Roof Lawyers File Challenge To Federal Over Death Penalty
  22. Trump Calls Clinton 'The Devil'
  23. Turkey President Erdogan Set To Drop Lawsuits
  24. Yuriko Koike Becomes Tokyo's First Female Governor
  25. Is Donald Trump Going Too Far?
  26. Charles Koch Insist He Might Not vote For Clinton
  27. Typhoon Nida Now Heading For Hong Kong
  28. Lightning Strike Kills 5 Year Old Boy
  29. Britain Police Head Anticipating Terror Attack In UK
  30. Almonds Nuts Make Appetizing Targets For Thieves
  31. We Bombed The Hotel In Kabul - Taliban
  32. Turkey Frees Hundreds Of Soldiers
  33. US Navy intends to name ship after Harvey Milk
  34. Hidden Room With Freezer Found In Ohio Student Killing Suspect
  35. Number Of Arrested Turkish Citizen Since The Failed Coup
  36. US military plane makes emergency landing on Russian airstrip
  37. Prince's possible heirs narrowed down to six
  38. Mariana Islands Hit By A 7.7-Magnitude Quake Strikes
  39. Moment American Muslims Have Been Waiting For
  40. Indian couple Killed Because Of 22 Cents
  41. Two Dead As Bomb Hits Syrian Maternity Hospital
  42. Hilary Campaign Hacking, FBI Probing The Hack
  43. Hawaii's Lava Kilauea Volcano Reaches Pacific Ocean
  44. China Clamp Down On Great Wall Brick Thieves
  45. Amazon Publishes Its Fifth Straight Quarter Of Profits
  46. Morrocan Girl Killed By Zoo Elephant
  47. Australian Detenend Boy Was 'Broken,' Sister Says
  48. Why Latest Developments In The Aleppo siege Are So Significant
  49. Hillary Clinton Officially Received Democrat Nomination
  50. You Have Sacrificed Nothing - Muslim US Soldier Father Told Trump
  51. I Will Like To 'Hit' DNC Speakers Who Disparaged Me - Trump
  52. Indonesia Executes Four Drug Offenders
  53. Germany Rules Out Migrant Policy Reversal After Attacks
  54. France Church Attack, Second Suspect Found
  55. What Donald Trump Says, What Putin Hears
  56. Europe On The Ddge
  57. Turkey Shuts Media Down, Fires More Troops
  58. Trump Not Qualified To Be President - Former CIA Chief:
  59. Hunger In Aleppo City As Syrian Troops Encircle City
  60. Another Suicide Bombing By ISIS Kills Dozens In Syria
  61. America Is Already Great - Obama Blast Trump
  62. Mom Beats Daughter And Broadcast Nn Facebook
  63. Why ISIS Attacked Catholic Church
  64. Hollande Deadly Church Attack In France Was Carried Out By ISIS
  65. Michelle Obama Hit Out At Trump
  66. France Hostage Situation, One Killed
  67. At Least 19 Dead In Japan Knife Attack
  68. After Second Raping Attack, 14-year-old In India
  69. Airplane Flies Around The World Without Fuel
  70. Spain Record First Zika-Related Microcephaly Birth In Europe
  71. Did Bernie Sanders Just Seal Deal For Clinton?
  72. California Find It Hard To Contain Wildfire Near Los Angeles
  73. Ukraine Conflict With Pro-Russian Rebels Escalates, Solidiers Killed
  74. Stop Talking About My Dead Son - Benghazi Victim's Mother Warns Trump
  75. China Unveils The World's Largest Seaplane
  76. 12 Year Old Dies As A Result Of US Heat Condition
  77. Russia Hackers Helping Trump - Clinton's Campaign Manager
  78. Top Democat Wasserman Schultz Resigning As Party Leader
  79. Suicide Blast Kills 21 In Baghdad
  80. Shooting In Fort Myers Nightclub, 2 Dead
  81. Syrian Man Bombs Himself And Injures Others
  82. Explosion In Afghanistan Kills At Least 31
  83. Clinton Pick Tim Kaine As VP Choice
  84. Breaking News Munich Shooting: Suspect Researched About Going On Rampage - Police
  85. Munich Rampage: 9 Dead Including Gunman
  86. China's Currency Is Going Down Again
  87. BREXIT: U.K. Start Hunting For New Business
  88. Vodafone Says It Might Leave The U.K. After BREXIT Vote
  89. American Airlines Evacuates Passengers After Report Of Leak
  90. The West Should Emulate Turkey's Democratic Resistance
  91. Hilary Clinton Lunches "TrumpYourself" App
  92. North Miami Police Shooting: It Was Accidentally - Says Union
  93. American Volunteer Killed While Fighting ISIS In Syria
  94. A Gay Billionaire Made GOP History At The RNC
  95. Donald Trump Accepts Presidential Nomination From Party
  96. Unarmed Care Worker Shot By US Police While Calming Autistic Patient
  97. UK Wont Leave Europe - Theresa May
  98. Plagiarism Incident: Trump Aide Resigns
