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  1. Its Just A Promise' On Islamic State - Pres. Bashar Al-Assad
  2. Can Queen Elizabeth cook?
  3. Why People Hate You
  4. Who would be a more terrible president, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?
  5. Will the United States ever collapse?
  6. How To Tell If Someone Is Lying
  7. Boko Haram Attack On Linked to Election By The US
  8. US - Nigeria Will Not Disintegrate Before or After 2015
  9. Cambodian Prime Minister Commands Probe Of HIV infections Incidence
  10. Kurdish Fighters Prepares Against ISIS Invasion
  11. Kerry Takes Anti-IS Tour From Iraq
  12. Obama Demands Congress Voice In Fighting IS
  13. Nigerian Who Is Likely To Become The First Black Prime Minister Of UK.
  14. Daughter of Australia Premier’s Charged with murder
  15. Iraq President Demands for New Govt
  16. Obama Takes Action To Prevent Genocide In Iraq
  17. China Takes Precautionary Measure On Ebole, Consult WHO
  18. Russia Bans Agricultual Produce Imported From US And Europe
  19. Pope Seeks International protection Of Iraqi Christians
  20. World Bank To Support Ebola Fight With $200m
  21. Southwest China Lost Lives to Earthquake
  22. Pontius Brother Involved In a Car Accident
  23. Mud Land Slide Hit India, Kills 30 People
  24. US Bans Flight to Isreal
  25. Gordon Brown - Helicopters, Night-vision Other Equipment to Aid Search Arrive
  26. Rebels Shot Down Ukrainia Military Plane
  27. Bodies of MH17 Flight Expected Wednesday In Netherland
  28. Do you Know that Dogs, Bird And Even Plant Where Lost In Malaysian Flight 17
  29. Russian's View Of Malaysian Plane MH17
  30. Ukraine Accuses Rebel For Malaysian plane crash Issue
  31. US Soldier Aircraft Lands On Ugandan Highway
  32. Atleast 38 Died In China Bus Crash
  33. Full Invstigation HAs Not Been Done By Ukraine Rebels On MH17 plane crash
  34. Jewish Centre attack Victims - Pope Demands Justice
  35. Obama Warns Over Escalation In Gaza
  36. Manifest Of Malaysian Plane, flight MH17
  37. ‘Abused children’ Rescued in Mexico
  38. Isreal Air Strike In Gaza Cause About 100 Death Toll
  39. Isreal Jet Bombard
  40. Twin Sisters Left Doctor Profession to Become Terrorrist
  41. Syrian Fighters - US Warns Euurope Of Attack
  42. Hamas Vows Revenge for Gaza Strikes
  43. Palestinian Soldier Killed By Isreali Strike
  44. Ukraine Split Into Two - Putin
  45. Heads Roll In Afghan Clash
  46. US Student Rescued From Vagina sculpture in Germany
  47. Aljazeera Staff Bags Seven Years Jail Sentence
  48. 302 Migrants, Rescued By Italy’s Navy
  49. Ukraine Ceasefire Not Holding As Fight Broke Out Till Sunday Night
  50. Al-Jazeera journalists Await Trial Verdict in Egypt
  51. Iraq Combat Rebels At Oil Refinery
  52. Italy Plans Repatraiting 700 Nigerian Prison
  53. US to Send Military Advisers To Iraq On Crisis
  54. UN's Chief Issue Warning On Iraq Crisis
  55. England Officially Bans Force Marriage
  56. Admission Procedures @ Zend University of Technology
  57. China Police seize 1.8 tonnes of Bomb Material in Xinjiang
  58. Judge Summon Facebook Co-Founder On Privacy Leakage
  59. President Mamnoon Hussain Stressed Strong Defence As Key to Nation’s Solidarity
  60. US to Impose Further Sanction On Russia
  61. Newly Appointed Libyan PM to Step Down
  62. Russia Warned By US Over Distabilisation
  63. Russian Killed Ukraine Officer In Crimea
  64. India Commences Their General Election
  65. Ukraine President Calls Emergency Meeting On Protests
  66. London - Mafia Boss Rearrested by Police
