“We have a choice between the most corrupt candidate ever and someone who sounds like the stupidest candidate ever.” – Van K. Tharp

Who is scarier to be elected as president, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

Trump is scarier, by far.

He wants to renege on our commitment to NATO. Apparently he hasn't been keeping up on current events, because Russia just invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea. So, basically, Trump is dumb enough to pave the way to world war three.

But wait. There's more.

ISIS has been trying for months now to bait the West into engaging in a full-on holy war. Because this would be great for ISIS' recruitment efforts. Naturally, Trump wants to take the bait. Hook, line, and sinker. So basically he's dumb enough to charge right into the trap they're setting for us.

An all-out US attack on the caliphate would galvanize support for IS, give them lots more recruits, motivate lots more terror attacks. An attack by Christian fighters is literally in prophecy that IS is already using to recruit fighters.

There's a very good reason why the fighting in Iraq and Syria is being led by local Muslim fighters, with limited support from the US. And whike progress is slow, it has become steady. It is working. Trump doesn't get it. He wants to throw away a successful strategy to embark on a catastrophe.

So, between the prospect of WW3 and the prospect of a holy war that lasts for generations and is fought with even more terror attacks on US soil, a Trump presidency frightens me. A lot.

So, as long as Trump remains the Republican candidate, I'm going to vote Democrat. And for the first time in decades. Not because I want a Democrat to win, but because it is vitally important that Trump does not win.

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