I heard some commentators and journalists and citizens saying that the Nigerian economy is so bad that certain people are committing suicide.

Is there no hope again? Do you think Nigerians can really commit suicide? “E no easy, E no easy, etc. But people don’t want to die.

Churches and mosques are doing a good job in giving people hope… That the future is brighter. Most of religious leaders today are nothing more than orators and motivational speakers, they make people feel that things would only be better. We should give kudos to them.

If someone who’s dejected and suicidal goes to church, their spirits may be lifted high and viewpoints changed after they’ve heard sermons. Religious preachers are doing a great job.

That’s one of the reasons why Nigeria is still relatively peaceful. Most other nations in the world can’t endure what we’re enduring here.

Our president, Disappointer-In-Chief, has now clearly seen that things are easier said than done.

When we say people are hungry, it doesn’t mean there’s no food: It means there’s no money to buy food. Yet, people have hope. They don’t want to be killed, not mention killing themselves.

Is it true that Nigerians can really commit suicide for economic reasons, when most of us believe that tomorrow would be better?

Have you really seen anyone you know take their own life only because of economic reasons? Is this a reality or just a rumor or a kind of exaggeration?