Nollywood actor Mofe Duncan is today's man crush and here are reasons why we're crushing on him.
1. A seasoned media practitioner
Asides acting Duncan is a Radio and TV presenter. Well grounded in the art of broadcasting, he also is a film maker.
2. Always celebrating his wife on social media

Who doesn't like a love story? Mofe Duncan is all about his wife and marriage on social media. Not a day passes by when he doesn't give the love of his life, Jessica Kakkad, a shout out on social media.
3. Fine bwoy
Let's not forget he's also a fine boy. Just look at those abs.
4. Great actor
Still think he can't act? Just watch Duncan in the movie, "Sons of Caliphate".
5. Connects with fans on social media
Unlike other celebrities, Mofe Duncan actually interacts with his fans on social media. He replies messages sent to him by fans and actually engages them in the comment sections.