No flattery here: GTBank is one of the best banks on Nigeria. They got excellent services and many millions of customers. Really, they’re making profits.

I’ve accounts with this bank (and as well as with other banks). But there is a reason why I can’t recommend GTbank again, in spite of their excellent services.

They got too many crowds (customers). This isn’t even an issue. The issue is that they’ve failed to create new branches to accommodate the crowds. Part of the worst affected areas are Sango Otta and Ifo areas. Imagine, there’s only one main branch there, and the other branch is just an e-center.

No matter what you do online, some issues would still take you to your branch. Now imagine, you queue for hours before you enter. Anytime you get there, the front of the bank looks like they’re doing revivals.

If you enter the banking hall, it’s just like Idumota markets. You see angry customers shouting and swearing oaths. If you have anything to and you enter there, forget about it, because, unless you want to leave the bank without doing anything, it would take some hours before you can be attended to.

The population explosions of that area is greater than what GTBank admin can imagine. After Joju in Sango, you can’t see any other GTBank main branch again until your get to far, far, far away Ewekoro, around Lafarge factory. Imagine!

Millions upon millions of people are living in those areas, though some of them may be working in Lagos. Why can’t GTBank have another branch at Iyana Ilogbo, or Owode, or Ifo, or Onihale or Papa? Why? Numerous people come from those areas to bank at Sango branch, thus causing the “Night of Bliss” or “Shiloh” or “Holy Ghost Service” we experiences at the branch.

Isn’t GTBank making profits again from customers? Are they blind? What are their managers looking at? Are they satisfied with the ordeal their customers are passing thru? What’s wrong with GTBank? Can’t they create more branches, or at least, one more branch along Sango Ifo road?

If you’ve more customers, then create more branches. But instead of doing this, banks like to work their staff to death, giving one person jobs of 10 persons, and paying them a salary of one person (and of course, with no job security).

And they’re looking for more customers, while they can’t handle the ones they currently have. And you’ll even see them dancing beside roads to attract new customers. When did GTBank become like this?

If I recommend GTBank to people, it’s like I’m pushing them to have nasty experiences.