  67. Two Journalists Shot in Afghanistan
  68. N’Korean crew missing after capsize off South
  69. US In Support of Middle East Peace Talks
  70. Stike Looms at Lufthansa, 3,800 Flights Cancelled
  71. Ministry of Crimean affair Created By the Russian Government
  72. Japan Ordered to End Antarctic whale Hunt By UN Court
  73. Ex - Petroleum Minister Etete, Pardoned By french Government
  74. Ukraine Crisis: US-Russia deadlock despite ‘frank’ talks
  75. Italy Welcome US to help Detained Marines In India
  76. Marraige Turn sour In Us
  77. US Mayor Quit as He was Accused of Corruption
  78. IMF to Bail Out Ukraine With $14 - $18
  79. Ukraine - Parliament Drop Defense Minister
  80. Pakistan to Meet Taliban On Violence talk
  81. Issues Surrounding Missing Malaysian Plane
  82. Engineering Student Entre Tiger Cage In Madhya Pradesh
  83. Issues Surrounding Missing Malaysian Plane
  84. Rape Gang In India: Four Convicted By Court
  85. Four Dead In Turkey Armed Attack
  86. Many From Crimeans Vote to Join Russia
  87. UN Withheld Sanction On Nigeria Over Anti - Gay Law
  88. France Jailed Former Rwanda Spy Chief, Simbikangwa
  89. CRISES: Six Soldiers Shot Dead In Egypt Capital
  90. Official Says Flight Systems Were Disabled In Malaysia Plane
  91. Venezuela Accused US of violence
  92. New York city Blast - Seven Dead
  93. Ugandans Challenges Anti-gay Law, Suggest its too harsh
  94. Ukraine Ambassador Vasyliev Speaks On Crimean Crisis
  95. Lawlessness - Russia Warns Ukraine Over Act
  96. Muslim brotherhood Named as Terrorist Group
  97. Russia Test Fired Intercontinental Ballistic Missile In Ukraine
  98. Deadly China railway Attack Described As Terrorist Attack
  99. Russia Has no Plans to Take Over Ukraine Crimea - Vladimir Putin
  100. UN Warns Human Right Violators In Syria
  101. Muslim extremists cut off a man's hand For Stealing Tweet Picture
  102. Nigerian and Cameroonian Government May Clash Over Boko Haram
  103. Two Nigerians Bags Life Sentence For Killing a British Soldier
  104. US Arizona Governor Vetoes anti-Gay Bill
  105. Disney Debuts Digital Movie Services With Apple - Details
  106. Libyan Plane Crashes In Tunisia Killed Official, 10 Others
  107. Algerian Military Plane Crash, 100 Confirm Dead
  108. Spain’s Princess Cristina on Corruption scandal
  109. Mob Broke Into Gay-Rights Office in Ivory Coast
  110. Hong Kong culls 20,000 chickens On Bird flu virus
  111. UN to Stop Payment of Ransom to Terrorist
  112. Argentina Stops Online Shopng Due to Downward Shift In Foreign Reserve
  113. Federation Gather For The release of Detained Gambian Journalists
  114. Taliban Tries to Returning to Power
  115. Israeli former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Buried Today
  116. VISA FRAUD - Indian Diplomat Asked To Leave US
  117. Lightning - Three Dead on Beach in Argentina
  118. UN hails China On Effort To Combat Illegal Trade
  119. Mohamed Morsi's Trial Resumes Very Soon
  120. 9 dead In India Train Fire Explosion
  121. Military Coup - Thai Army Dismisses Rumour
  122. Superior Groups of People in the US - Nigerians named amongst 8
  123. African Migrants Under Protest In Isreal
  124. Obama Brings Up Gun control Measure For Mentally ill Americans
  125. Why Sata Drops 2 Deputy Ministers
  126. Nelson Mandela Burial Plan - S'African Government
  127. The One Minute Minister
  128. About Iron lady
  129. 10 Most Powerful Women In The World
  130. Obama Illuminati Proof
  131. Saddan Hussein Ruled Iraq Between Which Year?
  132. Who Did Charles Taylor Took Over Power From And In What Year?
