As people go about cheating and impersonating to extort money from others, this guy "Imade Isaac Jesuobo'" a fraudulent and scamming individual has been posting the message below on Facebook and many online sites, please beware of his and similar scams.

He uses the name of men of God to fraud people, asking them to bring money for God's work so that God will bless them.

The main reason why we can disbelieve Godís word and hold a doubting attitude
toward it is that we do not have the true knowledge of Godís faithful substance.
God says: ďGodís substance is faithful; he does what he says and accomplishes what
he does. He is faithful. Öhe is sincere and faithful in speaking every word. Ö God
is a righteous God; God is a faithful God.Ē ďGod has faithful substance, so what he
says is always trustworthy, and what he does, even more, is beyond fault and beyond
doubt.Ē From these words of God, we know this: Every word of God is sincere,
trustworthy, beyond reproach, and beyond doubt; and God does what he says. All
these are determined by Godís faithful substance. As Godís substance is faithful,
all that he expresses is the faithful element, and it is impossible for him to
express the hypocritical or the crooked and crafty element. Therefore, no matter
how Godís words do not fit our notions and no matter whether we can accept them, we
should never deny that every word of God is the fact and is absolutely true and
Shiloh have begin be part of God Blessing as we engage in helping widows,orphans and student to be able getting better life from the New Year.
Kindly Go and sow tangible amount of money today into the Donation Account,as you do God will bless you beyond measures.From God servant David Oyedepo

Here si the account of the commitee

Account Name: Imade Isaac Jesuobo

Account Num: 3073367496

Bank ; First bank Plc

When you have paid into the account, hold your receipt and bring in to cannaan land for prayers your new year will be feel with miracle in Jesus Name Amen