This bank was doing mostly corporate banking before it acquired the defunct Intercontinental Bank. This is a bank that boasts to have highest banking standards.

Access Bank claims to be one of the best banks in Nigeria, and I think this is true to some extent. My boss recommended the bank to me, though he got a savings account with them. He praises their services and customer support systems.

I went ahead to open a business account with the bank, and since then, Iíve experienced lots of unsavory things with their services. Sometimes, there would be errors from staff, and customers would bear the brunt. Namely;

Constant downtimes
Inexplicable and senseless restrictions
Failed and unnecessarily protracted transactions

Those experiences were excruciating and they affect business, though they were solved whenever they occurred. I think things are improving.

Iím operating accounts with GTBank and EcoBank and I donít think one is really better than the other. Each bank got their problems (Iíll reveal GTBank problems in another article in future).

Someone says Zenith is the best in ICT. You donít know someoneís flaws until you move closer to them. I believe some who use Zenith Bank would have also had some experiences they didnít fancy.

As for Access, they go excellent customer support services online. I think thatís one of their greatest strengths. If a customer has a problem with Internet banking, they can contact the support staff and get the issue solved as soon as practicable.

This is the only reason why Iíll continue operating my account with this bank.