  133. The First World Conferene On Women By The United Nation Was Held In Which Year?
  134. What Age Did John Kennedy Of America Become President
  135. Who Was The First President Of Guinean After Independent?
  136. Youngest Head Of State That Ruled Nigeria And At What Age?
  137. Ronald Reagan won the election the united state of america in which year?
  138. Who Discovered America?
  139. First African To Become UN Secretary General
  140. Abraham Lincoln Was America President Which Year?
  141. Who Was The First Indian Prime Minister?
  142. Which Year Was Michelle Bachelet Became First Female To Be Elected President Of Chile
  143. How Many Years Did Nelson Mandela Spent In Prison
  144. British Prime Minister From 1975 To 1990
  145. Who Is The First President Of Russia?
  146. Who Was Ivory Coast First President
  147. Who Was The First Black To Rule America Since Her Independence?
  148. The First University In The World Is Located At Where?
  149. When Did U.S.A got Her Independence?
  150. Britain Deputy Prime-Minister Opposes Bond Plan For Visitors
  151. List Of Female President In The World
  152. List Of Current Female World Leaders
  153. Bashar Assad Warned Of Possible Retaliation Against US
  154. Putin, Obama Hold Constructive Meeting On Syria
  155. Obama: Global Community Cannot Be Silent On Syria
  156. Syria Action: US Senate Draft Backs Obama
  157. Obama Remains Speechless On Syria Retaliatory Action
  158. Venezuela's President Urges Police To Arrest Women's Hair Thieves
  159. Ibrahim Keita Emerges Winner Of Mali Presidential Poll
  160. Israel Okays Release Of Palestinian prisoners
  161. Obama Promise Appropriate Reforms On Surveillance Programmes
  162. World Celebrates Barack Obama @ 52, Happy Birthday To Him
  163. Obama Mistaken For A Waiter In 2003
  164. Sudanese President Visits Nigeria
  165. Obama's Conversation With Russian President On Snowden
  166. UK Move To Ban Insurgent Group, Others
  167. US Secretary Of State John Kerry's Life Partner Hospitalized
  168. Kelvin Rudd Emerges New Australian Prime Minister
  169. US Government State Reasons Why Obama Won't Visit Nigeria
  170. Emir Of Qatar Hands Over Power To 33 Year Old Son
  171. President Obama To Visit South Africa Over Mandela's Critical Condition
  172. British Prime Minister David Cameron Condemns Anti-Same Sex Bill In Nigeria
  173. Iran's Election Of Moderate, A Hopeful Sign- President Barack Obama
  174. G8 Leaders To Deliberate On Taxation And Trading
  175. Iran Votes For New President, Khamenei Slams US Doubts
  176. Prince Philip Hospitalized In London
  177. Barack Obama Urges Britain To Exercise Patience For EU Reforms
  178. Queen Elizabeth II Among Absenteeism List In November CommonWealth Meeting
  179. Venezuelan President Abuses US President Obama With Words
  180. Barack Obama Administration Denies Benghazi Whistleblowers Being Kept Quiet
  181. Barack Obama Vows To Fight Parenthood Who Needs 1950s Constitution
  182. Breaking News: Algerian President Fleed To Paris After Stroke
  183. US President Obama React To Jay-Z Diss Track"Open Letter"
  184. Venezuela Crisis: 7 Confirmed Dead ,61 Sustains Injury, 135 Arrested
  185. China Criticizes US Over Regional Tensions
  186. Barack Obama Set To Confront South Korean President
  187. Boston Marathon Bomb Blast: Obama Pledges To Pin-down Terrorists
  188. Nicholas Maduro Emerged Winner Of Venezuelan Presidential Election
  189. List Of The G8 Countries
  190. Margaret Thatcher's Burial Commences On 17th April, 2013
