The Lufthansa calls off 3,800 flights because of the threat of strikes by pilots from Wednesday to Friday and more than 425,000 passengers expected to be affected, announced by the airline on Monday.

As a result of strike actions, which the German pilots union “Vereinigung Cockpit” (VC) has announced at Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo and Germanwings from Wednesday, April 2nd 2014, to Friday, April 4th 2014, Lufthansa will reduce its schedule significantly, said it in a statement on airline’s website.

At first there was more than 200 flights canceled, but now Lufthansa announces to ceases its business operations almost completely from Wednesday to Friday.

According to the lift of canceled flights, the first cancellations affect flights already on this Monday.

The pilots’ trade union Cockpit announced a three-day all-out strike to express the demands for more money and add weight to its demands on maintaining an in-house early retirement.

Passengers traveling within Germany whose flights have been cancelled due to the strike may alternatively travel by train with Deutsche Bahn, the German railway, said the airline.

The airline also offers its guests extensive opportunities to rebook their tickets.

Last week, Lufthansa had also canceled as a precautionary measure more than 600 flights due to a warning strike of airport personnel.

Regardless of the strike of airport personnel, the pilots’ trade union Cockpit had announced a parallel three-day all-out strike from this Wednesday to Friday.