  99. Feds Insist On 'Wolf of Wall Street' Profits As Part Of $3.5 Billion Fraud Allegations
  100. Charged: Indonesia Guilty Of 1965 Genocide; US, UK Complicit
  101. UK Nuclear Submarine Damaged After 'Glancing Collision'
  102. Turkey Declares 3-Month State Of Emergency
  103. Turkey Still Soul Searching After Coup
  104. Clinton Taking The Lead
  105. Ted Cruz Got Booed For Refusing To Endorse Trump
  106. Trump: We May Not Defend Allies Again
  107. In India Woman Allegedly Raped Twice By Same Men
  108. Philippines Turns Down Talks With Beijing Over South China Sea
  109. June On Record As Hottest, As 14-Month Global Heat Wave Continues
  110. U.S Airstrikes Kills Civilians In Syria
  111. Kansas City Police Officer That Was Shot Finally Gave Up
  112. Pippa Middleton Announces Her Engagement
  113. Republicans Offically Nominate Donald Trump for U.S. Presidency
  114. Police Finally Kill German Axe Attacker
  115. Turkey Suspends Suspected Police, Military Officials
  116. Baton Gunman’s Motive Still Unclear
  117. Aldjia Bouzaouit's Family Search Ends In Grief In Nice
  118. Black Lives Matter Also Instigate Recent Police Killings - Trump
  119. I Won't Rule Out Death Penalty - Turkey President
  120. Police Kill Suspect Of Germany Ax Attack
  121. Trump Most Dangerous Presidential Candidate In US History - Clinton
  122. 3 officers Shot Dead By Missouri Man In Baton Rouge
  123. ISIS 'Is On The Run' Despite Recent Terror Attacks - Kerry
  124. Pakistani Social Media Star Qandeel Baloch Strangled By Her Brother
  125. Extreme Temperatures Form Dangerous Heat Dome Over U.S.
  126. Ohio Police Asks For Suspension Of 'oGen Gun Carry'
  127. Oxfam Report: Rich Nations Host Small Number Of World's refugees
  128. Brazil To Reviews Security Measures Ahead Of Rio Olympics
  129. Turkey President Tayyip Erdogan Denounces Coup Attempt
  130. France President Hollande To Chair Crisis Talks
  131. Turkey's Currency Plunges Aftermath Of Military Coup
  132. Possible Coup In Turkey
  133. Who Is The First President Of Russia
  134. CSCE Stand For What?
  135. Brief Fact About Country Of The World
  136. Saddan Hussein Ruled Iraq Between Which Year?
  137. Name The Capital Of Afghanistan?
  138. List Of Secretary-Generals of the United Nations - Past and Present
  139. Which Year Was The Child Right Act Adopted By The United Nations?
  140. When Did Sweden Joined European Union (EU)?
  141. Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
  142. Seven Wonders Of The Modern World - New
  143. Timeline Of Major World Inventions
  144. Top 20 Richest Men In The World
  145. Which Year And In Which Country Was The Human Right Written?
  146. The Amalgamation Of The West And East Germany Into One Political Entity Took Place In Which Year?
  147. The First World Conference On Women By United Nation Was Held In Which Year?
  148. What Age Did John Kennedy Of America Became President?
  149. Who emerged As The 29th President Of America And What Year?
  150. G8 Means What?
  151. Ronald Reagan Won The Presidential Election Of The United State Of America In Which Year?
  152. Dozen Killed As Truck Driver Attacks Crowd In Nice.
  153. Imagine Who Trump Picked As VP Choice
  154. Test Every Muslim In U.S. To See If They Believe In Sharia - Gingrich
  155. Theresa May Turns Brutal In Cabinet Choices
  156. To Raise Awareness: Prince Harry Gets Tested For HIV
  157. Who Discovered America And From Which Country?
  158. What Was The Biggest, Richest And Most Powerful Nation Of Ancient Times?
  159. Boris Johnson Called Clinton A 'Sadistic Nurse'
  160. Trump To Revealed VP On Friday
  161. Putin Sacks Every Commander In His Baltic Fleet After ‘They Refused To Confront Western Ships’
  162. Italy Train Collision Leave 23 Dead
  163. Sanders Endorses Hilary Clinton
  164. 8 Smart Phrases That Will Make You Better at Networking
  165. Who Is The First President Of America And How Many Years Did He Rule?
  166. Theresa May Prepares To Take Over As Britain’s PM
  167. Cameron To Chair Final Cabinet Meeting
  168. David Cameron Faces Last Questions As Prime Minster
  169. Abraham Lincoln Was America President In Which Year?
  170. Name The Seven Continent In The World?
