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Eight Ways To Reduce Your Bank Debt Burden

Eight Ways To Reduce Your Bank Debt Burden  ; Using debt as part of an overall financial strategy can be a good thing. Debt becomes a bad thing when you have too much of it, have the wrong kinds ...

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    Default Eight Ways To Reduce Your Bank Debt Burden

    Using debt as part of an overall financial strategy can be a good thing. Debt becomes a bad thing when you have too much of it, have the wrong kinds or when its presence causes undue anxiety or bad behaviour. Here are some ideas to help you make sure you are controlling your debt and not the other way around, according to https://www.northshorebank.com:

    Set priorities for using debt: Borrow money for things that provide long-term and lasting value. Borrowing for school fees is probably good, while charging another extravagant vacation on your credit card is probably not a good use of debt.
    Use the best type of borrowing: Whether it is choosing a credit card or a home mortgage, be sure the terms of your borrowing match your goals and how you manage your finances. If you pay every credit card bill in full and do not incur any finance charges, it may be okay to have a card that has a high interest rate but offers rewards for use (like miles or money back) or has no annual fee. If you carry over balances and pay finance charges, the interest rate becomes more important.

    If considering a mortgage, first identify the type that matches you behaviour. If you plan to sell your house soon, you may want an adjustable rate mortgage with a lower interest rate. If you plan to stay in the home or cannot afford any increase in payments if interest rates rise, consider a long-term fixed rate mortgage.
    Eliminate high cost borrowing: Determine if you can convert high interest rate debt to another type with lower rates. If you are paying interest on credit card balances, find a card with a lower rate, but watch out for “teaser” rates.

    Pay down your debt: Incurring interest charges you cannot afford or you do not want is not a good use of your money. Find ways to pay down what you owe even if it takes discipline and sacrifice. Pay more than the minimum due on credit cards. Do not buy that piece of clothing you really do not need or take a fancy trip when a visit with family will be just as enjoyable.
    What if you cannot pay your bills? This is when you should get help. First, stop incurring more debt, quit using or destroy your credit cards. Then contact your creditors to work out a payment schedule. Explain your situation and that you want to pay what you owe. They may be able to help. If not, at least you have tried.

    Do not bounce cheques: Keep an eye on your account balances and make sure you have enough money to spend or you may be charged for writing a bad cheque. It also looks very bad to a creditor if your cheque bounces. Consider using easy and convenient online tools like online and mobile banking to monitor your accounts.
    Getting professional help: Professionals can help you create a plan to work your way out of debt.

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    Don't buy what you don't need. Don't rely on one source of income.

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