  191. Shocking: Margaret Thatcher Confirmed Dead!!!
  192. Chinese President Signs Multi-Million-Dollar Deals In Congo
  193. Rockets Explode Has Obama Visit Southern Isreal
  194. BREAKING NEWS: Singapore President Is Dead
  195. Obama Makes First Trip To Israel
  196. Jonathan Says Bill Gate Visit Cancellation Has Nothing To Do With Alamieyeseigha’s Pardon
  197. Obama Hails First American Pope
  198. President Obama To Visit Bethlehem
  199. Obama's Brother Accused Of Seducing A Teenage Schoolgirl
  200. Total War Against Sexual Assault In Egypt
  201. Within 30 Days, Venezuela Calls On Election
  202. President Hugo Chavez Is Dead At 58 Years
  203. Mali: Al-Qaeda confirms Abou Zeid's Dead
  204. Benin President Travel To Equatorial Guinea To Survives Coup Scare
  205. British 86-years-old Queen Hospitalised With Gastroenteritis
  206. Kaduna - Governor, Alhaji Mukhtar Yero Promise To Leave No Stone Unturn In His Administration
  207. A Rocket Explodes In Southern Israel
  208. Authority, Stealing And Robbery In The State
  209. Culture Shock For A U.S. Ambassador, Adam Ereli
  210. Alaafin Has Urged Government On His Ancient Palace Maintenance
  211. Current Line / Order Of Succession To The British Throne
  212. The Need Of Unity Among Traditional Rulers - Monarch Preach
  213. Militants Attacks Pakistan Checkpoint, Kills 31 People
  214. President Obama Congratulates Hillary Clinton
  215. Republican Senator Calls On Obama To Resign: Beyoncé Lip-Synching Controversy
  216. Barack Obama Pledges To Visit Nigeria
  217. Key Quotes From Barack Obama's Inaugural Speech
  218. Barrack Obama Renews Calls For Same Sex Marriage Rights
  219. President Barack Obama Takes Oath Of Office, Begins Second Term
  220. New Twitter Account Open As Michelle Obama Turns 49
  221. President Obama Praises US 'Fiscal Cliff' Deal
  222. Kogi State Gov.Idris Wada involved in a motor Accident
  223. Fire at Obasanjo’s Hilltop Mansion
  224. Breaking News Japan Gets New PM
  225. Park Geun-hye Defeats Moon Jae-in - South Korea Election
  226. Kano Lawmaker Shot Dead At Relaxation Joint
  227. 2012 CNN Hero Of The Year Award: Pushpa Basnet Of Nepal Emerges
  228. Nwokedi blames Nigerians for poor performances of politicians
  229. Obama Host Romney Over Private Lunch
  230. Federal Govt. To Boost Access To Quality Drugs - Jonathan
  231. Police Smash Robbery Gang In Calabar
  232. 2013 budget: Senate summons NNPC boss over NPDC $500m revenue
  233. Gov. Fashola is rude to non-Lagosians – PDP
  234. Federal Govt. approves N59.8bn contracts for roads.
  235. Senators query Jonathan’s N1.23trn borrowing plan
  236. Oyo State Governor Sacks Three Commissioners For "Non-Performance"
  237. Bakassi - Federal Govt. moves to appease Cross River
  238. Governor Yakowa and Kaduna PDP, Accused Of Fielding EFCC Suspect in Forthcoming LGA Elections
  239. Gov Akpabio Appoints New Deputy, To Be Sworn In Soon
  240. Ribadu and Orosanye trade words over Petroleum sector report
  241. GOV Ajimobi ’s Wife Arrested by London Police.
  242. ACN leaders refuse to endorse Mimiko’s victory
  243. Aliyu Reiterates Call For Constitutional Role For Traditional Rulers
  244. House of Reps Release Guidelines For Constitution Review Meetings
  245. Edo House Majority Leader donates to flood victims
  246. Dearth Of Leadership In Africa
  247. Senator Ndume Has Admitted To Having Links With Boko Haram – SSS
  248. Senate Accuses Oil Firms Of Cheating Nigerians
  249. PDP To Challenge Mimiko's Victory At Tribunal
  250. House of Reps seals Kogi Assembly