How to know if someone is telling the truth

I sat next to a spy on a plane when I came back from visiting Brian Grazer in LA.

He had been CIA and a few other organizations. Now he runs his own private spy agency. Governments seem to pay him to spy on other governments.

He told me some of his non-classified stories. Some stories he couldn't tell me.

We spoke the whole plane ride. Six hours. I had non-stop questions. I think he wanted to sleep but I wouldn't let him.

He gave me advice on how to tell if someone is telling the truth. Actually he gave me a lot of advice on it but I will tell you one.

If someone can't give you an answer, then they are lying.

For instance, "Where were you last night?"

"I was out with friends."

Note that they did not say where they were. They didn't even say who their friends were. So somewhere in there is deception.

"Don't leave without an answer. "

Maybe in another article I will tell you the other things this guy said. One of them involved chairs with balls on them so they can slide around a room.


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