  171. Who Was The First Indian Prime Minister After Independence, Under Which Party?
  172. Who Was The First Black To Rule American Since Her Independence?
  173. What Is The Meaning Of USAID?
  174. When Did British Parliament Abolish Slave Trade?
  175. When Was The European Union (EU) Formed?
  176. South Sudan Rebel Chief Oders His Troops To Cease Fire
  177. North Korea Dares U.S, Closes Only Communication Channel
  178. Inmate Kills 2 Bailiffs In Michigan, Sheriff Says
  179. Russian Tourists Finally Returns To Turkey
  180. Store Owner Where Alton Sterling Was Killed Sues Police
  181. Court To Rule On South China Sea Fight
  182. U.S. Is Sending More Troops To Iraq - Carter
  183. UK Prime Minister: Andrea Leadsom Quits Leaving Only Theresa In The Race
  184. Renewes Attack In South Sudan After UN plea
  185. Rebels Launch Attack In Syria
  186. Oh!!Oh. We Will Attack The US Soon - Osama Son
  187. I Might Win And Not Be President - Trump
  188. China Get New Transport Military Plane
  189. Failed Test: North Korean Submarine Ballistic Missile
  190. Tanzania Join Gambia To Ban Child Marriage
  191. Dallas Shooting: Bomb Material Found At Suspect Home
  192. Dallas Shooting: Five Officers Killed, Six Wounded
  193. I Expects UK To Continue Europe Security Role - Obama
  194. US State Department Restarts Hillary Clinton Emails Probe
  195. Taiwan Train Blast, Many Injured
  196. President Yahya Jammeh Of Gambia Bans Child Marriage
  197. Germany Rape Law: Will 'No' Mean 'No'?
  198. US police Shoots Black Man In Car
  199. UK Pushed By US Into Iraq War Too Early', Says Ex-ambassador
  200. Trump Check Right On Saddam
  201. Obama Makes Afghanistan U-Turn
  202. Taxi Driver In Boston Returns $187,000 Left In Cab
  203. BREXIT: Pound Set New Low Record
  204. Trash Piled Up In China Beach
  205. After 13 Years. British Role In Iraq War Is Not Felt
  206. Sierra Leone Kidnapped Diplomat Released In Nigeria
  207. Israel PM Visits Entebbe To Mark Hostage Rescue Anniversary
  208. Police Clash With Rioting Minibus Drivers In Zimbabwe
  209. Overhaul French Intelligence Services Now
  210. Australian PM Accepts Full Election Blame
  211. Suicide Bombing In Saudi Arabia Near Prophet's Mosque In Medina & Qatif
  212. UK UKIP Leader Nigel Farage Steps Down
  213. Saudi Arabian Suicide Bomber Detonates Explosive Near U.S. Consulate
  214. China Largest Radio Telescope Gets Final Piece
  215. Hillary Clinton Posible VP choices
  216. Taiwan Set So Legalize Gay Marriage
  217. Death Toll Rises To 165 In Baghdad Suicide Bomb Attack
  218. Australia Conducts Federal election
  219. Chad Gang Rape Rapists Jailed
  220. Kenyan Lawyer Found Dead After Reported Missing
  221. Two ISIS Leader Killed In US-Led Air Strike
  222. Twenty Died In Bangladesh
  223. Uk Prime Minister: Ken Clarke Begs Michael Gove To Quit
  224. Why Are Huge Amount Of Diamonds Discovered Recently?
  225. Istanbul Airport Attacker Identified
  226. Why Black America Won't Miss Obama
  227. Bill Clinton A Headaches For Hillary
  228. Obama Raises Alarm On Global Growth After UK Brexit Vote
  229. Grizzly Bear Kills Cyclist In Northern US
  230. Rodrigo Duterte Is New Philippines President
  231. Wold Largest Uncut Diamond Still Unsold
  232. Johnson And May To Contest For UK Prime Minister Position
  233. Police Arrest 3 In UK After Racist Outburst On Tram
  234. U.S. Says Russian Warship Came Too Close To Navy Ship
  235. Last Place Where Dodo Is Found
  236. Brexit Fallout: No Cameron During EU Leaders Meeting
  237. 41 dead, 230 Hurt In Istanbul Airport Attack
  238. Trade Agreements: Clinton Hit Hard
  239. Is Trump Backing Down On?
  240. After Brexit Rout, Market Pressure Eases
  241. Exchanges Of Blow As EU Parliament Debates Brexit
  242. Helium Discovered In Tanzania
  243. BREXIT: UK Economy In A Position Of Strength
  244. Israel And Turkey Finaly End Rift
  245. Two Killed In Madagascar Stadium Blast
  246. A Town With Only Two Inhabitant
  247. Former Senegalese President’s Son Released From Prison
  248. UK, U.S. Bond Remains Special Despite Brexit, Says Obama
  249. South African Court Blocks Appeal By Zuma Over corruption Charges
  250. Buhari Praises Cameron’s Statesmanship, Courage