Mr. Ibu. Nollywood actor and comedian John Okafor is often called Mr. Ibu as a reference to his most famous and successful movie role. The actor was born on October 17, 1960, in Umunekwu village in Eziokwe, Nkanu local government area of Enugu State.

Early Life
John Okafor was born on 17 October 1961. John who had a rough and terrible childhood came from a poor family, infact, they were the “Poorest” in his village in Enugu state. He once worked as a firewood seller, an hair dresser and a butcher to feed his family.

Acting Career
His acting career began in December 3, 1978 when he started as a Continuity in movies in his words:

“The issue is that I had never seen myself coming in front of the camera. I was initially involved in Continuity, not until the directors and producers started persuading me to come on board to act. They saw my interpretation of movie roles to be better and more original. It wasn’t as if I was running away from acting, I only wanted to specialize in my Continuity job, being behind the cameras. So at a point I started acting once in a while. I later asked myself, ‘Ibu, wetin you dey wait, go and concentrate on the thing’. So I took the advantage of the opportunity from my Producers and Directors who loved me so much.”